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The Vengeance!

It was in the month of January. The darkness cloaked the night in the absence of the moon. The winter fog hovered freely, making it difficult for even a person with perfect vision to pierce through. The icy wind had already drawn the people towards the comfort of their apartments and homes. Nikita was busy turning the pages of a book that she struggled very hard to read. She felt very tired. Yawning, she reached out to turn off the lamp. She lay on her impeccably oval shaped bed to catch some sleep. After an hour, when she was in the deepest of her sleep, a very soft push was made to the door and a furtive figure entered the room. Tiptoeing carefully, making sure not to make any noise, the figure dragged a pillow kept on the other side of the bed. Nikita’s sleep was broken from the disturbance by the intrusion. As she turned to have a look, the figure placed the pillow on her mouth, strangulating her. Nikita’s almond eyes grew wide as if they had seen a ghost. Gasping for breat

The wanderlust!

Image source:  here Lingering to my thoughts Talking to a wandering soul Tough it seems, to untie the knots But is essential to achieve the goal The restless mortal is unsure  The future that points to the destiny  Often this leaves the one too impure That even a friend can act as an enemy Turning the pages of the past memoirs Oh! It caused him to behest his present To weave out a long rope like that from a coir Uncanny to him was it all meant The urge that burnt a candle inside Doesn't seem to seize anymore The wanderlust is somewhere left deprived In the midst of an ocean, it is still looking for a shore! Click here to read A walk on the moon!

WeChat after earth!

It was the year 2050. The one thing which nobody had expected to turn up so early had already happened. Yes, this period was the end of the third world war . The crimson colored sky resided dark grey clouds, ready to burst out their anger in the form of acid. The earth seemed to loathing to support any life form on it. Plants that were once green had reduced to nothing but toxic waste. Hundreds of millions of people died, only a few survived that too were battling with numerous genetic disorders due to excessive exposure to harmful radiation. Water was there, but undrinkable. Down somewhere in the south Asia, reportedly few people had survived. One of them was Aditya. He was in his teenage years, jovial, with a round cherubic face that can charm anyone with whom he met. With a long pointed nose, he was often teased by his friends who compared him to Pinocchio . The only difference was that his nose didn't grow when he was under

Strive to achieve!

Strive to achieve, you will be able to get there some day. Image credit: here To strive for something which is impossible is a common thing, but to achieve something like that is rare.                                                                                                ~Saurabh Chawla~

Listen to your body!!

It was one day of spring time in the year 2004. As the dawn crept secretly in the sky shedding it off of its darkness, the city of Delhi waited for the new day to begin. For most of them, it was like just another day except Varun. He stayed in the heart of the city of New Delhi, a little bit closer to west Delhi. It was not just a day for him but a nightmare had come true. As a child he had been always played in the close vicinity of his parents, tagged as weak and scrawny kid in school, he took all the abuse with a broad smile on his face.   In the night time, he would curse himself for being so weak and tiresome all the time. Many a times he suffered from a broken hand or a broken leg. Till the time he was eighteen, he had suffered a multiple fractures. The day was when he was getting ready to go to Pune. He had taken admission in engineering college in Pune. The only problem was that he was not ready to accept to the fact that he is going to stay away or to be more accur