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Come soon....

Years ago I remember the times Used to know what was on your mind Getting excited  on our naughty crimes Nothing but everything keeps us bind We used to walk, used to run I could read your thoughts Under the shadows or the sun All what is needed is to connect the dots Unbolting the long bolted doors Lightning the unlit flame Fighting over the odd even scores Nothing is different, all is same The aching night, bruised skies This all shall pass soon Not easily, not with prise I wait for a night with moon Whether a tender touch or a peck I remember the soft moan Keeping the limits in check Come soon, I'll wait for you like a stone!  Click here to read  Let's meet again....

All they need is a weaver!

This is for the innocent ones Living isolated in silence So we can grow in abundance On sacrifice of daughters and sons Fighting for the unknown Unable to find the reason Scared of the treason Waiting to be shown Is it fair? For the ones buried in sand Or pyres are burnt on barren land No, it's not rare! There is no fun In running here and there The need is of prayer To protect from sound of the gun No pain, no affliction Once they serve their role Tired of waiting for their turn Waiting for the Revelation Bruised flesh and bones In an act of war Enough, doesn't need more Let's stay in our safe zones Neither a heathen, nor a believer Taking slow steps to the graveyard They walk silently broken, scarred Not a cleaver, they need a weaver! 

Ruling your time: Make sure it's not wasted!

Researching various time utilizing approaches and experimenting with them on myself, I came across one technique which just blew up my mind. I thank the author for providing such insight into the 80/20 rule. The rule is simple enough to understand. Most of us use time in doing things which can be avoided completely. For example let us say that we waste a lot of time in doing things ourselves than investing the same time in doing useful work. The rule simply adheres to an adage that 20 percent of customers are equal to 80 percent of the sales. Most of the business owners, especially entrepreneurs are addicted to only one formula i.e. to do all the things themselves. This leads them to wasting a lot of time in doing things in which they are less experienced. For example, we believe in doing  the laundry, the cooking and all these stuffs on our own. We can easily hire someone to take care of these petty issues. This way we can spend our energy in striking a million dollar deal with ou

How to increase your productivity by decreasing interruptions

For achieving your productivity goals, you have to follow certain principles so that you   save your time   and at the same time, be more efficient as well as   productive   in that pressure period. For you, time is money. In order to convert the stressful periods into money, you can follow the tips mentioned below to remove any interruptions and meet that productivity as desired. 1) Be inaccessible If you are an entrepreneur, you need to get lost many times. This helps in clearing the clutter around you. This clutter is hindrance to your growth. Also, it is a sheer waste of your time in which you will be more productive. I remember a time when I used to cut off from my friends, family members for some time when I needed to workaround my writing tasks. I needed to complete them in tight deadlines. It taught me that sometimes getting lost can help you in being more productive. Apply this tactic to increase your productivity. Here's an activity you can do. Give yourse