Mar 29, 2015

#DigitalIndia, a mere illusion or a reality?

Saurabh Chawla | |
Digital India initiave in association with Intel.

Post Independence, India has seen many revolutions in every industry segment. The inception of globalization enhanced the probability further of connecting India with the entire world and placing India among the rapidly developing nations. With the advent of Social Media since past 10+ years, staying connected digitally is becoming a need after all as far as today's times are concerned.

The Benefits:

The benefits can be categorized according to different areas of a person's life. At personal level, he/she can stay connected to their friends and family members no matter wherever he or she goes in the world. At other point, many people have found their life partners through social media as well. For HR professionals, it has become a lot easier to stay connected with the potential as well as existing employees revolutionizing the job industry as well. Moreover, they can very well filter out the employees based on right skills needed for the job at hand.

One can be fully aware about what important is going on in their connections' life. Now a husband would not forget his wife's birthday unless its hidden of course. :) Even the crowds on the ticket counters would be reduced to minimum with such great use of technology.

For the Travel industry, it has become a lot easier to book flights, trains, hotels, buses to the destinations which were not even explored earlier. For healthcare sector, now you can even view your health reports online, track your progress online and can generate a report in a lot easier way.  

Digital India vision to empower rural India.
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The vision:

The visionis a very huge reperesentation of our respected PM Shri. Narendra Modi as the vision is not only limited to connecting India to Indians but to the world which in itself can be a daunting thing as it will require huge investments and infrastructure to be laid for the #DigitalIndia mission to become a reality. 

This has been made possible by the very nice approach of Government and Private sectors work for it combined together. The famous PPP model (Public and Private Partnership model) which will involve innovation, capital, utilization of existing as well as future infrastructure and thus making it a reality.

The Obstacles:

Now, let us explore the obstacles or the challenges which would be faced to successfully accomplish this dream.

1) Lack of Awareness:

Being a conservative nation, Indians still are not that much open to the technology and the benefits of it. I agree that it has bad side as well but everything has a good side and a bad side. Google has launched several programs to increase the awareness about it.

Helping women enter the #DigitalIndia
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2) Infrastructure:

Infrastructure needs are tremendous if the mission needs to see the reality. It includes the speeds at which Indians surf the internet on an average as compared to other nations. According to the latest article in Times of India, the average speed of internet in India is 2 Mbps whereas Koreans surf at 22 Mbps leaving a big room for improvement in this segment. You can read the complete article here.

Even my personal experience when I visited Hong Kong recently in January the easy availability of internet via Wi-Fi zones is not only the thing which is something great but the speed of browsing is something to praise, too.

3) Plan tariffs:

This is something everyone is concerned about. Staying connected 24 hours a day for 365 days a year is not cheap for the Indians' pocket. What the companies do? They simply mould the plan accordingly and offer lucrative plans for the users but still a portion of the population still using internet is not willing to pay higher prices for higher speeds. The point, they stick with lower speed plans. 

The plans are divided on usage as well as demographic interests of people. The income also has an effect on the use of internet among Indian population. 

4) The insecurity:

Insecurity is there among people particularly when government agencies are monitoring their online activities. The recent survey has revealed that a whopping 76 percent Indians have shown concerns regarding this issue. The full article you can review here.
Also, with frauds creeping in, many people still hesitate using online means for handling their money and transacting online.

More and more people get aware about the use of internet and its benefits with robust security measures, more easy it would be to eliminate the above obstacles making #DigitalIndia mission a reality. It may seem difficult but it's not impossible. It can take some time, however.   

Intel's collaboration with Government of India in #DigitalIndia mission

Keeping these factors in mind and the Digital India mission of the Government of India in collaboration with Intel has opened up a new ray of hope in making India Digitally connected not only across India but on a global level. In my opinion, it's really a great initiative and it could make India a globally competing nation. It will see a rise to foreign investments as well as it would be a great boom to tourism industry in India.
Intel has even started a program in the name of "Digital Skills for India Program" to train 5 million by 2015-end. you can read the full article here.

Crossing every boundary
Covering every diversity
Here we come proudly
To make #DigitalIndia a reality!

Come, let's join hands to make this mission a success and empower India digitally with #DigitalIndia. Together we can and together we will. :)

This post is written for the Topic hosted by Indiblogger and Intel.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are author's own.

Mar 22, 2015

Burning in Silence!

Saurabh Chawla |

nature crying

Crossing the paths
Losing the wings
When the heaven laughs
And the beautiful fairy sings

Fighting with the riot
Erupting deep within
Still staying quiet
How painful it has been

Like a creepy worm
Crawling in my skin
Fueling the inside storm
Committing another sin

Nowadays, it's getting so rife
Losing the tolerance
And the true meaning of life
Slowly burning in silence

With lot of grief, I cry
Leeching the fruit's heap
Till you suck them dry
In hell you shall reap!

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Mar 15, 2015

Come on, go ahead, #Start a new life!

Saurabh Chawla | |
start a new life quote

It's difficult for most of us to #StartANewLife. Some of us take the bold step and some stay back pondering over what people would say. Believe me, the biggest problem with most of us is that we care about what people would say and we hold ourselves back from doing what we want to actually do. Below is a verse I would like to share with you all:

Leave behind what is rife
Everyone goes there and melts
You deserve to be somewhere else
Come on, go ahead, Start a new life!

I remember when I was applying to an internship in a reputed company during the days when I was doing my MBA where the interviewer asked me several questions the answers to which were like alien to me. I sat there absolutely dumbfounded. The interviewer was like "I am not impressed with the interview at all!" Also, he told me after every unanswered question "You should be knowing this", "you should be aware about this". I sat there observing the interviewer panel and trying to answer the questions with stressing my brain with totally random thoughts.

The time came when at the end they asked another question the answer to which not surprisingly I was not aware about either :D. With the end note one of them said "You should know this one." I was not aware about the things they asked but I was aware about the fact that I would be rejected from this company. I had two choices that were occupying my head that time, one was to leave quietly and second, take a chance and say something that came in my mind at that time.

I waited and gave it a thought to the thing I was about to say to them, then I decided to say it rather than keep regretting about it. I would repeat the exact words what I told them at the end of the interview, "I respect your opinions. I should have known all the stuff you are asking and more too, I agree." They sat quietly, listening to me. I continued, "I know I lag in this information, but I would like to ask you all a few questions. Firstly, if I would have known answers to all the questions, don't you think I would be sitting at your place taking interviews?"

They were still listening, thinking what to say. "Also, if you feel that you are not impressed by my interview, I agree but don't you think that I am here for the internship and I would be doing project, impressing you with my work rather than by mere information which I could have known while doing internship as well?" They were totally taken aback (I felt so). I decided to carry on. "If that is the case then I am sorry to say that I applied in your company and wasted both of our time. You can find another candidate who knows everything and is not afraid of being a puppet. Thanks for your consideration and your valuable time."  

I moved out of the interview room without listening to their opinion about it but with my chin up with no regrets at all. The results were due in the evening but who cared? At least I didn't care about it.  Next day I arrived in the class to find people congratulating me on getting the internship. I quickly scanned through the results and found out that they included me in their internship program. That day, I realized that saying what you feel, expressing your true thoughts never goes wasted. I took the extreme step not caring about the consequences resulting in nothing but the positive.

That day I started a new life, with my true feelings and no looking back.

I always appreciate people who move forward, express their true selves, live a life without regrets.

A great initiative you can check out here.

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