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Independance is a lie!

Independence – This word is used several times. No matter, this word has a deep meaning and feelings attached to it, but still its imperative to understand the true essence of it. Are we truly independent? Today, this question came to my mind when I was in a bank to get my Aadhar card linked to my account. I saw people running here and there to get their documents signed to get their payments cleared. I was surprised to see how dependent the system is. One person clears the document, then it is transferred to a person senior to that person for the clearance and then to the third and so on till the final person hands on the payment to the person. How much dependence is there in a simple process of getting your own payment cleared from your own account! Dependence is everywhere, be it a bank, a job, or a business. The dependence can be on both living or non-living resources. To understand the true Independence, we need to dig deeper into the activities we adhere our lives