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5 things which will help you to transform from negative to positive thinking individual

Have you been thinking negative lately? Everything you do, you get negative thoughts in mind while doing or before doing it? Negative thoughts, like positive ones affect your productivity and efficiency as well in accomplishing what you intended to do. That new project which just got screwed is stopping you from taking new responsibility. Don't get freighted by it, instead take some time analyzing what went wrong. ' Imagine a child playing with lighted matchstick, not knowing that it could burn him/her.' Believe me, it would be something related to your mistakes which need to be corrected than clouding them in your mind creating an   obstacle   for you in pursuing new future projects. Imagine a child playing with lighted matchstick, not knowing that it could burn him/her. But still the child keeps on playing with it without any   fear   even if he/she gets burned once or twice. As we grow as adults, we get the sense of right and wrong which keeps us from d

What Experience Can Teach!

Many a times, people see themselves fail. Even after knowing some strategy they had put into their project is the best, they still fail. Some people know that they will succeed if they follow this strategy and will not succeed if they follow that strategy. The former ones play a speculative game while the latter ones have already played their speculative games and know what will work and what will not. Experience, if one follows from the meaning of the word, it means  'practical contact with and observation of facts or events.'  It comes from exploring the things around. Consider a scenario of a child and an adult. If we give both of them a burning match stick, the probability of the child getting his hand burnt is much higher than that of the adult. The reason, experience. An adult already knows that the burning match stick will burn his hand while the child experienced it. So the next time if a burning match stick is given to the child, he/she will know that it'

Are you leading or being led?

Leadership. This word seems heavy, right? Every one of us want to be a leader. But most of us are being led instead of being a leader. The problem lies in not others, but us. Today, I would share with you top 3 reasons why a person, whether it's you or me, cannot be a leader.  If you are already a leader or consider yourself as a leader, you can still read the post. You would find it somewhat related to you. For others, it would be very much helpful! So read on for more: 1) Habit of indecision: This is the number one reason for being led by others. You may not be able to make a decision whether by chance or by habit. By chance can happen one or may be two times. The choice one happens every time. If you look closely to your past decisions or past indecision, you would get a clear picture of what I intend to say. For example, you as a student, failed to make up a decision to enroll for your favorite subject. The result, you ended up being into a subject which you never l


Burying down the sorrow Crushing the inside pity With pain so hollow Focus on the nitty-gritty Not the rolling wheels  But the highway Dancing on the heals See the way it sway Like a shadow on the sun Holding the light of my way Bullet had already left the gun Caused the slay No hesitation, none of it Tired, loathing the earth Moving slowly bit by bit Realised the true worth No waiting by the liars  Nor the friends Putting out the fires That captured the ends Watch me setting it off  Playing the final card Venting it with a scoff It left me deeply scarred

How to be a positive individual all time.

We often are faced by many situations in our life which make us feel negative about life. We start cursing ourselves, blame others for the consequences etc. to satisfy our egos but at the end we forget that what has happened, has happened already. we can't change it. Instead we can change the viewpoint with which we see things.  That's what today's post will guide you through. Remember that there is something good in every bad. The point is whether we see it or not. Sometimes, it may take time to realize that it had something good in it. If we fail, we look at it with disgust or our inability to do things. Actually it is what people's perception says about our ability or inability. We simply accept the fact that we can't do it but in reality but if we see it from other perspective, failure is saying to us that you can do it in a better way. Keep trying and win will be surely yours one day. That is what positive approach is telling us, not to fear failure.