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When I decided to quit and move on

We all quit at some point of our life. Some quit after pursuing that dream. Some, on the other hand quit after having it enough. In any of the case, we quit our jobs to move on with new ones. I have seen people dragging themselves in the same job without any interest. They all have their own reasons. One has a responsibility to take care of; it has become a habit for the other. The point is that they have entered into their comfort zones. How many jobs you have switched? What's the reason you are switching or staying in current job? Share your answers below. #NewBlogPostComingUp #WhyIQuitAndDecidedToMoveOn Posted by Saurabh Chawla on  Saturday, July 25, 2015 What happens at the end is you are well aware about. They live, but dominated by their seniors, their managers, their bosses. This gives a feeling of fake satisfaction. You think that's it's enough for you, your senior also thinks that it's great to have you to work for him. It's satisfy

I have said it all...

Had to hear all Listen to none Life was in hell I didn't feel well Behaved like a fool Thought it was cool Drowning so deep Tried but couldn't sleep Enclosing the truths Hiding the proofs Unfolding the lies Tying the ties Having strong temptations Unleashing the revelations Of the things in wanting  Why scared of this haunting Finally, I have to bereave * Which I did not believe As a martyr, I grew To start something anew Not aware of the saying Trust to the one betraying What could be worse Than burdened by this curse? *Used in relation to a non-living object. Click here to read Deep slumber.......

Peace for a lifetime!

Life is unpredictable. Choosing the right Life Insurance Policy can be a daunting task. Recently, one of my uncles died because of a sudden heart attack and left his family behind, broken as they did not have any Insurance cover. His sudden death took a toll on us and it became a lesson which led me and my family to think about Life on a serious note. We were looking for an Insurance plan for very specific needs. Then I was introduced to a Plan offered by Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Policy named the Edelweiss Tokio Life-MyLife+ - a Term Insurance Policy that has the minimum conditions with maximum benefits for all age groups and tenure. The most important part was that it met my expectations perfectly.   The previous Insurance Policy in which my parents invested was not offering the Life Insurance Plans that would catch my eye. With changing times, the changes in the needs are obvious. You can review below the features the Policy gives to you. The best pa

Why 'Being Yourself' is much needed

No one ever existed like someone else in this universe. Even identical twins have different set of fingerprints. Independent of all fears, lies and misunderstandings, being yourself is the most important aspect of life. You are unique in this universe, but that uniqueness is well acknowledged when you follow this rule. Fortunately, after being distracted by lots of voices from outside, I decided to be myself instead. Oscar Wilde has said correctly with a one liner, "Be yourself, everyone is already taken." A deep meaning, a true essence of you is reflected in these words. Embracing the life as it began, as kids we  all tend to behave as we like, got what we needed, played, laughed, kicked, feared nothing. As we grow old, our minds get conditioned to being judgmental in almost every situation that life throws at us. What happens with this? Knowingly or unknowingly, we start comparing ourselves with others, right? This is where problem starts. Being judgmental i

So, you have failed. Really?

Failure, the word in itself is bound to bring too much negativity. Yes, it can bring in so many negative thoughts that you can't even imagine. A minute failure can bring down your self esteem to ground zero. Putting salt and pepper on your failure, the people living around you would take pride in it. Imagine a scene when Satan laughs on the pleading, innocent people having no mercy at all. Yes, that would be the scene you are into. You would be saying sorry, asking for another chance which you will get, but with reduced self confidence. The chances of failing again, they are more than ever before! What is this failure by the way? Different people have different versions of the same. For everybody, there are separate reasons, separate definitions of failure. That's perfect. What matters most is the benchmark set for the failure to happen. The following example illustrates this with more clarity.  You and your friend are studying in same class with same sub

Are you the risk taker?

Digging deeply into my thoughts is one of the best things which I love to do. It elevates me to another level. I get a better view of myself in that deep state of mind. Moreover, it helps me evaluate my perspective of life I am living. Then I enter the danger zone. It is called RISK! You would agree with the fact that you would not approach a situation in which risk is involved. Risk can be of many kinds with most phobic type being life threatening risk. The term RISK is often talked about in almost every phase of life. For an example, your parents would not allow you to stay out late in night as they feel that something could go wrong. However, the probability of that happening in your point of view may be negligible or negative but from their point of view, there are chances of you being stuck in a big problem if you stay out till late. Another example could be the best explanation about risk when money is involved. Stock Markets, the gamble which can make you super rich

The taste of sweetness just got sweeter

Are you living in a life full of chaos? Don't worry, you are not alone. Times have made us so busy these days that we have forgotten the basic thing to care about, health. Yes, health issues have been on a rise, particularly the lifestyle related problems like Diabetes, Thyroid problems etc., which can also be regarded as auto-immune diseases are making homes in our bodies. The reason, our lifestyle.   You are a big fan of sweets. You indulge in every sweet thing that is exposed to you. You are not worried about what what's happening inside your body with that high quantity of sugar intake. Wait,  have you included honey in your diet , yet? No, then let me show you some benefits of the Honey Diet : 1. Helps in Digestion.   2. Healthy substitute for sugar. 3. Helps in prevention from cold and cough (common nowadays due to season change) 4. Helps in managing your weight. 5. Keeps your skin healthy and beautiful. 6. It's a natural source of en

Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Title : Think and Grow Rich Author : Napoleon Hill Number of pages : 256 Publisher : QFORD Genre : Self Help and Personal Development Book Review: Napoleon Hill brings yet another book in the motivational, personal development and self help domain after the bestselling book THE LAW OF SUCCESS .  First of all, this book is not about getting rich only money wise but it also helps in enriching your personality, your life, and your relations which ultimately leads you to living a content life. It teaches how one can attain the riches by following the thirteen proven steps to riches. After reading this book, I am sure that your attitude towards life would change dramatically. One of the quotes from the book which I liked the most is: "Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich." >>Check out mor

Book Review: The other side of me by Sidney Sheldon

The other side of me by Sidney Sheldon Title : The Other Side of Me Author : Sidney Sheldon Number of pages : 360 Publisher : Harper Collins Publishers Genre : Autobiography Book Review: I generally don't prefer reading autobiographies as such but if it's of one of my favorite author's, I would definitely pick it up. Also, getting a 4.2 star rating from 19 ratings in all over Flipkart is not that easy :-)  The other side of me is the journey of Sidney Sheldon's life as a writer and definitely, worth reading. The author has led a hard life being a writer, producer, director and an author. But as I was reading on his journey of life, I was enthralled by his consistent passion for his work that made him pass the times of famine smoothly. If you want to read an autobiography to know the life of that person, you can pick it up for reading. You will come to know the hardships of life a person faces while pursuing his ultimate dreams. But if your