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Congratulations, you are hired!

  It's very evident that what one does is somewhere of no use at all. So what causes one to sacrifice a large part of learning which took almost every corner of the brain in assimilating? What's the use of that effort then? Nothing! That effort is simply a past time? I am not pretty sure that it would be used even once in life time or not but yes, it's definitely a waste if not used at all! After so much struggle in educating oneself, years of extreme hardship (mental torture I would say) in studying a lot of things, the same person has to go again through a lot of struggle to be employable. Are you kidding me? During hiring process, a lot of chaos goes through the person's mind. But it all depends on the person who is conducting the interview! Haha, that was all about it? An obnoxious feeling takes over the person who is sitting there, waiting to be judged. All of a sudden, that one person who has nothing to do with you, knows nothing about you, is the one who

Habits that are worth following

We form habits very easily but often times we continue to pursue them for a short while and leave them afterwards. The best solution to this is to pursue one habit at a time. Don't pick another habit till you succeed at the first habit. Believe me when you get past the first one, you will also get through the second one and consequently others as well. Below I will list some of the habits which are worth following. It will save a lot of your energy making it possible for you to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. 1) Stay positive We have read in many books that staying positive helps in maintaining a balance in one's life. Believe me, it's true. Negative thoughts come in the mind every now and then but you have to do is to let them come and go without thinking about it too much. Practice this for about a week and see the difference for yourself. A time will come when in negative also you will find something positive which is actually true. 2) Respect tim

Why Self Awareness is necessary?

Wikipedia   states Self-Awareness as   Self-awareness   is the capacity for   introspection   and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. We all have read in books, seen many videos about self-awareness. What does it mean? What role does it play in one's life? When I read about it, I also thought the same. These questions were clouding my mind.  I kept running here and there for answers. I will share it with you all. Self awareness is knowing all about your own self. It can or cannot be related to person's beliefs, personality, culture etc.  Self awareness plays an important role in one's life. Imagine if you are in a situation where you don't know what to do because you don't know about yourself, what will happen? It would feel embarrassing.  Self awareness is necessary to know your own self and it can help you in dealing with many situations no matter whatever phase of life you are going through.

Sell myself, really?

It's often that we hear a sentence, "You have to sell yourself!" This statement gives me a feeling of being pushy every time I  hear it. It does not matter to me whether it's coming from my parents, my colleagues, the interviewer or the boss! "Why do I need to be pushy?" When I ask this question, most of the time I come across the answers which are logical but not justifiable in the manner I want them to be. Some of the answers I get are, "Because there is no other way!" or "Everybody is doing the same out there." or "Nobody will ever give you a job if you don't sell yourself in the interview!" or "Nobody is going to marry you if you are going to be yourself!" and so on.....[but] I am afraid that I don't understand these notions. Let me put this in simple words below. There are several marketing strategies no matter what one is trying to sell. They say it's difficult to sell oneself....

5 Reasons why fear is not good for you

We all live our lives with  content at some point of life. But there is something inside us which is called as   fear.   We all suffer from fear of some kind. In some cases, people are aware of it, in some cases they are not! For example a person doesn't realize he/she has fear of height till they are at some high altitude point.  A person when has a dream of achieving something, there are some obstacles which come into his/her way. Now we will discuss how fear takes away your mind from achieving your dreams creating hindrances in your way. 1) Fear steals away your true path and purpose This is something created externally by the people around you. They will constantly try to take you away from your path and purpose by telling you that you can't do it or its not your cup of tea. But have you ever considered listening to that gut feeling of yours? Try and follow what your intuition says, not following others sayings.  Your inner guidance system is the key source of

How asking can get you everything you want!

In today's post, I would like to introduce a whole new powerful tool which is often neglected by many out there. The simple thing it requires is some courage. We hold back because we can't manage to confront someone unknown or even if the person is known also to put our demands in front of them. Let me ask you all a question. How many of you genuinely go towards your boss's cabin and ask for an increment in the salary? I would say hardly any of us go and it includes me as well. Right! I am also in the same boat as you all. Another example I have seen with many of us is that in our relationships, we just stop ourselves to ask something from our closest friend, from the girl you love but afraid to ask her out because of the fear that you may spoil your relations. Have you ever gave it a thought the other way round? Below I would like to mention the top 3 things which will totally change your mindset and will boost your confidence which will help you grow in your person

Get up, That's my Seat!

I have been to several places, talked to various people, experienced different types of situations and the behavior of people in those situations. I have seen people who are lazy, who are selfish, who are crooked and they demand power no matter what. I have also seen people who are selfless, who are sympathetic craving for power but usually fail to have it. And yes it is affecting both men and women. Power is tempting, isn't it? It gives the person possessing it a sense of inner satisfaction. The most important thing which I feel that people have satisfaction with is grabbing a seat whenever they can. That gives a sense of pride in us, right? For me it is, sometimes. From Delhi Metro to politics, everybody in India is trying to grab a seat. Is it a reality or a perception? A few days back, I was traveling to office via Delhi Metro when I noticed something inexplicable. While listening to a favorite track of mine, lost in its mellifluous tune, I overheard a c