Sep 19, 2016

How I got my energy levels back with Hypothyroidism

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Note: This post is completely based on my personal experience with Hypothyroidism. It is nowhere meant to harm anybody's sentiments or complications arising due to the reasons whatsoever stated in thi blog post.

side effects of Thyronorm medicine

It has been more than one year that I have been suffering. I am tired of throwing away money at all the doctors and medicines without any sign of improvement at all. Last year in the month of July, I had a severe lower back injury while doing squats. My back exploded and I felt like that it has been torn into two individual pieces. The pain was excruciating. Ever since then, I have not been able to have my back in good shape again. I am not able to stand for long, sit for long or even lie down for long. The problem that reflected in the X-Ray was a mere muscular spasm and nothing else. 

I had medicines which comprised of mainly the supplements for calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12 along with some muscle relaxants along with my regular Thyroid medicine (Thyronorm). I felt okay till the month of May this year. Yes, I had these medicines till then. After that, I was not able to stand, sit or do even a minor work. I will share all the symptoms in detail later in this post. I felt like a handicapped, paralyzed person who is always lying down in bed. The days and nights haunted me. Later on procrastination took over me. After a couple of months in July, I went off the medicines again. It was okay at first but symptoms came back to haunt me after two weeks. Again the same thing started. I went to the doctor, he suggested to get all my vitamins level checked. They were all good. He was also not able to understand the problem. X-ray still showed spasm to which I was like :O. 

Yes, my muscles failed to recover. Following were the symptoms other than what I felt physically:

1. Extreme fatigue, fast heart rate

Recently, in August, I complained of extreme heaviness in chest area. The feeling was not good at all. The pulse was 120 to 130 for at least four hours at a stretch. I got it checked and it was nothing serious. The doctor told me to get checked for TSH levels. I went on to get them checked the next day in the morning and it was also okay. The fast heart rate took around two days to settle down. I pondered over this recently. What I found out was that my heart rate always stood in the range of 90 110 in the past which I ignored. This time, however it was really impossible to avoid the feeling.

Regarding the fatigue, I was not able to get up from my bed. Not even to take my breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

2. Confusion, disorientation and irritability

Have you observed that sometimes we want to wish our friend on any occasion, we remember it till the day and forget to wish on the day itself? This was only the beginning. I am good at remembering numbers. I have always been at this. The fact that I was forgetting the numbers ringed a bell in my ear. 

Whenever I heard a slightest sound like a horn on the road, I was about to kill the person for it. Yes, I was so much irritated by everything and everybody around me. My legs trembled while waling, sleeping or driving. While typing, my arms trembled. This is not a good feeling at all. Earlier, I used to ignore the feeling, but when it started happening frequently, I was terrified.

3. Muscle Loss and excessive sweating

I have been into fitness since very early age. I always wanted to have a good physique. I used to have it as well. But recently, no matter how much workout I do, I keep getting slimmer with no sign of muscle at all. Yes, all the muscle mass has left my body leaving me vulnerable. I felt cold like a corpse, dehydrated all the time despite having 15 to 20 glasses of water. 

My back was not recovering. Nothing helped me. At the end, I started with physiotherapy sessions. It gave me more relief than the medicines. It relaxed my muscles. But the problem persisted. Also, I sweat profusely. Even a bucket can be filled by my sweat.

4. Insomnia and nervousness, anxiety, depression

These are the worst kind of symptoms one can get. It breaks you down completely. I have been suffering from all these from almost four to five years but now they have taken over my mind. All my reports are normal, all ultrasounds, MRIs, XRays etc are absolutely normal, still I was not able to even stand up. I was feeling like I will collapse if I stand up.

Now, I was frustrated with this behavior of my body. One day I was lying down on the heating pad during one of the physiotherapy sessions. I just browsed through the side effects of the Thyroid medicine I was taking. I am taking Thyronorm 75 mcg. The dose has been adjusted as the higher doses were not suiting me. Earlier I was on 125 mcg which was reduced to 75 mcg gradually. As I went through the side effects, my jaw dropped. I was shocked to see all the above side effects listed there. My FT3, FT4 were absolutely normal and they are absolutely normal since Thyroid was detected. Only the fluctuations were in the TSH levels. They can be due to diet, lifestyle, stress and several other factors. Also note that My TSH levels haven't been more than 6 (range is0.30 to 5.5) even with or without Thyronorm.

Next day, I didn't take the tablet. That day I felt more fuller, I slept calmly, I was not disturbed even by loud horns and what all noises, I was feeling more energetic. The next day also, I didn't take the tablet. I felt more energetic, more fuller and my back muscles felt warmer (earlier they were chilled as ice all the time). Most of all, my heart rate cycled between 72 to 82 only (from 90to 110 always). That day, I went on to discuss this with my doctor. I spent around 15 to 20 minutes and explained everything to him. He was shocked that not one, not two, not three, but all the side effects were taking over me. He advised to quickly stop the medicine and wait for 10 days. Then I will go for another round of tests and then we will see what needs to be done.

