Apr 25, 2015

So, want to be friends?

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true meaning of friendship

Friendship, a word which breathes out trust, loyalty, most importantly a sense of understanding. Nowadays, these factors have lost a charm in most of the cases. The only aspect today is being busy in whatever you are doing while neglecting people around yourself. The busy working schedule is to be the most rife reason. Busy on Facebook, busy on Twitter, busy writing a blog, busy writing a book! Lots and lots of these type of reasons you would hear from your friends. It happens with me too. Here comes the point of understanding as how much understanding you are with you your friend. How much personal space is needed by your friend. Would you be able to give that much space to your friend?

Here kicks in another question. Is your friend of the same gender or opposite gender? Seriously speaking, I guess that there is a hype of being a girl and a boy can't be friends. Okay sorry to say it incompletely. A girl and boy can't be friends forever! Well it's like the concept of magnetism. Opposites attract. Simply put, if they are friends, some time in future they would get out of their friend zones and would start loving each other. Haha!

This is the law of magnetism that opposites attract. This means that if you have friends who are of opposite sex, you would fall in love with them eventually. But this happens with only that special someone, right? This law fails in this case then.
Now many people demand many things but when it's their turn, they are not willing to give. They expect you to be always there when they need. The opposite is there when you need them. This means that in a relationship you keep on giving without getting anything in return. Such a relationship, regardless of the fact that it's a love relationship or friendship, in most of the cases would cease to exist after some time.

Men and women are made to stay together. It is said that man is incomplete without a woman and a woman is incomplete without a man. If that would have not been the case, why would half of the skills be imparted in women and half in men? The only reason which I can think as of now is that either of them would not be able to handle so much of it :). Nature always balances itself. We are formed from the nature's elements. What does this conclude? We have to balance whatever we do.

Good and bad complement each other. If there would be no crime, there would be no need of any defense mechanism. All we have to do is to balance ourselves. An aggressive man is calmed by a calm woman. Here I must say that the law of magnetism is applied again. Opposites attract each other but I would like to add on to this. Stay with me on this. Opposites attract each other but it is not necessary that they would bind with every opposite end.  In my opinion, I would say it again and again, like any relation, friendship is a special relation which comes with no hard fencing, no hard commitments but only two important aspects viz. trust and understanding.

Do take out some time to check out the video below:

With these two aspects, respect for each other automatically comes. I don't give a damn to whether that friend is of same gender or opposite one. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed!  So want to be friends? What's your take?

Apr 19, 2015

#NetNeutrality: A necessary devil

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We all are well aware about one of the most trending topics of the year 2015. The Net Neutrality. Basically, what it means is that we can browse all websites with equal rights. The best thing for us, we would not be paying even a penny extra for that. But, if it is opposed to that, then we might have to pay extra for using Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Viber and so on and so forth! Also, there would be much more needed competition among the companies as well.  Let's check out some factors which I consider hold true:

1) Habits are the roots:

If we look closely, people who want to use the apps/websites, will have to pay for the respective services and as habit is there, they will pay. For others, they would boycott the packages leaving both the companies viz. the telecom operator as well as the site/mobile app which they want to use. Now there are two possible solutions to this problem. Either You have to change your habit of not using the website/mobile app or there would be some new and fresh apps that would be developed which would be outside the new neutrality chakravyuh.The choice is yours.

2) A big problem for the websites/mobile apps:

As we all know that these big brands have lots of user base and are extensively used on day to day basis. There would be new plans for using different services. The thing is that you will not pay for all but only for one or two services. This will result in 2 things. Firstly, you would sacrifice your interest and reach on the internet. This is particularly true for BLOGGERS/WRITERS and other internet based start-ups. They would not be able to empty their pockets in the very beginning stage of their life-cycle.

Secondly, it would create a divide and rule policy, introducing a cut-throat competition among the telecom operators as well as the owners of respective websites/mobile apps. It would also have an impact on the user base which they are now enjoying.

3) Monopoly in a large market place:

Believe it or not, we are living in a digital era where internet has become a market place. With no Net Neutrality, it will become monopolistic. Each ecommerce giant would be running a race to rule the large network. It will definitely create a tough situation for both the users and the companies.

I would now talk with personal perspective. Imagine you are in a family. Your father differentiates, in fact compares you with your sibling who always outperforms you in almost every field. What would be your reaction then? Say, in a family function, you are present but being ignored all the time. A point will come in your life when you would not give a damn to even a dying person.

Being a writer/author myself, I have a presence across all the social platforms. I try to give equal attention to all the followers across all the platforms with no separate preference to any one portal. Net Neutrality would force me to either pay extra for all the portals or shut down few of them completely and reduce my reach. Now, this would definitely be a drawback for me. A creative person's hunger is not food but recognition for his work. Take an example of an author with book lying at an unused corner in the house. A painter who never had a chance to be at any exhibition. No #NetNeutrality would be the same situation for you. It would be like suppressing your desires.

Click to Tweet.: When you suppress your desires, either a part of you dies inside you, or you go mad.
It would impact me a lot if Net Neutrality is neglected. There are several campaigns which have been initiated to support the issue. Some of the campaigns are listed below:

4) The AIB campaign for Net Neutrality. You can watch the video below.

If you want to reach out globally, Internet is the best place which can help you out with it. Yes, I am a little worried but keep my fingers crossed.

Apr 16, 2015

A timeless night!

Saurabh Chawla |

Alexander's Ragtime Band romantic film

Memories galore
Seldom I filter
More I pour
I bewilder

The countless hours
Those endless minutes
Your sumptuous powers
Drawing me out of limits

Come closer, will you?
Embracing your heat
No more I can eschew
As our lips meet

Amidst the loudest night
Listening to the silence
Can't resist you out of sight
This night is priceless!

Looking in your eyes
There is no fight
I would not have to prise
Stay wiith me in this timeless night! 

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