Oct 5, 2015

Move On...

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Posted by Saurabh's Lounge on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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How many times you have managed to move on despite a lot of problems? Do share your stories below.

Sep 27, 2015

State of Busyness

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Stephen King quote on living and dying

Buried deep within
The memories galore
Staring the pain with a grin
Sorry, I want it no more!

Arrested like a prisoner
Caught up in a stone henge
Or it can be a misnomer
To whom I should avenge?

Died many times, born seldom
Has left me nothing but stupefied
Dusk is gone, dawn is welcome
But fast, before I get mummified

Saving it for the another day
The process has begun to mend
A request to you to light my way
Let the darkness and light blend

Like a bullet this mind has become
Doors are locked from within
But neither I'm witty nor dumb
How long it has been?

Hard to sleep, harder to wake up
I am still in the state of dizziness
Its a request to shake me up
Its best to be in a state of busyness!

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Sep 21, 2015

Blind Trust?

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blind trust quotes by Raymond Holliwell

Succumbed to the pain
With nothing to gain
Tried hard to adjust
To live by this lust

Swept pass all seasons
With or without reasons
Never blinked an eye
Whether I live or I die

Smothered by fake expectations
Missed a lot of stations
Approached by several opportunities
All blown up by your soulless communities

Lived it enough, lived it all
Summer to winter, spring to fall
Past all the truhs and betrayals
I have painted this portrayal

Prayed every single moment
You can't stand my foment?
Sorry for being so dumb
I already feel so numb
Like the cuckoo sings
When it loses its wings
And now, time is to remind
This trust is already blind!
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