Jul 20, 2016

Couldn’t make it this Rakhi, Buy Rakhi Online from Ferns N Petals

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quotes on raksha bandhan festival

 Life has gone busy. Taking out time has become a concern nowadays. If you are staying busy with work and couldn’t make it to shop for Rakhi for your brother this Rakhi season, Ferns N Petals has a perfect solution for you. Now you can buy a Designer Rakhi for Brother at Ferns N Petals online.
I would like to share one incident that happened with me last year. I had to join my new office at the beginning of summer this year. I hated the idea of being away from home since childhood, but sometimes you have to adjust to the situations in life. As I joined recently, I couldn’t take a leave so early. One day I got a call from my sister. She was also juggling with her job and her personal life. She couldn’t even get time for shopping. So she usually does all the shopping online. Between our talks, she asked about whether Rakhi is also available online. Well, not being a shopping freak, I simply said that I don’t have an idea about it.
After our call, I was somewhat curious to explore online. Next day at office, I observed one of my colleagues was busy with the sorority. I simply went to my desk and started working. During lunch hours, we discussed about taking a leave for the Rakhi festival. As I was not taking a leave, I pretended to ignore the talk. Suddenly, I heard one of them saying that she wouldn’t be able to make it this time so she had chosen to buy it online. I jumped in the conversation. ‘Is it available online?’ I asked her. Everybody was surprised with my sudden interest in the discussion.
She replied that she has been doing it since last two years as she couldn’t find time to buy it in the market due to hectic job timings. One of them had another reason that there is more variety of Rakhi gifts online to choose from. I asked several times about any online store which would be reliable. The reply was a vague one, ‘there are many, you can Google.’ As I am not that much into online shopping, I was seriously unaware about the reliability of the online stores.
Upon prodding, my colleague suggested me to go with Ferns N Petals as she had been buying Rakhi gifts online from them since last two years. After leaving for home that day, I called up y sister. I was excited to tell her the good news. But before that, I myself explored the website and shortlisted some of the Rakhi gifts online. They offer exclusive Rakhi gifts online for you to choose from, a huge variety from Elegant Bracelet Rakhi to Zardosi Rakhi and many more.

Finally, I received a Zardosi Rakhi and felt relieved.

Jul 18, 2016

Do your own deeds, let people do theirs!

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Quotes on faith by saurabh chawla

It happens all the time that people stop themselves from doing whatever they want to do. This particularly happens when they are under influence of other people around them. Our parents, siblings, friends, peers, relatives, colleagues, it can be anybody. Life is about experiences. Experiences are different for everybody. Like the fingerprints, no two persons can have same experience.

One of the things that affects people the most is the insecurity nowadays. Be it a relationship or job or studies, everybody is insecure today. At least, I have felt this myself. People are very much afraid of losing someone or something nowadays. That's a natural human tendency. The worst is, under the influence of other people, they stop doing what is actually intended, in fact needed. Today, I am writing on the same. I just want to convey a simple message that one should do what they want and what they feel is right, rather than not doing it because of the reason of what people will say!

Have you ever thought why people stop you from doing what you want? Next time when you meet someone or feel that someone is stopping you from doing something, just wait for few minutes and think of the possible reasons. One of the situations can be in the office. One of the posts I shared earlier also. You can read the posts Congratulations, you are hired! and When I decided to quit and move on. 

Whatever the case has been, I have always felt a sense of insecurity, jealousy in other person's intent of stopping me from doing what I was doing. Except for the parents and your siblings, every person will have it in them. It's not necessary that they would be aware about it. Knowingly or unknowingly, they will advise you, guide you, create obstacles for you and do whatever they can, but they will make it sure that you are always preoccupied.

The next important thing is your confidence. If you are confident about yourself, then no one, I repeat, no one will be able to pull you down or convince you to stop doing things which you want to do in life. The best example that can be seen when it comes to confidence is in the job. I have experienced it and you can also see it from the posts above. People want to leave the job and move on, but still they are bound to stay in the same job. That's not because they can't leave it but they are not confident about their own selves. They are not able to believe that they are capable of doing what they want to do.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

                                                             - Leonardo da Vinci
 Once you get in the job, you are bound to stay as they want you to stay. All sorts of politics will be planned against you. Competition will be born.  The best part is that sometimes people who claim to have much more years of experience would be more insecure or jealous from your way of working or your good performance.

