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Fun Has Just Started...Isn't It?

Internet, if you closely look onto the words, inter and net meaning (in technical terms not to go just hay wired) inside the complex huge network which can be as complex as a singer playing football game, that too world cup. It has been revolutionized over the years and  from servers it came down to Personal computers and down to laptops and then to mobile phones. Internet is fun, in fact it was from day it was launched, although we humans realized it bit late (so slow na?). Well I would like to take you to the journey how mobile internet has become a fun for today, you can play with it, you can even leave it, but it will be at your side always. I remember the  Enrique Iglesias song -Escape (you can run , you can hide, but you cannot escape my love) ringing in my ears. :) Same is the case with mobile internet. Alright, alright I will not bore you to the brim.  Let's start a story, a short one, you won't get bored, neither you will get excited, I promise. Read on..

I Am Online......Are You?

We as humans evolved from our ancestors. Internet has also since its advent in 1960s has metamorphosed to what we call as one of the most used weapon the communication field. Today I can see my fellow colleagues, friends and all the unknown people too have started using this tool as a medium for exchange of information, for anything that they need to share with everyone on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This has been made possible also by introduction of smart phones, the blackberries and of course not to forget the Great Apple which has revolutionized the use of internet completely. Day to day with new innovations coming up in the field of technology and Mobile phones has led to widespread use of internet and let the people stay connected even when they can’t reach their near and dear ones. Many things today can be done while using internet on mobile. There are applications that let you instantly connect to your friends, colleagues and to your family members. In