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The boundary!

I woke up one morning Counting on the hours Wondering how is life Takes any turn without warning I recollect my past vividly Scanning through bits by bits A lot of mistakes, a lot of deeds Camouflaging the latter brilliantly A lot of learning I take along Sometimes by own, at times by prise Thinking, this is life, how better it can be? At times I was right, at times proven wrong Crossing several roadblocks, been so far The obstacles can't be a reason to hold back At times I tried a little, At times quite hard Different parts of me afresh, others burned to char I am not a molten metal to treat in a foundry I pleaded several times, again I will not Rather than begging for it, I prefer preaching A request to you all, live life, break the boundary!

A stranger!

Lost in the thoughts of her I was turning the pages of a book Reading an intense poem by Shakespeare The mighty words of it were a hook I saw her at the marketplace Glued to her were my eyes Pretty she was, by god's grace She could be an angel in disguise I wanted to have a word with her Whether by practice or I had to improvise It was not difficult for her to infer I was not able to think of any devise Looking at me, she hurried down the alley She took me wrong; she thought she was in danger She was gone in a flash, moved out like a sally The moment still haunts me, for her, I was a stranger!

I wish!

"I wish I had opted for my hair removal" Under the clear night sky The moon lightened our way I held her close, she let out a sigh Lost in each other, what we could say? The cold breeze that flew across her Gently brushing her smooth silky skin Within pleasing touch of air, enclosed we were I waited for this moment whole life, eager to let it begin The gentle touch of hot air on my lips Breathing heavily, it was so tough for her A moment worth a wait, our lips locked in a kiss It all turned away, something that led her to deter It was all my bad luck, fate's disapproval I agree for that I deserve a bash I wish I had opted for my stubble removal As she suffered from a beard rash! So a request to all men out there, please shave off your hard stubble in order to enjoy a smooth silky skin like experience and don't let her down!  This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with

I fell for her!

I was standing at the corner Trying to peek inside the room She looked at me as a foreigner She gazed at me with a fume I could recall the first time When I saw her at the cafe She treated me worst than a dime She understands me this time, I pray It turned upside down one night When she caught me staring at her I tried very hard to be out of her sight After all staring at each other we were The moment was suffice for me from her glance We were lost in the eyes of each other That night I again missed the chance To confess to her, I already fell for her!

The change people need!

Quite recently we heard the crime has taken its toll on people not only in India but also in the world. The best example to be cited for this is the shootout in USA when a shootout or better called as a revenge attack left whole of USA horrified. What are the reasons that these are increasing day by day? Every time I pick up a newspaper, I see news or the other of such gruesome killings. What has happened to the humanity?  People have become so inhuman these days that they don't even think once of hurting others. Several questions pop up in my mind which is based on this issue. Well I alone cannot solve this issue on my own but I can surely share my opinion that has led to the increase of such inhuman activities. Everybody wants to be in a peaceful society. Everyone wants decency in their neighborhood to be maintained. For this, they blame others every time when something goes awry. But, instead they can look within themselves for answers. Below I list out my o

The crush!

Image credit: here Driving down on the freeway Slowing down by the quiet lake Her hands in mine gently lay A longing of relief to the rising ache Not knowing where the path goes Just heading straight unaware With her aside me so close What people say I don't care? Her gleaming brown eyes That took my heart away No, I didn't have to prise With her only it has to lie The journey so beautiful Never till now has it been I give up on the inner struggle Now, even the dry grass looks green The contemplation now I surmise Seeing her, I get a great adrenaline rush I believe it can't be a disguise First it was, and last it will be on her the crush! Click here to read Let there be love!


