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Versatile Is The Word.....:)

I never thought about this when I started blogging a month back that I will be able to win this title. I thank the one who has seen something in my not so popular one month old blog. I would like to tell that I am obliged and feel honored; it feels like I have touched the sky. It’s a special day that I got this award 'The Versatile Blogger'. I feel privileged and would like to say thanks to Cynthia for giving me this award. I just started writing for experimenting only but I didn't know that I would bag this opportunity and will get listed among the versatile ones. Coming to the list of versatile bloggers which I liked, though my experience in writing is nothing in front of them, but still sticking to the rules ...........It goes Cynthia Vincent >> Nabanita Dhar >> C. Suresh >> Saru Singhal >>  

Shower Of Joy

  I was strolling along  The empty street Enjoying as it drenched me  From head to feet I have waited for it so long As it poured down  The heart danced to the Tune of this song It will make you calmer  Nothing will make you annoy It will quench your thirst 'Cause its the Shower of Joy   I can feel the tiny drops Falling on my face Feelings better left unexplained Taking you from bottom to top It makes you feel so high It washes out the sadness The tears rolling down  The cheeks whenever you cry It will make you calmer  Nothing will make you annoy It will quench your thirst 'Cause its the Shower of Joy

When She Came Along

  I was walking alone In the starry night  The wind had blown I was feeling so blue With no one around Feelings just grew I heard a sweet voice  From the shadows behind I had no other choice I looked for it around Under the moonlit night But nothing I found I kept rambling alone  Lost in the night The feeling had grown I heard my name It was so clear I surmised it as a game I heard it again It came very close Soothed my pain I looked for it around In the magnificent night A shadow I found When she came along I felt I was moonstruck  Her aura was so strong She looked me in the eye She was looking so deeply I let out a sigh Grabbing my hand from the side She turned herself  around She forced me to stride When she came along I felt I was flipped out My heart was singing a song Under the starry night Me were striding so fast My musings having a fight The time was moving awa

The Touch

She came, I felt her touch She embraced me Her love was pretty much It felt as if I was weary But I was helpless  Her shadow was like a fairy I dragged her closer She hesitated a bit Maybe for her I was a poser Her lush brown hair  Kissed the wind This was the time for me to dare I held her tight Kissed her lips Under the moonlit night Into the air She was lost Leaving me in despair Her touch was divine Not easy to forget For that moment, she was mine.