Nov 24, 2015

Overcoming the Writer's Block

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Writer's block is something which everybody has to face or faced in their writing part of their lives. The reasons are several. Lack of ideas, saturation of mind with too many ideas, lack f energy to write etc. So how does one overcome with Writer's block? I am going to list down my tips what I do to overcome this.
leonid writer block

1) Take a break:
If you feel that you are getting short of ideas or confused about the thing that you are short of knowledge about that particular topic you intend to write about, take a break simply. Stay away from writing for a day or two or till you are genuinely willing to write. In these days, read a lot about the topic you intend to write. This will increase your knowledge and on the other hand will also clear your doubts or confusions you might be having about the subject.  You can also watch movies and listen to music o get a deeper insight about the subject.
2) Break barriers:
Sometimes, reading about the subject is also tedious task. It may seem boring sometimes. That time what should one do? I prefer staying away from topic all together. I stay away from discussing it, watching movies based on it, listening music based on that theme etc. It helps me to keep my mind free from unnecessary tension, worry, stress for some time. Till that time I do what I feel great about. This helps me refuel my energy and I am ready to think about that troublesome topic  again. It sometimes helps to break barriers.

3) Go out:
Sometimes, trouble creeps in when we keep sitting in one room for a long time. It encapsulates us as well as our mind too. It is always better to go out from time to time so that you can observe, research, get social, broaden your mind at the same time. When you go on a walk in the park or go out to play a sport like tennis, badminton etc. you develop focusing skills. This way when you return back to write, you are more focused about the subject's study.

4) Forget about it completely:
Writer's block is nothing but a smoke clouding our mind and the worst part is that it is developed by us only. If you feel like you are not aware about any subject or have doubts about it, simply forget about writing about it and start researching and gathering knowledge about it. It can take a week, a month or a year depending about how much time you are dedicating to it. But sit to write about it only when you are fully confident about it.
I almost am refueled when I follow these tips. I let my mind to wander all possible places where it can reach to assimilate the knowledge. But gaining the knowledge is not all. I sit, relax myself and interpret all the information collected and summarize the information in a way which is understandable by me. This way I am able to overcome the writer's block in me.
What you do to overcome your writer's block? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Nov 18, 2015

All we need is nothing but direction!

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all we need is direction in life poem by saurabh chawla

Remembering the blowing winds
Watching the shadow on the sun
The darkness that only blinds
I have no intention of a pun

Want to open the locked doors
Give my mind some room to breathe
Running on the infinite floors
It's too tired to seethe!

Absorbing the energies
To satisfy my deep hunger
The harmonization of synergies
Love the feeling of being younger

Free from all sorts of obstruction
I must say that its a well played card
Deeper love, unavoidable seduction
Repairing that has been marred!

During the beginning, during the cessation
Whether it's hate or a feeling of affection
Everything turns out to be a revelation
All we need is nothing but direction!

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Nov 16, 2015

Well said, Anoushka!

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a quote on country

Intolerance has been growing in the recent times among people. The exact reason for growing intolerance is still unknown. Being a part of democratic republic, it's high time now to bring stability in the highly volatile environment. With this the confusion that is inextricably surmounting which would ultimately lead to nowhere.
People are talking about empowerment, lowering the crime rate and so on but all this have just been a part of the propaganda till now. A country with diverse and versatile culture, the eruption of differences is somewhat inevitable to some extent.

"A country is defined by the people, people are not defined by the country."
                - Saurabh Chawla
If people are united, country is strong, if they are separated, country will break down into small unkempt pieces. People of a nation define the core values, the true essence of it. People are the true strength of the country. there is a thin line of difference between thinking about something and to believe in it. But the most difficult part in India is that most of the part in people's lives is played by the Amygdala. The tolerance level of the masses in India has gone down significantly. There is an air of confusion lurking around. The benefit of all that is going around is that there has been an increase in awareness among people.

Along with the awareness, there has been a groundswell pattern of insecurity among the people.  There is silent debate about the limited freedom given to people. However, this inexplicable silence is taking the toll. The main problem is that we, the people are not allowed to speak up. This is very well said by Anoushka Shankar too. If people in our country don't speak up, their voices will soon be lost deep enough from where it would be close to impossible to dug it out again. Time is running out faster than expected, and if something needs to be done, it's now!

Recently there also has been a wind of Award Wapsi with lots of famous celebrities returning their awards in response to growing intolerance. The situation is not getting improved but it has defamed the country. The respect, the honor, the respect these awards hold in them is being defamed. We all need to come together to solve the problem. These kind of acts will only add fuel to already burning fire. These kind of acts only demonstrate the egotism of the doers.

It's the time to bring out the unexpected, to speak out the unspoken. We are secular people, now it's time to show this to the world that we are!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are authors' own and are not intended to harm any person, religion or community.  
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