Oct 23, 2014

Health is wealth, indeed!

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With growing up in a fast paced environment, it is evident that many things would get ignored. The more we try to focus on multiple things, more we get carried away by them. The thing which needs prime importance is your kid's health. Though I agree that today many options are available from ready to eat foods to fast foods which can satisfy your hunger but can hamper your health especially for the kid who is still developing. All these foods are packed with preservatives to make them last longer.

The point here is not  only food which they consume but there are several other factors which can make their immune systems weak. This makes them more vulnerable to diseases making them more weaker (a person already suffering from a disease has higher probability of catching another disease). Though our bodies are designed in such a way that they can heal themselves up but they also need resources like a car needs fuel to run. For example a person who has a calcium deficiency will need more calcium per day as compared to a normal healthy person).

Healthy children dabur chyawanprash
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 Coming to the kid's health, at the time of growing a kid needs plenty of resources to optimize his/her development both physically and mentally so that he/she can enjoy his/her life to the full. For this to happen, keeping their immunity in check is very much essential as a disease free body can work perfectly both physically and mentally. Lots of advertisements are there and we can see from our day to day experiences that a healthy child is a treasure to any home. If your child is healthy, it is like adding a diamond in your family treasure as you would also be relaxed from frequent doctor's visits :)

A healthy child is also a reflection of your lifestyle as well. It reflects clearly that if your child is healthy, you follow a lifestyle which has health as its priority. A regular, consistent refilling of all the vitamins and minerals on a daily basis keeps the body including mind healthy. Today, stress can deplete all the energy from your child's body. These include heavy stress from studies, sports, heavy burden of parents ambitions thrown at them, peer pressure etc. Now think if they get weak, vulnerable to several diseases, don't you think that it would be too much for a child to handle? These all can be overruled by simply keeping their immunity high so that at least they remain free from diseases caused by stress and low immunity.

Since ages, Dabur has been recommending Chyawanprash which has all the herbs including several ingredients that can help in increasing your child's immunity by almost three times thereby keeping them healthy wealthy and wise :)   

Have it daily and reprise
You won't regret, I promise
Fighting all the evils of illness
Leaving you healthy, wealthy and wise!

Our children are our future, don't let them fall in the evils of diseases. Below you can see the magic for yourself :) :

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Oct 12, 2014

Let's meet again........

Saurabh Chawla |
couple hugging each other

Longed for this time
Your presence made my day
Yeah there was slight change in plan
But still you came is of prime importance!

Difficult is to write an epitome
For one of the loveliest experiences
Life can hit on you unexpected sometimes
Still I say it's written somewhere!

The black eyeliner accentuated your eyelids
Grateful for your presence
Your delicate style beautified your persona
I wish more you could stay!

Your beauty swept me off my feet
Attached to you I am emotionally
It can't be a mere coincidence
Fate is forcing us to meet again.....

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Oct 5, 2014

Sounds of Rain......

Saurabh Chawla |

couple under rain

Rain drops pelting on your flesh
Drenching you from head to foot
Wetness penetrating deep within
Forget the past, start afresh

Your washed out eyes clear the way
To the hidden soul inside
Gazing it through, I want to see
How many turmoils led it to sway

Our bodies still as we are lost
In each others' warmth
Breath by breath, touch by touch
From end to end, we tossed

Hold my hand, I will ease your pain
Together we can start walking
On this journey, come let's love 
Under these sounds of rain....

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