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Yes, I am Promiscuous!

Like the air I flow Without inhibition Either fast or slow Freely without a mission Exploring the surface Sucked in as you breathe With or without purpose Be calm or you may seethe Free flowing thoughts You can't stop me Untying the knots I am deeper than the sea You can feel me as a curse Following you, tearing you apart Be prepared for the worse Really it's the time to start Living in the dark, in silence Can't define me, I am ambiguous I come to all, they are in my alliance You can say I am promiscuous! Like life, death is inevitable. Like life comes to all, death also comes to all! Click here to read Drown me slowly, I try to find the shores!

Drown me slowly, I try to find the shores!

Kissing the rain that fell From the cracked skies Upon life and death I dwell Experienced the tearless cries Longing to write a song that came From the subconscious deep within But no one else is to blame Brushed away the calluses from the skin Breathing gone heavy by incessant run Heart beating against the raindrops Heels burning by friction, that's no fun Glanced down to the torn flip flops Tired of walking, tired of driving Across the roads and the highway Loathe the ground, loathe the striving What mode do I have to pay? In the back of my mind, lost completely   Thoughts locked away behind locked doors Everything is planned so discreetly Drown me slowly, I try to find the shores! Click here to read Keeps coming back to me