This is my personal experience with the medicine. This is not intended to force you to stop your medicine. But if you feel that some of these or all of the above side effects are troubling you, you can check after skipping one or two doses with your doctor's permission of course. It has been 3 days when I have been off from this medicine and  believe me, I am feeling a way lot better than last one year of what I have been living in hell.

Hope it is helpful for you as well. The next part related to this will be published soon. In that part, I will be sharing the importance of some of the vitamins and minerals for Thyroid disease.

Sep 11, 2016

How I manage to work on my startup despite being busy

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managing startup

Managing a startup may seem to be difficult sometimes. With the balloon of frustration ready to burst any time, it makes one almost plan to give up. Looking it closely, it is not that difficult to work on to manage the startup. Earlier, I used to have similar feeling several times. I made some changes in my approach to keep the ball rolling. I would like to share what I do to manage my startup despite of being busy.

1. Priority is the key

The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. 

                                                                                          - Stephen Covey

Usually we have a lot to do in 24 hours time frame. If one goes on doing things randomly, a mess would be created. The best thing I learned from managing things is to set a priority. A task list is something which is needed. What I do is to create a task list for the next day, a night before. The next day when I wake up, I make sure to review it first thing in the morning.

The task list I create is based on the priority of things to be taken care of. Also, I arrange them in decreasing order of time taken to complete them.  It means that the task requiring maximum time is to be taken care of earlier and the ones with less time to complete to be taken care later in the day.

2. Manage the time effectively

There are several distractions which will hamper the productivity while doing important things. The key point is to stay away from them. For example attending a call from a friend while you are in the middle of a meeting or browsing your social media channels while working out on a proposal. These are nothing but distractions. If a task takes 20 minutes to complete, complete it first then move on to do anything else.

3. Take breaks frequently

It may seem foolish but it helps a lot to boost the productivity. Taking short breaks at regular interval of time sets your mind free. You can do whatever relaxes you during that break. You can take a short nap or listen to your favorite song. I like to do mixture of things. I listen to m favorite song and take a nap simultaneously. It seems tough but it come with practice. It sets me free from the stress that builds up while tackling with problem at hand.

Also, it recharges you so that you can work with more energy. Try it and you will know that it surely works.

4. Sleep is important

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. 

                                                                                     - Thomas Dekker

Taking a nap frequently is okay but nothing can beat the importance of sleep in the night. Earlier, I used to be nocturnal. I used to stay awake the entire night. Soon it started to disturb me both physically and mentally. I took a call immediately and made sure to cut off from everything at around 10 PM in the night and sleep. I make sure to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours.

It was not that easy at first as there was lot to do which kept me disturbed during the sleep but prioritizing the tasks to be handled the next day made my mind clutter free. I could sleep better with this approach.

5. Food and water is more important than work

I remember an incident which happened with me during one of my MBA days. There was a break during the lectures of around four hours. I went out with a friend to have lunch. Upon returning, we got late. A placement drive was going on where the college was collecting all the relevant data from the students like photos etc. A cameraman was clicking the pictures for the file. As I rushed upstairs, I was stopped by the head of the MBA course on the way. He asked me bluntly, 'Where were you?' I replied, 'I was out on lunch a there was a four hour break.' He got irritated the reason for which I am unaware about till now. 

I started to move on. He called me back. 'Placement is more important or food?' I laughed off literally. He again asked me same question. I stayed quiet for three times he asked, but he kept repeating it. I imply replied the fourth time, ' It may seem weird to you sir, according to me food is important than placement.' Hearing this he started moving ahead his time. I stopped him. I  wanted to justify my reply. 'I will take placement to fill my stomach . Till the time my stomach i not full, I would not be satisfied sir.' To this he simply replied, 'You are different. You are not worried about your future anyways. I can't argue with you.' I replied him softly, 'I am not arguing sir. Why should I be worried about something I am not sure about? Who has seen the future? I may not wake up tomorrow. What is the guarantee that I would be awake tomorrow?' 

He turned away by saying that he  can't understand me. I recognized this when I suffered from severe deficiencies which I shared in one of my previous posts. So, I leave it to you to decide that what is more important, food and water or work? Like food, water is also important so that you are well hydrated.

6. Do some shopping 

I'm shopping around for something to do that no one will like. 
                                                                   - Jerry Garcia

It may seem like a girly thing but I will have it somehow. Having new things is not only satisfying for girls but also for boys too. Buy something for yourselves. It can be a cologne, a new shirt or a new phone. It releases good hormones in the body which make you positive. So, time to head out to do some shopping.

