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A framed Lover!!!

It was ten in the morning and Raghav could feel the hustle and bustle in the college as he hurried his way towards the classroom. The podium was surrounded by people in uniform, two of them were standing covering the corners at the back and rest two were standing at the front corners keeping an eye on the activities that were happening.   ‘What’s the matter today, is everything alright?’ he asked Sonal. Sonal was his classmate and friend, not a close friend though. She was proud of herself and was said to be suffering from attitude problem and was regarded as selfish by some of her classmates. She was small, beautiful, exquisitely made. Raghav had met her a week after joining the college. She was very selective when it came to making friends. They had been regarded as a couple many times but she had fought hysterically with them. At that time she only wanted to focus on her career and she didn’t want anything or anyone to come in between. Sonal swallowed and looked away se