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Seriousness is very serious, really!

Seriousness is a very serious disease, something which everybody has. At some point of time, we all get serious at some point of our lives. This cycle, unfortunately begins when we are born. Today I am going to share with you some serious things. The funny part is that these are linked somewhat to being serious. Don't get serious after reading these is the only promise I would like you all to make before reading this. Read on to get serious about this disease. About twenty six years ago when Vipin was born, there was a kind of worry which was clear on his parents faces. The preparation for his expenses, his better than his parents lifestyle etc. It all started when he was born. Many a times his parents suffered because of fulfilling his demands by compromising theirs. The sleepless nights because of his crying in an untimely manner usually made them skeptical about his normalcy.  Times flew by unaware. His parents turned old and he turned young day by day. One day V

Infernal temerity...

This part is continued from the previous part The unexpected atrocity . You can read the first part of the story by clicking The unforgettable night . Aman was in a fix. He knew that something awkward was about to happen but finding Nikita in this condition was out of his question. On seeing such bestiality, he wondered who could have done it. Suhas's flight had landed one hour before and he was on his way. All Aman waited for was the autopsy reports to arrive the next morning. Aman tried to relax himself by resting his aching body on the fragile old out chair. a glass masala tea with rusks was kept at his brown green table. He gulped down the mouthful contents of the hot beverage in one go. Biting on the rusk, he closed his eyes as he laid back on the chair. The horrible sight came into his mind vividly that led him to throw out the contents from his belly. The face was unidentifiable. He had seen many cases of brutality but this was extreme. He soon came into senses. Th

The unexpected atrocity...

This part is in continuation. Please read the first part The unforgettable night before reading this part. SSP Aman Rathore was a courageous and decisive person. His square face's charm was accentuated by the imperial mustache. He squared his shoulders and walked towards the bedroom of the big house. The long plated golden curtains provided the much needed lustrous touch to the room. On the east side was a wall, a 56 inches wide television was mounted at the center of it. All appears to be well here! He ruled out he possibility of any brawl that might have taken place inside. All the things from kitchen to bedroom were intact. The one thing which he noticed and found out to be peculiar was that the second television had been left turned on.  Aman called in the watchman who was on duty that night. He also didn't see anything happening in the house or the patio. 'How come you haven't seen anybody? Were you not doing your duty?' Aman bellowed. 'I...I r