Mar 22, 2015

Burning in Silence!

Saurabh Chawla |

nature crying

Crossing the paths
Losing the wings
When the heaven laughs
And the beautiful fairy sings

Fighting with the riot
Erupting deep within
Still staying quiet
How painful it has been

Like a creepy worm
Crawling in my skin
Fueling the inside storm
Committing another sin

Nowadays, it's getting so rife
Losing the tolerance
And the true meaning of life
Slowly burning in silence

With lot of grief, I cry
Leeching the fruit's heap
Till you suck them dry
In hell you shall reap!

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Mar 15, 2015

Come on, go ahead, #Start a new life!

Saurabh Chawla | |
start a new life quote

It's difficult for most of us to #StartANewLife. Some of us take the bold step and some stay back pondering over what people would say. Believe me, the biggest problem with most of us is that we care about what people would say and we hold ourselves back from doing what we want to actually do. Below is a verse I would like to share with you all:

Leave behind what is rife
Everyone goes there and melts
You deserve to be somewhere else
Come on, go ahead, Start a new life!

I remember when I was applying to an internship in a reputed company during the days when I was doing my MBA where the interviewer asked me several questions the answers to which were like alien to me. I sat there absolutely dumbfounded. The interviewer was like "I am not impressed with the interview at all!" Also, he told me after every unanswered question "You should be knowing this", "you should be aware about this". I sat there observing the interviewer panel and trying to answer the questions with stressing my brain with totally random thoughts.

The time came when at the end they asked another question the answer to which not surprisingly I was not aware about either :D. With the end note one of them said "You should know this one." I was not aware about the things they asked but I was aware about the fact that I would be rejected from this company. I had two choices that were occupying my head that time, one was to leave quietly and second, take a chance and say something that came in my mind at that time.

I waited and gave it a thought to the thing I was about to say to them, then I decided to say it rather than keep regretting about it. I would repeat the exact words what I told them at the end of the interview, "I respect your opinions. I should have known all the stuff you are asking and more too, I agree." They sat quietly, listening to me. I continued, "I know I lag in this information, but I would like to ask you all a few questions. Firstly, if I would have known answers to all the questions, don't you think I would be sitting at your place taking interviews?"

They were still listening, thinking what to say. "Also, if you feel that you are not impressed by my interview, I agree but don't you think that I am here for the internship and I would be doing project, impressing you with my work rather than by mere information which I could have known while doing internship as well?" They were totally taken aback (I felt so). I decided to carry on. "If that is the case then I am sorry to say that I applied in your company and wasted both of our time. You can find another candidate who knows everything and is not afraid of being a puppet. Thanks for your consideration and your valuable time."  

I moved out of the interview room without listening to their opinion about it but with my chin up with no regrets at all. The results were due in the evening but who cared? At least I didn't care about it.  Next day I arrived in the class to find people congratulating me on getting the internship. I quickly scanned through the results and found out that they included me in their internship program. That day, I realized that saying what you feel, expressing your true thoughts never goes wasted. I took the extreme step not caring about the consequences resulting in nothing but the positive.

That day I started a new life, with my true feelings and no looking back.

I always appreciate people who move forward, express their true selves, live a life without regrets.

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Mar 8, 2015

Life lets you look down, you have to look up!

Saurabh Chawla | |
Often , we are let down many times in life. This happens with most of us as we see the things with negative frame of mind and something's which is deeply imbibed in us since the very younger days of our life also play a crucial role in this thinking. For example, I have seen many instances when people, including my relatives telling me that I won't be able to do this or do that. Today, I would be sharing a moment of my life which inspired me to keep going on.  

Around three years back in April 2012, I decided to start a book as I was very much excited about writing and to be honest, I was not at all aware about how the publishing industry actually worked. Keeping everything aside, I started off with my book which was a romantic fiction. I decided to go with the genre as it was most trending one. Alongside, I started with a blog as well. All was in an experimentation phase and I was not at all aware about what I was doing and why I was doing. 

The Rveled Mystery Saurabh Chawla Myriad Tales story
I jotted down whatever came to my mind, weaved out stories on my blog, wrote poetry and did lot of other experiments. Something in my mind always revolted back saying to me that you are in a wrong direction, but I kept revolting back at it, 'I am in the right direction!' The inner voices in my head screamed at me, shouted at me but still I kept moving on with the experimentation. Finally, after populating my manuscript with over forty thousand words, I started sending it off to the publishers. The result? You all know! Yes, I was rejected and I felt bewildered, shattered from within. 

I had seen many such books out in the market, but mine was rejected! The most important human behavior after rejection, depression! I stopped eating, started drinking and worse, I started cursing all. But in the mean time my inside craving for writing got stronger and I was completely unaware about it! I started experimenting again with different genres. I started reading several books, started following many other people in the same field and started getting more frustrated with myself.

One day, I was sitting at my office and out of the blue, I got an idea of writing a story on my blog. I, without wasting any more time, started off putting down in the blog post whatever came in my mind and hit publish. The thing which happened next was truly something I didn't expect at all. In fact a series of events took place. Firstly, the post was bombarded with comments within minutes of it being published, secondly I was contacted by a dear friend on Facebook regarding an anthology which they were planning to publish soon.

Myriad Tales boook Launch

I started talking with people for the former thing. They told me that they were dying to read the next part of the story and wanted me to publish it soon. I, being a writer, couldn't keep them waiting, started with the second part. When I published the second part, I was stunned to see that so much people craved for the remaining story. That day I realized my strength in writing thrillers. I was about to leave my office and a colleague of mine, who was reading my post asked me that if I had written that. I was like, 'Yes, I have written it. You can check copyscape for any plagiarism!' He told me that it was a great post. 'Why don't you write a book about the story?' 

Something hit my mind that night and I removed the post from my blog. The book is still in the making but it changed my point of view of how I was looking at myself. Secondly, coming back to the latter thing, my friend requested me to submit a thriller for the anthology and I had a month's time. I accepted the offer and stated writing the story for the book. Since, a lot had happened in my point of view, I decided to give my best for the short story. The result? Yes, It got selected for the anthology out of more than 400+ entries and got published. The judges simply loved the story as my friend told me while I was getting back home from office. On the day of the book launch, I was filled with a new ray of hope for the future.

People move away from the goal rather than moving away from the way of doing things to achieve that goal! Something which should be changed.

This was my story. What's yours?

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