Sep 4, 2017

The Kiss of life

Saurabh Chawla | 2 Comments|

Sand slipping between the fingers

Moving away from pain
I take a look around
I can feel my muscles sprain
Did you hear that cracking sound?

Enough of this thinking
What is fair and what's not?
All the points are now linking
Hurry up, only a  few hours only you got

No sorrow to be shared
No burden to be carried
Please don't be scared
One day, all would be buried

No matter how hard it has been
Don't give up, hold in on there
Sometimes, it's okay to be mean
It's just  a one time affair

Holding it within as it lingers 
Leave the matters that are rife
Let the sand slip away from your fingers
My friend, this is the kiss of life!

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Aug 7, 2017

I am an open book!

Saurabh Chawla | 1 Comments|

Touch of the luck
Kiss of the fate
I was so stuck
Deep under the weight

Watching the thunder
The cracks in the sky
All I do is wonder
Just one more try

The riots residing inside
Burnt off the fire to ashes
Waited for you to guide
Between the hot flashes

Thought of finding my own way
Started clearing all this mess
A big price I had to pay
In this game of chess

Silently, I read the written pages
Fixed me by the hook
Have to cover all the life stages
Come read, I am an open book! 

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Jul 31, 2017

Book Review: Private Delhi by Ashwin Sangh and James Patterson

Saurabh Chawla | 1 Comments|

Private Delhi By Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson

Title: Private Delhi

Author(s): Ashwin Sanghi, James Patterson

Publisher: Penguin Random House, UK

Number of Pages: 383

Genre: Fiction/Thriller


After reading Private India, I was eager to read Santosh Wagh's and Jack Morgan's next, Private Delhi. When the two master thriller writers, Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson join hands together to write, then it's almost impossible that the book will not be an exciting read.

The book which is sequel to Private India revolves around Santosh Wagh's next spine chilling case which involves government as well. People are getting murdered gruesomely and with the higher authorities involved, the information which is needed is hard to decipher. With this, How the cop who was once the head of Private India, Santosh Wagh, will find the criminal?

The story begins with a gruesome murder with human remains being found in the basement of a house the posh area of South Delhi. The suspicion and real thrill is when the politics and the state government is also involved in the matter.

The plot will take you through the journey of murder, corruption and kidnapping. The book also gives you some nail biting experiences as well.

Then the murders go on and these are not simple murders but brutal ones. Santosh Wagh is assigned the task to find the serial killer on the loose. As eh story unfolds itself, a lot of excitement, suspense and intrigue will take its course as the secrets of some high profile individuals in the capital are unfurled. 

India's Dan Brown, Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson, UK's one of the best writers in the genre have done a remarkable job in the sequel to Private India. Both the writers have weaved a story which is sharp, crisp and exciting to read. The narration and flow of the plot is smooth and well planned. Also, the vivid description of places with the wonderful description of the sounds, smells and emotions of the people are something which will allure you to read the book.

Overall, a very good book for thriller/suspense lovers.


I would rate the book 4/5 for the intrigue, smooth language, and nice flow of the plot. 

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