Jul 27, 2017

Book Review - My 6/10 Rule of Happiness by Dr. Lalit Adesh

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Author: Dr. Lalit Kumar

Number of Pages: 51

Edition: Available in Kindle Edition 

Genre: Non Fiction/Self Help

Book Review:

I would start off with the title of the book which is self explanatory. The author has penned the book wonderfully in a language which is easy to read and understand. 

Being short in length, it took me around forty five minutes to read the book. I am not that much fan of reading on the screen as it tires off my eyes but still the book seemed a good read.

Going by the book, the author has elaborated the life of modern human beings in a simplistic manner. The way we all are engrossed in our work so as to meet the deadlines,  complete the work assigned etc. that we forget the other important aspects of life like spending time with the family, friends, taking care of your health, reducing unnecessary stress that takes a toll on daily basis.

I see the book as a constant reminder of forgetting about all the worries and stress and simply allow time to take its direction. Ultimately time will take the right course. Of course the book is a short read which you can read while traveling or with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. I would prefer morning as it will keep you reminding about the things you might be missing. 

Work is not everything in life. Personal relationships and professional relationships/deadlines must be maintained in balance. To keep this in mind, go ahead and grab the book. Its available as Kindle edition on Amazon for $0.99 (INR 64).

Jul 26, 2017

The poem I penned!

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emergence from the clouds

Running from own shadow
Scraping to reveal the lesion
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
Tired of this adhesion

The scar left behind
No sorrow or pity
I am not blind
And you're not so witty

Bruised are the skies
Pouring down the anger
Seen the lows and the highs
Light's turned green from amber

Drop down the beat
See your heart stop
Turning up the heat
It ain't gonna flop

Take my hand in yours
It might help you mend 
The long broken doors
Just read the poem I penned!

Jul 6, 2017

Let the pain subside!

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Let The Pain Subside By Saurabh Chawla

Beyond the horizons,
Under the sea bed
Hidden I sit
Where no one would see!

Smiled in the joy
Cried in agony
Framed it all up
When nothing was in sight

The touch of life
And the kiss of death
At par I stand still
Experiencing the two

Felt sometimes like a hairline
Sometimes felt the opposite
Longing for the surprises
Simply allowing to creep in 

Turned up or escaped sometimes
But faced it all every time
Sooner or later I tried
And saw the pain subside!

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