Mar 10, 2018

Unpredictable ways

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Caught by the hook
Can't get free
The way you look
How hard can it be?

The eyes so tender
Can't get you out of my head
I am grateful to the sender
For sending you ahead

Of time that is still
Don't waste it with the masterpiece
Sometimes, losing the mind doesn't kill
I am in no mood to cease!

You slowly start walking towards me
I glance from the corner of my eye
Your slender body, accentuated by that tee
That mixed expression of being bold and shy

Hand in hand, touch so electrical
Walking on the sand, let the stars gaze
Waves dancing, so rhythmical
Curious to see your love in unpredictable ways!

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Feb 27, 2018

Are you using the best RO water purifier in India?

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Water is an essential ingredient of our daily needs. With the pollution levels increasing, and the groundwater is contaminated, the need for drinking water which is clean is increasing day by day.

There are people in our country who are wasting water like it will be always available. It's a resource that is largely neglected in our country. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are struggling to get a drop of pure drinking water. This raises a question that whether the RO purifiers be ever in the list of necessities in citizens' life or not?

Water is needed for proper functioning of the body. It helps in keeping the body hydrated, regulates the temperature of the body, all time refreshing drink which everyone can enjoy without any danger or side effects and it's a source of some of the important minerals too.

There are several traditional methods being used in Indian households to purify the water. The thought of choosing RO water purifier is largely native. Metro cities are the ones which are adapting to it but slowly and steadily the people are realizing the numerous benefits of using an RO purifier for their health.

The best RO water purifier in India is a question people have when they are going to buy one. Even when searching for the RO water purifier online, they still wonder that it is the best one they are selecting or not.


These devices are largely divided by the levels of purification that they provide along with the storage tank capacity held by them. The levels of purification translate into the extent of purification of the impure tap water, which then goes through the different filters of the RO water purifier and then consumed by the end user. 

Purchasing these devices have been made easy with the help of online shopping. Now the customers can easily buy one at the click of a button and it is also economical too as the customer doesn't need to be physically present at the outlet to buy it. The search for the RO water purifier begins by visiting local stores or asking friends and peers about the device they are using. 


This all hassle has now been eliminated by the online shopping which gives a list of options in no time, ensuring that you can choose the best device for your home and keep your family away from waterborne diseases. 

So, are you using the best RO purifier in India?

Feb 26, 2018

Living the moment

Saurabh Chawla | 1 Comments|


Walking barefoot
Love this softness
Of the sand beneath
Mixed with ashes and soot

The Mystery
Of this life and death
Told and untold several times
Buried somewhere in the history

Million thorns
Pierced deep in the feet
Causing the pain so sweet
Away from those shrieking horns

Soothing wind
Kissing the face and neck
And hugging with affection
Daylight has also dimmed

This weather so romantic
I'm enchanted by your presence
Let's cut off from the noisy, phony world
And live this moment in the Atlantic!

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
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