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A ray of light…

A ray of light From the morning sun Pierces the dark night Like a bullet of the gun Hope never dies Faith always lives He listens to the cries Enough to all he gives Go forward, look beyond Past the shore, past the horizon It’s a sea, not a mere pond Look closely, it’s invite from the Poseidon! The inner storm Doesn’t seem to cease Stay calm, stay in form Life is yours, not on lease! Fight the battles, don’t be shy The worst would be you may lose Hope is free, you don’t need to buy Darkness or the light, you have to choose! Click here to read Running away... PS: Poseidon meaning: (in Greek mythology) the god of the sea and the earthquakes in the ancient mythology; brother of Zeus and Hades and Hera; identified with Roman Neptune. 

English Bites! by Manish Gupta – a review!

Title: English Bites: My Fullproof English Learning Formula Author: Manish Gupta Publisher: Penguin Books Genre: Non fiction Number of Pages: 334     My Verdict: First of all I would like to thank Manish for sending me his book for review. I loved the concept of how he had managed to learn English language in a fun manner. I finished reading the book in about one week. This book is targeted to Students and the ones who are preparing for competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT etc. The books normally targeted to these exams are pretty tough to study as they become a bit boring after some time. But Manish has done it and presented it in a form of a wonderful tale. I found one thing distracting in the book, the footnotes. They made my reading slower and distracted me from the tale somewhat but still it’s a great effort. English, being a global language is essential nowadays. I have also studied from books targeted for the competitive exams and after few days of s

Yes I did it, so can you!

First of all, I would like to thank you all for sharing the most prestigious moment of my life as I stand here in front of you holding this award. Let me tell you a wonderful thing that happened to me when I started to blog. Unaware I was, about the blogging platform. My mind wandered in many directions. Sometimes it said, Lets start a technical blog!You are very good with computers. Then the mind said, Lets start a completely different review based blog, You can do it, It’s easy for you. I headed in both the directions, but somewhat was lost with the idea as to I didn’t know where I was heading to! No I am not expert at this thing, not even proficient in it! It’s not my cup of tea, Are you listening?   I used to stare myself in the eyes night after night. But I didn’t listen to it. All I was doing, was done by thousands of them already. I felt like getting lost in the crowd. Yes, you can do it! I always faked my gut feeling. But today, as I stand here holding this trophy, I owe

Running away…

Running away… From darkness Like a pendulum I sway Tired of the painful sharpness Tried to stay calm Maintained the inner peace Causing much more harm But now I resist to cease Running away… From the small To make a way Tired of the inner brawl Sometimes I feel apologetic For this severe condition It may seem to you poetic But it is not a rendition Running away… From all the bad To face the good Saying goodbye to being sad Enough of the sarcasm It’s too hard to handle Falling into a deep chasm Extinguished once, now I am the burning candle! Click here to read 'The burning candle...'

From dawn till dusk

From dawn till dusk You turn more brusque Day by day, night by night I wish I would stay out of sight   The utter disappointment No relief from any ointment The effect of the defeat Learn to face it, don’t cheat!   Running away from fear Brings it more near Violations, temptations Watch out for fragile relations   Broken links, unspoken words The chirping of the birds The mellifluous sound falls in the ears The laments flow from the eyes as tears   Praying for a better tomorrow Getting free from this sorrow Let the winds clear the husk I wish the same from dawn till dusk

Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi – a review

Title: Chanakya's Chant Author: Ashwin Sanghi Publisher: Westland Number of pages: 450 Genre: Thriller My Verdict: I took up this book after I read ‘The Krishna Key’ by Ashwin Sanghi and I truly loved his work in both the books. I would like to give one star more to this one as it is very much well researched and deeply studied book which anyone else would feel like a torture to read, research and study so deeply. Secondly, the story or the plot described is so eloquent that one starts reading the book and is forced to turn the pages as the story goes on. It is not possible to keep the book down once one has started reading the book. One thing I liked most about this book is one chapter is in the past at Chanakya’s time and the following chapter is present time which enables one to relate to the concept the author has tried to put up. Every character and their respective roles are so precisely defined. The politics, the games the politicians pl