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Tell me why? 5 Questions That Will Make You Think Hard

We often come to a point where we are bound to ask one question with every situation that we face in life. That question simply makes us stop and think about how we have lived so far, the mistakes we might or might not have committed. Moreover, it also prepares us for how to see the things from an entirely different perspective, a source of revelation you can say.  Below are some of the questions based on the life experiences that make me stop and ask myself, tell me why? 1. People are so insecure I have seen many, in fact, a lot of many people having a plethora of insecurities. It's like they are overburdening themselves with the unnecessary insecurities. Insecurity from a relationship, insecurity from a job, insecurity from friends, from relatives, siblings, and the list goes on and on! What they don't get is that they are moving away from no one but themselves. Having insecurity is a natural reaction but if it takes over you and controls you, then