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Live life, not a lie!

Truth! This word has somewhat lost its value since its inception. It involves many traits like faithfulness, sincerity, loyalty, fidelity any many other similar ones. But nowadays, it has become a  passé . A lie on the other hand becomes a burden on one's soul. That burden if not lifted, becomes heavier as the time passes. But a mere bravery of saying the truth can make this burden disappear. What this burden is about? This burden that clouds on your mind, body and soul is that of guilt, fear and regret, g uilt of hiding the truth, fear of the fact that 'what if the truth comes out?' And regret which would be faced later in life of 'What if you had chosen the path of the truth?'  The vicious cycle goes on and on through the entire life of the person. Trust me, no one has escaped from it and no one would escape ever. It's better to tell the truth and be fearless than hiding it long enough to sacrifice yourself every day. We come across many people

Getting Physically Involved Before Marriage? Why or Why not?

Disclaimer:- The views expressed in this article are author's own views. Author doesn't intend to harm or challenge anybody's perspective about the very same topic in any way.  We have made a big deal about it, like a small matchstick could give rise to a huge fire, a small talk about this can surprise many of us. Some may get shocked out of it too! Why we give this so much importance? Being pure as a volcano that hasn't been erupted before the day when the lava inside it boils till it reaches the brim. Many of you might be thinking what this guy is trying to say. Well, I assume this to be a true question by now. I am talking about the purity which we ought to follow till we are tied down. Why is it so? Why is it always we have to refrain from doing this and doing that? One side of the story is that the society wants us to be independent thinker, independent doer, sole owner of our own decisions then why we have to worry about certain decisions about

Book Review - How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Title: How to Win Friends and Influence People Author: Dale Carnegie Number of Pages: 275 Publisher: Ebury Publishing (A Random House Group Company) Genre: Non-Fiction (Self Help) Book Review: The book was recommended by a friend. Without giving it a second thought, I bought this book after seeing lots of positive reviews about the book and the praise for the author. This is one of the best behavioral books to read for all! The book is divided into four parts giving a thorough study of 30 principals all meant to be very much helpful for any person in life. The best part I liked about the book is that I could relate some of the case incidents quoted by the author, Dale Carnegie with my life and I found them to be absolutely right.  The book is very well researched and presented in a very precise manner. This book should be included in the school as well as college curriculum and should be read at least one time every year to keep the principles in

Shopping at, my experience!

When it comes to online shopping, I remain skeptical while buying clothes. I keep asking questions like will the size be fit or not? Will the product be genuine or not and similar. This time I gave a try to buy something to remove all my doubts. The only website I kept in mind for buying clothes was . I have heard a lot about it, my friends have had experience buying clothes and accessories. The only person left was me who haven't even given it  a thought.  I simply browsed the site and looked at the wide variety of the products available. Then a question aroused in my mind, "What to buy?" After giving a thought for about three long hours, I decided to buy a formal black shirt as I didn't have one :) I ordered one placed under 'John Players' from and got an intimation of the delivery time to be 2-3 business days though I expected it to arrive early then that. I ordered it on Sunday night and I got it delivered on Tuesday itse

Book Review - Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

Title :- Bloodline Author :- Sidney Sheldon Number of Pages :- 409 Publisher :- HarperCollins Publishers India  Genre :- Fiction/Thriller Review : I recently finished reading the book of one of my favorite authors. Every other book I pick of his, I am sure of finding something new in his works. Sidney Sheldon, the author of bloodline has done a remarkable job in this tale of love, lust and death. The best part about the recent works I have read of his is that he starts with the life of the characters from their beginning and leaves no stone unturned in disclosing the life events of them. It becomes a loop of chained events that led to opening up the real suspense at the climax. The crux of this story is that an owner of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies, Roffe and Sons dies in an accident. His daughter, the sole heir to his billion dollar fortune must take the entire responsibility of the gigantic empire. But the problem is someone wa