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Paint your home the #BergerXP way - The Indiblogger BergerXP Meet

I applied for an invite for the Indiblogger #BergerXP meet. After all, the event was taking place after so long. After covering many cities, Berger came to Delhi for an event and enlighten us for their Home Painting Tools . I waited and hoped for the best to get an invite. Finally, I got an invite on Thursday. I geared up for the event to be held at Vivanta by Taj in Dwarka, Delhi. Three of us decided to meet up at the Dwarka Metro Station. Shwetabh, Dipali and me. I waited for Shwetabh after reaching the destination but due to Saturday, it took some time for Dipali to arrive there. We met Karthik, Renie as Karthik registered us for the meet. Soon it was followed by Lunch. I was expecting some drinks as well but to no avail. I had to fill up my stomach with lunch only! Haha! After the Lunch, we picked up our Twitter Badges. Soon a call was made for all of us to enter the hall and take up our seats as the meet was going to start soon. I was pleased to meet Anoop afte

Keeps coming back to me

Lonely days, haunted nights I have seen them all Gone through the pain Asked myself, does it matter at all? The times when I was happy And the ones when I was sad Memories galore I carry Can't get rid of them all Thrown flowers at and thrown stones too It all feels the same now From head above to toes below Like the bruised skies and cracked earth Separated or united, the paths may be different Been delusional till now Done tit for tat sometimes, sometimes left to karma Sat calmly for few minutes and I was above it all Every time I cry, you make me glee When my wounds bleed You make sure it doesn't exceed Can't help, but it keeps coming back to me! Click here to read Depth of My Love

I am sorry, I have been wrong sometimes!

To be right, you must know what wrong is. To enjoy the food, be hungry first. To enjoy the water, feel the thirst first. To enjoy the riches, you must know how it feels to be completely broke. To know the true meaning of life, you must have felt or had a brush with near death experience. If you have felt this all, you are successful in life, rest all is a myth.                                                                                  - Saurabh Chawla The above quote is entire life encapsulated in few sentences. Often, I have felt like a loser in life. Nothing achieved, nothing gained whether its financially or health wise. I used to throw abuses at my own self in the mirror, cursed myself till I cried and slept off dry eyed. But then one day I quietly sat on my bed cross legged, closed my eyes and let the thoughts pour in small mind of mine.  Old memories, old dialogues, time I have utilized and the one I wasted. I estimated monies I have used for fun, wasted o