Jan 4, 2018

Your entry in my life is not wasted....

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newly married couple

Living the life
Finding the love
With peace or strife
In or out of behove

I am lying in cold
Bloodless and all white
But I am bold
Because tonight I will fight

Surrounded by this darkness
Lonely and tired of light
Left energy is all I harness
I will do it with all my might

Of all the superstitions
Black cats or voodoo dolls
Its the part of the traditions
Can't you see the walls?

Neither sweet nor sour, just unique
Nothing like this I have tasted
Just hear me as I speak
Your entry in my life is not wasted.... 

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Dec 21, 2017

She took away my pain!

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Of all the Superstitions
And the premonitions
Tried all possible munitions
Still she conquered my emotions

Let her out of my mind
She was tightly bind
Came back out of the blind
To her now I am inclined

Dancing to the tunes
Sky filled with balloons
Of raisins and prunes
Mornings and afternoons

Forgot about the days
Night is only that stays
Comforting were the ways
I would only praise

Kiss of the lips that were devil red
Velvet auburn hair numbed my brain
Shh, she asked me just lay on bed 
She took away my pain!

Click here to read Her Love is Criminal!

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Dec 10, 2017

Are you really what you are?

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thinking about life

Running from the own shadow
Reading the book kept on the shelf
Here I have come in the light's glow
In search for myself!

Who are you really? Are you the person who hides from the world or is protected from the world by the supreme? Similar questions I ponder upon whenever I feel something amiss.The discussion about my my very own existence seems to end nowhere. There is light at the other end of the tunnel, they say. My question is, 'How long is the tunnel? 

Several times I surmise the facts that may or may not be wrong. Either they would be partially right, either partially wrong. As a kid, when you are protected from the evil society, you tend to be someone who is lacking the natural vigor, the valor is missing. The natural environment needed for it to flourish is not provided.

Another saying is, when the time bestows its magic upon thou, you may get the prowess to fight even the hardest of the battles in life. Where is the preparation? What role the preparation plays then? Or is it best to say that preparation is something pre planned by the destiny?  

The world is a stage. Your participation is mandatory. You choose the characters, you choose your own friends, you make your own enemies, you live as you wish. Is this really you?

A lot of questions popping up in my mind as I sit down and write this post on the most controversial question, 'Are you really what you really are?'

Lurking in the jungle
Waiting for the night to pass
Surrounded by the rumble
I am alive, alas!   

Living in the world so wild (in a different way though), the life is nothing more than a roller coaster ride. The understanding that once existed is hiding somewhere behind a large cloud of deep thought, which never ceases. 

A voice from within the deep corners of the head is shouting, screaming to be let out from the doors bolted long time ago, but I guess the outside noise is suffice to quiet it. Isn't it so?

Overpowered by the emotions
Of the angels and the demons
Within all these commotions
Find yourself, in the long lost sermons!
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