From childhood till now I have grown up so far To the phase not so mar I had no choice but to allow It has been a tough call As I kept climbing up Sometimes I had to jump At times it led me to fall I remember as a child I used to learn to climb Through the day, all the time Up and down, feeling beguiled Today I stand here still at top Waiting to reach somewhere  After scouring here and there I realize the fact that I can't stop Still wondering what will come next Placing my feet on the quiet earth I surmise that in every birth I have to keep on climbing the steps! This poem is inspired from a photograph uploaded by a dear friend, Saru Singhal on Facebook.  Saru, hope you like it. You can visit her blog by clicking here .

Love at first sight!

Only heard the fact till now Also, I read it somewhere Unexpected was this to happen to me Since that time I wonder how I don't know, I can't say a word I waited for this moment or not I surmised myself with the truth that Some words are better left unheard People say that she will come one day The sayings are messing up my mind What has happened to me I can't explain A dream of us together in front of me lay Raining heavily, it was a dark wet night She stood under cover of an edifice, all wet For a miniscule second our eyes met Yes, I confess it was love at first sight!

The stain!

On a cold late afternoon When sky was nearing dawn I waited for the aching night Once again to hear you prune The ringing in my head so obvious Moving right along the same path Can't imagine the feeling of My screams to which you are oblivious The bleeding pieces of my heart I hold together every time To keep myself going on I confided myself to the taste so tart  I have waited in the past For you like a stone Failing to realize the fact That one day it will leave me aghast You said we were two bodies one soul Walking on the beach hand in hand  Recalling the wonderful time, but now I don't get why you lose your cool I want us to start it all over again It deserves yet another chance Yes, you heard me right this time We will paint the picture removing the stain

Behest of him!

He stays up there somewhere Watching the whole show He plays like a host adheres Neither an enemy, neither a foe No one knows if he ever existed They have no option but to surmise But in his journal, every name is listed He may or may not be present in disguise He can drag all to the riches on his will Or sometimes can force all to quail He can even make a normal man to stand still Or sometimes can make a sinking ship sail Listening to everyone, he is supreme No one has, no one can ever conquer him The one who can make silent wind scream We are only puppets dancing at behest of him! There is a supreme energy somewhere which is empowering us. You may call it God. You may call it energy and many other n names. So instead of wasting such power, we all should recognize it, respect it. It can't be found anywhere around but deep beneath your inner self. Recognize the potential, the energy, and the zeal. I am sure you will not be disappointed at the results. 


I stood there gazing The day turned to night It was no less than amazing One can't avert the beautiful sight Clouds enveloped the sky So as to hide its suffering They give out a violent cry  After all it also needs a buffering The violent rush of rain A view which is not so rife Just to ease out the pain To wash out the bruises of strife Sometimes the rush is unexpected At times it will lead you to quail But this is all that is suspected So much anger, even sky cries hail This is dedicated to the Hailstorm that hit New Delhi on a chilly winter night when almost all were sleeping in the comfort of their quilts unaware of not so rife event. I took a chance to have a look at the falling pieces of ice from the skies at the wee hours and felt like writing on the beautiful weather.


Sitting in my room I was all alone There was a gloom Still like a stone The state of melancholy I couldn't figure out the reason It has soaked me wholly Was it a result of treason? I was wondering on Turning back the pages The dream lay forlorn It's already been ages A miniscule ray of hope Left for me to portray A chill down my spine, I let it elope I try to keep foments at bay One day I will see the light My heart lets out a scream That day, I will win this fight It will be the victory of the dream

The collusion

Driving on the highway one night Long and weary the road has been All alone with no one in sight Away from the world so mean Traveling under the sky so bruised I have covered millions of miles Past the darkness my sedan has cruised Now I am fed up of these trials I see the light on the other side of the tunnel It could be a reality or might be an illusion For a moment, the ride felt like a runnel Now visible were the bruises from contusion I waited for the darkness to pass Forced to surmise the delusion Time ran like sand in an hourglass Between me and him, it was the collusion

Happy Lohri!

