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Bridging the Generation Gap - Is it Possible?

I have been observing it daily that the people today are getting unhappy and depressed. Though the depression is something really serious which has taken a toll on most of the people, especially the younger generation. Observing closely, the younger generation is not only the victim of depression alone but a variety of different diseases leading to their unhappiness. What's the cause of this unhappiness? Does upbringing have a role to play in this? The Impatient Youth -  The youth of today has become extremely impatient. Blame it on the upbringing wherein the kids are given everything in the blink of an eye or blame it to the modern day technology (faster internet, faster PCs, gaming consoles etc.). An earlier generation of the 80s and 90s used to have black and white phones which they got at the age of 19 or 20. They used to play games like Snake, Tetris etc. The 80s and 90s generation has seen the transition from 80s to 90s to 2000+ and in this transition, they h

Smooth Love

Like the flickering candle The flame blows away Tormented by the wind Between the light and darkness Held by a raw thread That is thin and fragile Waiting to melt away But it still stays cool Getting the emotion so hot Like the fire over the hearth Loving that took me off my feet The warmth that I get from it Sitting beside the bonfire The ambience getting hotter I can feel you with the wind Under the night sky! Don't let go, keep holding the threads Till we complete that step in my groove Let's get lost in the music so deep If you say it's rough, I'll make it smooth! Click here to read I'm Happy Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash