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Consistency is the key, my friend!

 Abhinav stood still on remembering his life; last 10 years have been wonderful. Although somewhere something was missing. Lately, he had incurred losses to which he couldn’t hold somebody else accountable. Relationships with his peers, even his wife were deteriorating. Everywhere around him was tension that was building up every second he thought about the loss. Sitting in his cabin in his lavish office, he leaned forward. He started banging his forehead with his fists, a sign of worry. He wanted to put back the broken pieces of his life together anyhow for which he was willing to pay any price. As he leaned back reminiscing the happy times he spent with his family, a smile crossed his lips momentarily. He poured some water from the beautiful silver jug placed meticulously on one of the edges of the table. Silence was so eminent that he could hear even the slightest of the noise. He gave a small glance at the clock on the sidewall, the time was 1 AM. He realized tha