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Close to you I've been.....

Close to you I've been Like a shadow Even in the darkness Have you not yet seen? Living in silence since The pitch black night Lost somewhere in the memory The black hole had it all winced Laying your burden down To stop the long loathing Preventing the insanity  That led you to frown Lighting down your way Through the emptiness And the bruised skies Under which you lay Close to you I've been  Like a shadow  Even in the darkness Have you not yet seen? Click here to read Intrgued

Are you tired of this?

It often happens that our tolerance levels are surpassed by the actions of the people around us. I don't generally get annoyed quickly but sometimes, it is just not that easy to stay quiet in several circumstances. I come across people with multiple personalities per day. Some of them are tolerable to a limit, some are not at all tolerable. Following are few of the people who are not at all tolerable: 1) Who pass comments without knowledge This is the most common type of the people out there.They just want to interfere in every step you take. The can be ignored, but when the water goes above the neck, you would wnt to kick them off! 2) The insecure I recently observed a couple while traveling to office. They held each other so tight that they would not let each other even see other people. The sarcasm about the situation was that the guy was looking at another beautiful girl and the girl was busy staring some other guy who appeared more cool than her so called boy

Clear the path, heading to your goals straightaway.

Recently we published   How to set your goals and actually achieve them.  We normally have a perception in mind that we will set a goal, will reach it somehow hassle free. Initially it seems relatively easy and we start progressing as well but at some point we get drained out and leave it in between. We have to understand that one has to go through obstacles to reach that goal. Well there is no fun also achieving something with that much ease. That's why goals are made. To feel enthralled, enthusiastic that you have achieved them. Obstacles, if one perceives can hold you back while for other can be like a stepping stone, a step closer to the goal. Which perception you face while accomplishing that goal? Below are some of the steps which if you follow, will help you in overcoming those obstacles: 1) Start by setting smaller goals first: Setting goals and accomplishing them is somewhat a new change you incorporate in your life. The mistake most people do is to set long term