Sep 3, 2019

Inebriated By Your Love, To Divinity

Saurabh Chawla | 2 Comments|


You looked at me
With your tired eyes
Not able to, you still prise
Soothing it is, do you agree?

The black Mascara
Accentuating your lashes
Our eyes meet in flashes
Losing slowly in an old era

Nobody is around us
At least I don't see a soul
In the garden of Eden, we stroll
All sorted out, there is no fuss

Dancing with hand in hand
With our fingers clung tight
To the mellifluous band
Please, dim the light!

Wishing this night stayed till Infinity
You and me, eyes to eyes, soul to soul
Slowly we slip in the night, don't cajole
Inebriated by your love, to divinity 

Jun 10, 2019

Losing Myself

Saurabh Chawla | 4 Comments|

woman lst in thought

Losing myself
Escaping the world
From shelf to shelf
I like to be curled

Growing up
In the uncertainty
Like a street pup
Want decision with certainty

Getting nervous
Wrecked from the inside
Doing all but service
As a part of me died

Got shooed
I tried my best
No change in the mood
Huge load on my chest

Snap back to reality
I may appear sick 
Falling fast, thanks to gravity 
I want to lose myself in this music...

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Apr 24, 2019

Sun Will Rise Again...

Saurabh Chawla | 1 Comments|

Sun will rise again

Running away from yourself
The reason unknown
Selecting one from the shelf
No one stays on the Throne

Loving the way you live
The only truth which is there
Whatever you take, you give
Putting it on layer by layer

The past is so haunted
Left alone, forever
Fighting it undaunted
Tired? Never!

Journey that can be so exciting
See it Closely, feel its brilliance 
No, it's not inciting
But an act of resilience

Through the thick and thin
You crawl, you walk, you run
Breaking off the calluses off the skin
It will rise again tomorrow, the sun! 

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