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I will survive!

I don't realize why I was born? Sometimes life seems like a thorn Piercing my soul deep inside I wait for the pain to subside I try my best in whatever I do At times I fail, at times I am through I fight all the time for my existence Somehow, it seems full of substance Why I am here, I can't decide I treat my experience as my guide At times it’s not enough, at times it's suffice I guess that's all I could surmise Leaving back my regrets, my pain I go on, thinking that no pain, no gain I am screaming, I am not dead, I am alive No matter what happens, I will survive!

A confession!

I wake up every night I find no one in sight I don't know the reason Is that due to treason? I am deeply suffocated The suffering has abated But the pain is no less You can't judge my distress I did everything I could You kept on saying 'You Should' I satisfied your every fuss You turned me into a truss My soul is feeling forlorn It succumbed to the thorn I avow I cannot suffice A confession which I reprise

Today, bring out the child within you!

Good morning to all my readers. Hope you all had a nice day yesterday. Today after the diwali celebrations, most of you would be tired. There is no doubt if many of you are still in bed. Today is 14th November, the day of great importance for all, especially for children. Yes today we all will celebrate 'CHILDREN'S DAY' . Nowadays, the meaning of children has changed to a large extent. I remember when I was a kid, I hardly knew what a PC or mobile can do but now if you look at any kid out they will ask you, 'Do you have a PS3?'   And I go like :O. Today children are more advanced than the adults and I have no qualms saying that. The brain development that has taken place in so many years is evident that the children today have transformed a lot. We need to understand the requirements and knowledge these small kids possess. Believe me or not, but fooling a kid is somewhat getting tougher and tougher as every children's day is passing every year. The upbr

Happy Diwali!

Festive season is back! This time Diwali is celebrated with so much fun but something is amiss think. It's not as good as the previous years. Moreover, the celebration is declining year by year. Maybe this could be due to increasing awareness about the pollution crackers make or maybe because of soaring prices of everything. Eons ago when Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya after his fourteen years of exile and most importantly his victory over Lanka's king Raavan, all the people of the clan celebrated his arrival with diyas and crackers. Of course why wouldn't they? Their king had arrived after a so long time! After so many years, today we also celebrate the day with the festival called as Diwali. We also enlighten our homes with diyas, candles, and crackers. We use this day to socialize, exchange gifts etcetera. Bollywood is struggling for the two films wondering which one will be the box office hit of this diwali 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' or 'Son of Sardaar&


Twenty six years of life There is a constant strife That just goes on and on I struggle very hard to con My heart has felt My body has dealt With all the fears Shedding all the tears The people have been fomenting And pretended as if being lamenting I have become weak at a stage so initial Unfortunately, it proved for them beneficial I regret of my past actions As well as my awful reactions I know it's never too late Belief is all I need, I never lose faith!  So, I have decided to give up all my fears. I will not succumb to the pain; will fight back till I breathe my last!  

Be yourself!!

Good morning to all. After a so called vacation, firstly I would like to apologize for not bringing anything new for my readers.  I was out on a break, recharging myself. In this break period, I came across many experiences which taught me many lessons. The most important lesson that I have learnt, which of course I will share with you all also is as the title of this post also hint is 'Be yourself.' It happens many a times we come across several situations in our life where in order to boost our ego or for any other reason we try to copy others. You all may agree or disagree with me, but many times especially in our teenage days, we try to copy the most famous personality of our schools. The point is we try to copy them and most of us succeed also to some extent, some may succeed to about 80 %, but my friends, rest 20% you are what you are! This 20% is lost somewhere under the rest 80%. The other point that I would like to share about what my experience has taught me