Today is a very special day in Indian history especially of Punjab or I must say almost entire north India. A Punjabi folk festival  also popularly known as the agricultural winter festival celebrated one day before the most auspicious day known as 'Makar Sankranti' i.e. on 13th January.  Everybody gathers around lit fire celebrating Lohri by singing, dancing, playing around fire like in a fire camp. It is considered to be longest night of Winter solstice. The most important aspect of this festival is that it is celebrated to thank god for the good harvest of the Rabi crops. In addition to all this, it also marks its importance as the financial new year by all especially by Punjabi farmers.                                                           One can very well see all celebrating Lohri amidst the bone chilling winter season. One can also expect small children arriving at their doorsteps to ask for money or you can call as 'Lohri loot' which can


On a cold dark night I confess I was lost With no one in sight I was near to exhaust I closed my eyes Drew all in a coalesced I saw a pagan in guise  To only me he addressed I was at that place I can clearly recall You led me with grace Now, I can't fight the brawl I still long for you Will always be As cold as blue Not for a wee I waited for you patiently I was wrong, in a reverie You did all so blatantly For you, I was only a memory!

To you only I am bound!

I am standing by the night Waiting for the surprise With all my left might Which I could only surmise The contemplation is so strong Pretty much more than being sufficed That carries me with itself along It's really hard to convince my edifice It's been so long since then Now, I am not able to hold on I am tired of delving like a fen I still think of the times foregone The tear that rolled down your cheek Which you thought I took hardheartedly You don't know, it made me so weak  I had no choice but to do it assertively I will not give up no matter what comes my way  I will keep waiting by the night like a rock It's only one thing to you I want to say I will stay like this even if I suffer a hard knock I remember the first touch which I can't forget That cold feeling when you were around  Till you come, I will weave those especial vignettes I confess that it's only you and you to whom I am bound!

Be positive!

Many times we all come across situations which force us to bend on the other side of the game of life. But actually, instead of bending to the wrong side, if we look at the ultimate aim discarding all the temporary conflicts which are just a guest in our life? Or I would say an unwanted guest to be more precise. Now we have two options left with us in order to deal with the unwanted guests, either to go along with them or to kick them out of your life once and for all. I bring to you below the most common reasons which I observed to be the ones because of which we are very much tempted to change our track by boarding the wrong train: Reason #1: Failure I list this as the number one cause for heading to the negative side of life as this one is increasing day by day. The resistance to tackle with failure is decreasing in us for several factors playing a role. The worst factor is impatience which leads us to conclude that there is no life for us even if we fail even once. Why

The road less travelled!

 For all these long years I spent Lost trying to travel on many ways Guided by the unsought intent The infinite path ahead me which stays I have changed many directions Turning from north to south, left to right At times with objections, at times due to rejections But still, destination is very far from sight The years which seem to pass on very slowly Congealing my dreams just suffice to stop their happening The route is tough, often leading to acts that are unholy A bit steady I stand out, but the blows have been dampening The journey will not be completed so smoothly At times you will give up, sometimes it will be exhausting Seldom, you will find the people showering love profusely At last, you will be like a zombie as a result of fomenting In this voyage, have a careful look around, be alert You will notice a road along which will leave you dazzled The road will make you cold, obnoxious to avert Don't think twice, just walk along as it's the roa

Happy New Year...2013!

Today is the first day of the first month of the beginning of the year 2013. Every year we celebrate New Year in this bone chilling cold of winter season. Sometimes we can't take home a lot from the previous year's events as sometimes it’s not like a smooth sailing ship but a struggling ship trailing its way through a fierce storm. The year 2012 seemed a lot similar to the latter one. There are many facts that lead to this conclusion. For example to support this I would like to quote the death of some of the biggest stars of Bollywood like Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra etc..., also the killing of great business tycoon Ponty Chaddha along with his brother. The worst part was the end of the year which surely ended with tears in everybody's eyes that was a result of death of a brave heart.  It also included the whacky rumor of all time. Yes, you guessed it right! Overall, the year ended with lots of turmoil in all the aspects whether it is related to industrial growth or to