This will, at a point of time, force you to leave it and search work somewhere else. It's the insecurity, jealousy, ego, arrogance which stops you from doing the things which you really want to do. The people will, however will stop you always. The notion behind this is that, 'I was not able to do it, how can he do it?'. Instead of this, one should start doing the same or learn the same and try to stay ahead rather than planning the opposite.

One thing to always keep in mind is that whatever is destined to happen, it will happen, no matter how hard you try to stop it. There are several thousands of such instances to state here. The point here is not to stop doing what you intend to do, but think of it the way, 'let them do what they want, I will do what I want.' Once this is clear in your head, you will stop playing the blame game, you will invest more time on doing the things rather than thinking of why you can't or why you shouldn't do it.

Another fact is that you can't change anybody's perception. If you closely look into your own self, nobody would be able to change your perception of seeing things your own way. We all live under the same skies, but we all see it through different eyes. As I stated earlier in this post, not two people will have exactly similar experience of the same situation. There is no law, no definition of experience.

With learning, comes experience. With experience, comes knowledge. With knowledge, comes confidence. With confidence, comes the faith. And believe me, faith can do wonders!

                                                                                            - Saurabh Chawla

I recall a recent incident while writing this post. One of my friends faced a serious issue in his organization. He decided to stay quiet though. The incident that happened was that he was scolded by his senior and was warned strictly that he will not be given any of his relieving documents by the HR department. To build a mountain of his fake ego and arrogance, he even claimed that he will make sure that my friend will not be able to get a job outside and his career will be ruined. I listened to him intently and what came out of me is quoted as, 'First of all, he is not anything himself. He is not the owner in his current organization, he is not the owner of you. Your life was going on without getting a job in this organization, it will go on still after you leave the organization.' To this, he agreed fully. I continued, 'Now, what all I feel is pity for the poor guy who thinks that life is dependent on mere piece of paper and he behaves like he owns you! Haha :D.'

You decide and  let me know if there is something I said wrong here. What people are scared of is their so called majboori. Once you take out this word from your dictionary, you are all  set to go. People will always say, 'majboori ka fayada uthao.'  What they are not aware about is that you would also be having some so called majboori at some point of your life. What will go through your mind if someone takes out benefit from your majboori? This hinders the person to do what actually is intended by his own self and he starts living the expectations of the others.

The bottom line is that obstacles will be there. People will create them for other people. But remember one thing, some people will also create stepping stones for you to climb and reach the peak! Stay with them and do your own deeds. For other people,  let them do what they are doing. If you are true to yourself, nothing can go wrong. Just have confidence in yourself, no one will be able to say that you are a loser!

One of the quotes I love the most is shared below:

No one becomes a loser till the time he loses from within!

                                                      - Sultan, 2016 (Movie)

Jul 8, 2016

Book Review - The Dance of Durga by Kanika Dhillon

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Title: The Dance of Durga

Author: Kanika K. Dhillon

Number of Pages: 350

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers India

Genre: Fiction

I would like to thank Kanika Dhillon, author of the book to give me an opportunity to review her book. Many apologies too as I am posting this review quite late! Anyways, below is my review of the book.

Book Review:

A truly captivating plot which will take you to the world of villages of Northern India. The story revolves around the life of protagonist, Durga or Rajjo. Her struggle to be famous as a god woman and rule is both exciting and engaging.

The story will take you to the journey of her life since birth. How she was born as a gift of seeing the future, how she lost it all, her suffering in love as a teenager and her marriage to a wealthy man after an abortion! The realism in the story will make you feel that  the characters are in front of your eyes and you are a part of it.

The novel moves like the seasons from summer of the childhood to monsoon of her marriage, The Dance of Durga as it all!

If you want to feel the village air of Northern India and enjoy all the seasons in a single plot, you will definitely like The Dance of Durga and is a good read for you.    

Author's  career started out as “an assistant director to Farah Khan, on Om Shanti Om, and then moved on to Red Chillies's Billu Barber, which was directed by Priyadarshan."


I would like to rate The Dance of Durga a 4/5 for brilliant narration and a captivating and engaging plot. 

You can buy the  book at a discount from Flipkart below:
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