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In your eyes, lies my world...

  Saw you on Facebook  Dressed in yellow Impossible to let my eyes off Oh! you are so beautiful   The first time I saw you I was lost in those deep eyes Searching for some place quiet To build a home inside   The first time I touched you Felt the ever longing twitch My mind keeps reminiscing Those moments of bliss...   Still looking for a place In your ocean eyes To build a home sweet home For US to live and relish together   Oh the beautiful you No one can steal your glory Will find a space and build a palace Never to skip from your eyes anymore!   Let's build a palace together, my love!     

Let's Dance Tonight, shall we?

      Let's dance tonight Under the starry sky Breaths mingled together Like moon with the night   Let's dance tonight  Kissing indefinitely Let our lips do the talking In this beautiful darkness   Let's dance tonight Hand in hand Held close together Never to leave again   Let's dance tonight Consumed in the moment Let ourselves unite as one In the subdued moonlight Let's dance tonight With the stars & galaxies Celebrating US together again Never to fall apart. ..   Let's dance tonight, shall we?