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The twist in the tale!

This post is in continuation to previous post. You can read it here----------> The reason! Rahul’s room was at the fourth floor at the end of a long corridor that had a sickly sweet smell like all other hospitals. Ashima, assuming herself to be guilty for all this rushed immediately to the hospital. ‘Rahul Chopra!!’ she asked nervously to the man sitting at the hospital reception. ‘He is room number 410, fourth floor.’ He said after scanning thoroughly in his patient register. Without wasting a single minute she rushed towards the elevator. She reached the room; outside she saw his father Mr. Praveen standing. He had phoned her and informed about the accident. He was talking to the doctor, he looked extremely worried. ‘How is he now?’ asked Ashima gasping for breath. ‘Don’t worry, he will be fine. He is out of danger now. It’s a miracle that he was not killed. He survived with a possible concussion, and injured right arm.’ After hearing this, Ashima felt a sigh of

The reason!!

This is in continuation to previous post. You can read it here ---------> The apology! ‘The juice was awesome, you made it?’ asked Gaurav excitedly. ‘No, the chef made it!!’ said Ashima smiling. Gaurav’s face looked like someone has thrashed it hard. He knew he had over reacted again, like that night, he felt sorry for that, but kept it all inside. Gaurav passed a warning glance at him. ‘Hey, listen, we are sorry for what all we did that, he was drunk and it just went out of the way!’ Rahul said apologetically. He didn’t wanted Gaurav to repeat what he did that night. He could see him excited again. Gaurav was looking at her pictures on the beige walls. ‘No No! It’s perfectly okay, I guess I over reacted that night too!!’  She justified. ‘You didn’t call the police, thanks for that.’ ‘It’s ok. I didn’t want to stretch out the things, it’s no big deal.’ Ashima shrugged. May be she feared that her pride may be in danger. Her career was at stake. How could she co

The apology!

This is in continuation to the previous post. You can read it here --------->  The breakup! The weekend was supposed to be fun! But this weekend had turned their life upside down. It had twisted it complete three sixty degrees. They had not done the project work, went to a party with wrong invitation cards, proposed marriage to a model, and had a break up.  All the images were running again and again like a tape rewinding in the tape recorder. It was the worse weekend they ever had. All they did went wrong in some way or the other. ‘It’s all because of you, I told you not to go the party’ Rahul scowled. ‘I know, if I wouldn’t have been so obsessed, It wouldn’t have happened’ Gaurav said meekly. ‘Now you have messed it all up’ Rahul scoffed. Gaurav sank in the couch. He didn’t expect this. Damn! What have I done? He also loved Ankita very much, although he fell for every other pretty girl round the corner,just for fun, but he loved her and only her truly. This he reali

The breakup!!

This is in continuation to previous post. You can read it here-------------> At the party continued.... At five o’clock in the morning, they reached the apartment. Gaurav fell asleep on the way; Rahul’s head was banging with pain which was growing stronger. Gaurav woke up. Rahul parked the car at the corner of the parking space. The elevator was not functioning. They had to take the stairs. They made up to the apartment on the third floor.  Gaurav’s apartment usually remained locked as he remained mostly with his friends in their apartments. He was a socialite, and Rahul became his close friend because they were in the same team at the office, in fact they were a team. Rahul opened the windows and doors of all the balconies, switched on all the fans. He used to live with his parents in the same apartment, but his father was retired, and he wanted to shift to their native place, Agra. Gaurav insisted them to stay with him but they wanted to stay in their own house. It wa

At the party continued...

This is in continuation to the previous post. You can read it here----------> At the party!! ‘So, you like it?’ Gaurav asked as he sniffed the single malt. ‘Jack Daniels, I love it, it’s the best when taken on the rocks’ Rahul acknowledged. Rahul saw Gaurav constantly gazing at Ashima sitting with Rajat across the table holding a glass. She was boozed out. Her actions depicted that. She leant at the table many times and sometimes also leant towards Rajat who gave her a supporting hand to prevent her from falling. ‘Lucky dog, Rajat’ Gaurav fumed gushing down entire drink. He had a serious problem when it came to girls he liked, he too became like them, jealous. ‘O, come on Gaurav, you know it all, don’t you, she is not your type’ Rahul tried to calm him down. The terrace was not crowded now. It was about two in the morning and most of the guests had left with only few of them close to Ashima being present. It was the end of dinner, and there was no mood of noisy expecta

At the party!

This is in continuation to the previous post. You can read it here-------> Why did it happen? The morning newspapers headlined the success of the show. Ashima was everywhere now, been it the newspapers or news channels, she was in the limelight. ‘Did you see today’s newspaper?’ Gaurav asked passing the newspaper to Rahul. ‘No, is there something special today?’ Rahul shrugged. ‘Ashima has become the latest star of the Fashion world. Don’t you want to see? She is so cute dude, just look at her.’ Gaurav said excitedly pointing at a photograph in the newspaper. ‘Is that the reason you want me to look at the newspaper?’ Rahul frowned and returned the newspaper back to him. He started moving towards his bedroom. Gaurav followed in. Gaurav dragged the chair near the bed and comfortably sat on the chair resting his legs on the bed. He held the newspaper still excitedly reading the news that had been published. He was a great fan of fashion shows. He also wanted to be a

Why did it happen?

Some say it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but it can still be heartbreaking for some. Ashima sat at the corner of her bed near the window and stared out at the night sky that resembled a dark beauty wearing diamonds all over. The night was calm, tranquil. But she was disturbed. Rohit, her soul mate, a part of her life was gone forever. He was always there to make her smile, or be a loving friend when smiles became non-existent in her life. The mind projected vivid images of her and Rohit together in their happier times. the day they first met, the day he proposed her, the first kiss , the first night........' she clenched her eyes. She could feel him with her, standing behind her, whispering in her ear, don’t worry, I am with you , brushing his hands against her shoulders.   With her eyes wet with tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks, Ashima shook her head and swallowed the same lump in her throat over and over again. She