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How your attitude can help you?

Many a times we come across the situations which make us feel low. We often lose confidence on facing certain situations which make us believe that we can't do the things.It is sometimes forced on us by our peers, friends, relatives, colleagues etc. that if we fail in certain task or we are weak at a particular skill, we can't do anything about it. It's a part of everybody's life. Now certain people fall as victims to the circumstances while others pave their way out across. What makes these people different? The way of doing things is different to some extent but the most important thing is their positive attitude. The belief with which these people approach the situation is different. They follow their inner guidance system which keeps them constantly reminding about their goals, their dreams and most importantly, they can achieve them. We bring to you today some advantages which positive attitude has as opposed to negative attitude: 1. Positive attitude mo

Overcoming the Writer's Block

Writer's block is something which everybody has to face or faced in their writing part of their lives. The reasons are several. Lack of ideas, saturation of mind with too many ideas, lack f energy to write etc. So how does one overcome with Writer's block? I am going to list down my tips what I do to overcome this. 1) Take a break: If you feel that you are getting short of ideas or confused about the thing that you are short of knowledge about that particular topic you intend to write about, take a break simply. Stay away from writing for a day or two or till you are genuinely willing to write. In these days, read a lot about the topic you intend to write. This will increase your knowledge and on the other hand will also clear your doubts or confusions you might be having about the subject.  You can also watch movies and listen to music o get a deeper insight about the subject. 2) Break barriers: Sometimes, reading about the subject is also tedious task. It may

All we need is nothing but direction!

Remembering the blowing winds Watching the shadow on the sun The darkness that only blinds I have no intention of a pun Want to open the locked doors Give my mind some room to breathe Running on the infinite floors It's too tired to seethe! Absorbing the energies To satisfy my deep hunger The harmonization of synergies Love the feeling of being younger Free from all sorts of obstruction I must say that its a well played card Deeper love, unavoidable seduction Repairing that has been marred! During the beginning, during the cessation Whether it's hate or a feeling of affection Everything turns out to be a revelation All we need is nothing but direction! Click here to read  Cry, will you?

Well said, Anoushka!

Intolerance has been growing in the recent times among people. The exact reason for growing intolerance is still unknown. Being a part of democratic republic, it's high time now to bring stability in the highly volatile environment. With this the confusion that is inextricably surmounting which would ultimately lead to nowhere. People are talking about empowerment, lowering the crime rate and so on but all this have just been a part of the propaganda till now. A country with diverse and versatile culture, the eruption of differences is somewhat inevitable to some extent. "A country is defined by the people, people are not defined by the country."                 - Saurabh Chawla   If people are united, country is strong, if they are separated, country will break down into small unkempt pieces. People of a nation define the core values, the true essence of it. People are the true strength of the country. there is a thin line of difference between thinki

Thank you for being there always Mom!

                                           You welcomed me in this world wholeheartedly Embraced my happiness and sorrows with glee Sometimes I wonder how lucky one could be? Mother, I wish your teachings and blessings be always with me!  They say that life is short, live fully. But nobody has the answer to the question how? You come into this world with a purpose, in fact you are sent to this world with a purpose. In most of  the cases unfortunately, the purpose is somewhat not met. It is very rare that a person is always clear with what he or she has to do in life. Those who do, are very rare and are very lucky if they are able to achieve that purpose. Some of the people, on the other hand need an inspiration to get a boost in order to do what they actually want to do. The question comes whether that person has achieved the feeling of emancipation or not. The second feeling is whether they did it all alone or something which created a spark in them? Once th

Yes, there is a need for 4G

The smartphone era is in the talks these days. From dating to divorce, people nowadays are using the technology to its best. From waking up in the morning to sleeping in the night, we are surrounded by a web of apps. It has become a habit for most of us to check our smart phones after waking up and before sleeping. People are turning out to be #Technocrats these days. It has created difficulties in people's lives but on the other hand it has also solved several problems as well. One example of such a problem is shown below: ;) The Power of 4G 4G was very much needed for the present and upcoming #Technocrats . With increasing demand in smartphones, mobile internet with 4G is like icing the cake. From small household accessories like kitchenware to booking a room in a hotel, there is an app for it. That's not all, if you are stressed out, there is an app to calm you down as well. With cloud taking the place of traditional storage, everything is accessible anyw

Let's contribute in #ChangingDiwali

Since the inception of the festival on Ram's return from his exile, Diwali has been celebrated with excitement. I, too am always very excited when Diwali time is around. But something has changed in me from past ten years. I have been becoming intolerant to the noise and pollution created by bursting crackers every Diwali. Moreover, I have realized that it is so intoxicating that many of my relatives and friends leave Delhi to spend time away. I know most of you will think that everybody likes to have a vacation. I also used to think the same until I dug deep to find the actual reason. Yes, they ran away from noise and pollution which affected them too much.   Children enjoy Diwali, but they are the ones who are one of them who are worst hit. They spend their growing up time in smoke, noise which causes mental and physical disturbances in their minds and bodies. Another age group which is worst hit is the old age people. With lot of harmful chemicals penetrating their lun

How to deal with rejection

We have to agree to this fact that rejections are the part of life. Previously I have talked about   how experience teaches some of the important lessons in life. This experience also teaches us how to deal with rejections. It should be seen as a path to improvement. As to what I feel about rejections, people get rejected when the society feels that something different is going to happen, something out of the norms and due to the human tendency of not going out of the comfort zone, it is rejected. For example when one has to publish a book, he/she gets rejected several times by several publishers. Many a times we give interviews in many companies in our career path but we get rejected many times before landing in a job. What these rejections show? These rejections simply direct our minds that we need extra skill or knowledge to crack that interview or to write in a  better way to impress that publishers market. I remember last year I wrote a thirty-five thousand word manuscript

How to deal with failure

Failure is what everyone faces once in their lifetime. Many give up, few stand there staring failure in the eye. Failure is something which should be taken as a learning out of the process which you attempted.  One should figure out 'What went wrong?' Instead we always give up and move on to completely other direction. But those who keep on doing things differently rather than doing different things altogether achieve success. There are several ways one can follow to deal with failure and can still move ahead in his/her path. We are going to list some ways of dealing with failure. Keep reading for more. 1. Regard failure as a learning experience People who are able to regard failure as not failure but as an experience, a learning come out to be winners. The reason  is that they fail, they learn out of it, change their way of doing things, and keep on repeating till they succeed. They don't compromise and get what they want. Others fail, they change their path