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O my love, see you soon!

Image source: here From the distance... I look at the embers Flying away in the air A proof of my existence Patiently I wait here For you, only for you Counting the countless hours A small time you can't spare? Longing to be with you Till eternity tear us apart Crossing all the bridges Cutting the darkness through Waiting hard to digest This last bite taking too long Rolling the wheels on the highway Meeting you is only I can manifest The slender crescent moon Lightning the starry sky One more sleepless night O my love, see you soon! Click here to read For you my love...

How I made him smile, again!

'Memories can be deceptive sometimes. What do you think?' Aditya asked. We sat comfortably on a square ruddy sofa placed impeccably in the lobby of the 'Lal Mahal'. I still remember how people used to misinterpret the lovely bungalow to be a monument because of the antique-like name given to it. Aditya Lal, who was the sole owner after his father's demise, changed a lot since the last time we have met when we said adieu to our not so ordinary college life. At that time, he used to be carefree, jolly person like a rich brat having no problems in life. All his problems were solved by only one thing which is possessed by very few of us, money! 'It was a long time back Adi .' I snorted . A short man about five feet three with pencil cut moustache, deep set eyes brought to us the hot coffee in the exquisite cutlery. Adi gestured him to place the cups on the square shaped glass table placed at the center impeccably, to maintain an equal distance from the four s

In all, thou shall find salvation!

Image Source: here Killing the pain Losing the way There is no gain All directions you sway Catch the flame Burn the candle You always blame Nothing you can handle? Pride is so pretentious Rendering others blind Attracted thou from stupendous No, Please don't mind! Listen to the waves They are calling Freedom from being slaves Don't be afraid of falling Keep up the light Keep growing, ditch stagnation The destination is bright In all, thou shall find salvation! Click here to read faith!  

Surreptitious desires...

Image Source:  here Surreptitious desires Of the burning soul Deeply lit fires Taking the toll Voluptuous frame Tender and fragile Laid in furtive flame Ready to be docile Inner voice screams Remain within sanity Secluded it has been Tired it is with vanity The hovering mist That chill in the dark The two souls kissed Now let the surreptitious desires spark...   Click here to read Sizzling desires.

I will listen to thou but follow self!

Image Source: here Screaming from inside Heart is always right A dream which just died Between this unnecessary fight Touching to the soul This ringing so loud Something it just stole Just to be lost in the crowd? I fail, I fall in despair Trying to sew the wound Hoping it will soon repair Bigger it gets like a mound Healing the regret Tired of oneself Only pain one can beget To be placed on the shelf Forget the pain, heal the wound Is the promise I made to myself This inner feeling is so profound I will listen to thou but follow self! Click here to read To achieve anything - is not impossible.

Stop living a lie

Image credit: here The day one realizes that his/her weakest link is his/her strongest point, that day he/she starts living the truth and stops living the lie.                                               ~Saurabh Chawla


Image Source: here The day was Sunday, Everything seemed normal except for Kavita's mood. She normally used to be good but since last few days she would scream, shout, walk here and there in the house with frizzled hair. I tried hard to calm her down. I wanted to know what was troubling her and forced her to behave this way. But she remained alienated. But that Sunday, some unexplainable events occurred. I was busy with some office work on my laptop. All of a sudden I saw Kavita came in the room screaming at the top of her voice, "You know what? I am leaving. I can't take this any longer." She bellowed. "I held her by her hand, I made her sit beside me on the round bed. Her frizzled hair were spread all over her face. She wore a white tee with a blue jeans. The sparkling diamond nose ring accentuated her appearance more. "What happened Kavita? Are you all right?" I gently pushed back the tuft of black curly hair from her face. She press

From the infinity......

Image taken from here. From the infinity...... I call upon you To embrace me Till the eternity I smile, I cry Thinking of you Fear of losing you Makes my mouth dry Wondering about the things You always do to protect me Would I be ever thankful enough For the joy your embrace brings Being true to myself, you always advice What others think of you, none matters What you believe is what it takes Just being full of faith is suffice Off you throw me from the cliff To form the wings as per my wish I don't know the height, the depth Just a free fall it is, I will not be stiff! Click here to read A ray of Light...