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Feeling Loved

Saw her for the first time The nature stopped all motion Listening the mellifluous rhyme Like I was lost in an ocean I wanted to flow freely in her Like the air she breathes Her velvet skin soft as fur Under my warmth she wreathes Locked in since ages Wanting to be set free Like a book with endless pages Or swimming in a never ending sea Let me remind her that she is my lover I feel her through the weather My wounds are bound to recover Even when I'm away, I feel we're together Sitting at the corner, lost in my own world Can't get her out of my head, it's proved Round and round my mind has whirled Every night, every day, I want to be loved   Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash

Living the Loneliness!

Feeling so lonely in the nights Locked down since centuries Memories of so many sights Of used and unused accessories Buried deep in the sand Screaming but voice unheard Will you give me your hand, Or the plan is deferred? Sky is bleeding blue Mysterious lights taking over But I can't feel the hue Under this thick cover Watching the sun go down Seems like a distant dream Waiting to come up or drown Along with the stream Silence as the only music to my ears Belonging to the sense of this onliness Recollecting the long dried tears And living this life of loneliness! Photo by Toia Montes de Oca on Unsplash

Your entry in my life is not wasted....

Living the life Finding the love With peace or strife In or out of behove I am lying in cold Bloodless and all white But I am bold Because tonight I will fight Surrounded by this darkness Lonely and tired of light Left energy is all I harness I will do it with all my might Of all the superstitions Black cats or voodoo dolls Its the part of the traditions Can't you see the walls? Neither sweet nor sour, just unique Nothing like this I have tasted Just hear me as I speak Your entry in my life is not wasted....  Photo by Anne Edgar on Unsplash