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Clear your throat, raise your voice!

A lot has been in the talks recently about clean and green India. Believe me, it's really tough for anybody to reach such big dream alone. If all the people don't come close together to keep the surroundings clean, it will remain a dream only. If you look at India, a lot of scope for improvement is there when it comes to cleaning our country. From sacred river Ganga to posh colonies in metro cities, cleanliness is required everywhere today. Water is an essential part of our life which is being used as a medium to dump in garbage and waste material. Pollution has taken its toll giving rise to several incurable, deadly diseases. What a government can do to keep our country clean is not of prime importance than us, the people who if join hands together can make a huge difference to the society. Wondering that what one could do to have a cleaner India? The answer is 'A Lot' you can do. Some of the points which if taken care of, can contribute to the society significa

The unusual night...

The daylight fading away Nothing more to delay Tonight it's so soothing We, with the music grooving Your moves are intriguing I forgot about fatiguing The beat making us sway In my arms all night you lay   Our breaths intermingling I can feel the tingling Chasing the cyclones within Quite long it has been I know that it's late Please don't hesitate I can see the moon smiling I am sure it's not beguiling   My hands on your velvet, caressing Slowly I let you do the undressing  Close your eyes with my touch, so sensual Today let's do the unusual.... Check out the poem Obscure feeling... Image Credit: here

Dream Love.....

Loaded with a turmoil My heart pounding hard I will not make this lard Don't want to spoil Grazing your slender neck Like a rhythm of a musical My warm breaths; so lyrical  And yes, loved your peck! Your fragrance is addictive Slowly absorbing it deeply  Inebriated by it quickly It was quite predictive! I saw you crossing the street Pushing back your auburn hair The weather didn't play fair I am glad we can still meet! Click here to read Let's meet again....... Image source: here