7. Work out

Our body needs to move. I will not go in much detail with this one. I go on a walk in the morning to get the sunlight and oxygen. I have installed a pedometer app to monitor the steps I take. I make sure that during the entire day, I walk for around 7 to 8 kilometers. I don't do heavy workout  sue to the back injury I had had recently but will soon start it once it becomes perfect.

Aug 29, 2016

How building a successful team made me go on with my startup

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team work in startups

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people. 

                                                                                      - Steve Jobs

While studying in college for my MBA degree, I came across a true revelation, anything can't be done alone. I had a notion that doing anything alone will make all go well. But a careful evaluation of the fact that the word TEAM exists made me change my notion. If you look closely even your body's system can't do anything alone. It needs the team work of every organ to function properly. If anything goes wrong, there is chaos in the body. Same rule applies to automobiles or any machinery. If ay screw of the machinery is loose, the automobile or the machine stops functioning. 

Everybody in business needs a team. The team will not only help the businessman to keep the ball rolling but also help him in growing the business. But there are some traits that need to be looked into closely before building the right team as it can go the opposite way as well. I had a setback from my earlier team that led me to failure down the pit. What helped me to rise again was the experience that I had earlier in my life. I failed several times in my education, small blows one can assume but those small blows helped me to face this big blow with ease. 

Here's what I look into an individual before including him/her in my team:

1. Vision

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

                                                                                     - Jonathan Swift
 When starting up, you have a vision about your business. A common interview question in a job is 'Where do you see yourself 5 years or say 10 years down the line?' The answer to this question is somewhat vague as given by many people during the interview. For me this question is in itself lame. I will tell you a very valid reason for this. 

It happened with me during an interview. The Manager asked me this question 'Where do you see yourself 5 years from now on?' I was like silent for few minutes. I did not know what to say. The answer I gave was somewhat vaguer than the question itself. I left for home preoccupied with the question. I thought hard about the answer. I was not aware about the answer. I cajoled every part of my mind to get the answer. A car brushed aside an inch or may be two inches past me. I was so lost that I failed to hear the horn as well. 

I was shocked by the incident that happened all of a sudden. It was a close call of death. I may have died in that accident. I sat silently in a restaurant, all alone. A small revelation made me laugh out loud as I took the last gulp of my beer. The thing that jolted me from inside is quoted below:

'Live the life as is in present. You may have planned the future, but what is planned for you by your life is more surprising than life itself.'

                                                                                                 - Saurabh Chawla
From that day onward, I started enjoying even the smallest achievement I have ever had. The same I look forward in people who want to be a part of my team or want to work with me. I may ask the question to some of them, but the answer I am looking forward is somewhat different than what everybody else wants to hear. I would love to work with people who have same vision as me

 2. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. 
                                                                                                              - Wade Boggs

This attitude has come in me after I have failed miserably and rose again. Life is like a sine wave, like an alternating current. It rises, reaches to a peak and then falls, only to rise to a different peak. If one is shaken by these small jolts and enters the negative zone, that person temporarily dies. That individual is dying a slow death every day. If he doesn't plan to think positive after this failure, he will not be able to enjoy the life as is.

I have always looked for people who believe in themselves and have faith that things can be achieved. The point here is that it's not the task that has failed but the way of doing that task is not appropriate for the task. Changing the way the task is done can lead to positive outcome. Believing in this approach is something great to have on board.

3. Not running after money

Don't let making a living prevent you from making a life. 

                                                                                                  - John Wooden

Throughout my life till now, I have learned that money is like a girlfriend. You keep running behind it, it will slip away faster than you think. Same is when you try to hold it. It will never grow. Money should move in cycle. Same is with the people with whom I want to work with. They should not focus or weigh everything they do in terms of money. When you focus on money only, work is not done at all as your focus is not work but something else.

The team I worked with earlier as okay at the beginning but when it came to work, they focused only on money. For even a small work which they should have done for even free or a petty amount, they demanded money. The demand was not after doing the work, but before even starting the work. I literally was pissed off with such a behavior. I suffered a loss though but I simply moved on without working with them from that very moment.

4. Keep friendships and work different

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. 

                                                                                                        - Paul Ryan

The biggest blunder that happened with me was that I started off with friends. The worse happened when I started working with them. Two things happened the moment I assigned them the project; they took it very casually and demanded much more without giving anything. I still remember the words that make me smile, 'You either pay in advance or your work is not done.' I cried at that moment but I fall off the chair laughing as I think about it now. 

This attitude will only take them to the deep pit downward. They can't say these words to their boss in the company. No company will give them advance salary without working. If they are in such a notion that they will get paid in advance without doing the work assigned then I am sorry to say that they are digging their own grave. 

From this experience, I now understand that if I choose to work with any of my friends, work and friendship would be taken separately. If there would be even a smoke of doubt, I simply back off and start looking for other people to work with. 

With these points in mind, I am able to build a team that is dedicated towards getting things done. Theycan also help the people struggling in building a successful team. All the best!
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