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Krantikari, lame or merely opportunistic?

Unfulfilled Promises of AAP Unfulfilled Promises of AAP As you all must be already aware about recent happenings in our country, the relationships between the bureaucrats have turned sour. If you are wondering about the fact that this is just another article on CM and PM fight, then I must say that you have hit the bulls eye, dear readers. The entire agenda of the politics has been diverted from the benefit of the common man to destruction of the common man. Don't you think so? What has been happening in our capital city Delhi, in Bengaluru, in Assam, or in Haryana is not the matter of concern for these people anyways. They simply take the backseat while the common man suffers in Delhi (I will talk about Delhi as I belong to the city and I feel that I can give my opinion genuinely). The primary focus of our respected Chief Minister was the benefit of the common man. The party in itself has been name after a common man. What has happened to these people? Earlie

Couldn’t make it this Rakhi, Buy Rakhi Online from Ferns N Petals

 Life has gone busy. Taking out time has become a concern nowadays. If you are staying busy with work and couldn’t make it to shop for Rakhi for your brother this Rakhi season, Ferns N Petals has a perfect solution for you. Now you can buy a Designer Rakhi for Brother at Ferns N Petals online. I would like to share one incident that happened with me last year. I had to join my new office at the beginning of summer this year. I hated the idea of being away from home since childhood, but sometimes you have to adjust to the situations in life. As I joined recently, I couldn’t take a leave so early. One day I got a call from my sister. She was also juggling with her job and her personal life. She couldn’t even get time for shopping. So she usually does all the shopping online. Between our talks, she asked about whether Rakhi is also available online. Well, not being a shopping freak, I simply said that I don’t have an idea about it. After our call, I was somewhat curious to exp

Do your own deeds, let people do theirs!

It happens all the time that people stop themselves from doing whatever they want to do. This particularly happens when they are under influence of other people around them. Our parents, siblings, friends, peers, relatives, colleagues, it can be anybody. Life is about experiences. Experiences are different for everybody. Like the fingerprints, no two persons can have same experience. One of the things that affects people the most is the insecurity nowadays. Be it a relationship or job or studies, everybody is insecure today. At least, I have felt this myself. People are very much afraid of losing someone or something nowadays. That's a natural human tendency. The worst is, under the influence of other people, they stop doing what is actually intended, in fact needed. Today, I am writing on the same. I just want to convey a simple message that one should do what they want and what they feel is right, rather than not doing it because of the reason of what people will say!

Book Review - The Dance of Durga by Kanika Dhillon

Title: The Dance of Durga Author: Kanika K. Dhillon Number of Pages: 350 Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers India Genre: Fiction I would like to thank Kanika Dhillon, author of the book to give me an opportunity to review her book. Many apologies too as I am posting this review quite late! Anyways, below is my review of the book. Book Review: A truly captivating plot which will take you to the world of villages of Northern India. The story revolves around the life of protagonist, Durga or Rajjo. Her struggle to be famous as a god woman and rule is both exciting and engaging. The story will take you to the journey of her life since birth. How she was born as a gift of seeing the future, how she lost it all, her suffering in love as a teenager and her marriage to a wealthy man after an abortion! The realism in the story will make you feel that  the characters are in front of your eyes and you are a part of it. The novel moves like the seasons fr

No, I'm not in love!

Trying to convince myself Its hard for me to believe You can feel it yourself Its nothing to deceive Pretending not to be turned on I move closer to you, you break down Making love from dusk till dawn Now, I want you to turn around Grazing your slender neck Playing games, you never get enough Warm breaths and a peck Not fair, I like to bluff Five when you dance But ten when you tease Allow me to take a chance You will go weak in the knees I say that I am not in love Just not ready for that phase But I am enjoying it here above Here's a toast to raise Play it with your eyes closed You got all the right moves One by one they are disclosed I love the experience as it improves....