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How I got my energy levels back with Hypothyroidism

Note: This post is completely based on my personal experience with Hypothyroidism. It is nowhere meant to harm anybody's sentiments or complications arising due to the reasons whatsoever stated in thi blog post. It has been more than one year that I have been suffering. I am tired of throwing away money at all the doctors and medicines without any sign of improvement at all. Last year in the month of July, I had a severe lower back injury while doing squats. My back exploded and I felt like that it has been torn into two individual pieces. The pain was excruciating. Ever since then, I have not been able to have my back in good shape again. I am not able to stand for long, sit for long or even lie down for long. The problem that reflected in the X-Ray was a mere muscular spasm and nothing else.  I had medicines which comprised of mainly the supplements for calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12 along with some muscle relaxants along with my regular Thyroid medicine (Thyrono

How I manage to work on my startup despite being busy

Managing a startup may seem to be difficult sometimes. With the balloon of frustration ready to burst any time, it makes one almost plan to give up. Looking it closely, it is not that difficult to work on to manage the startup. Earlier, I used to have similar feeling several times. I made some changes in my approach to keep the ball rolling. I would like to share what I do to manage my startup despite of being busy. 1. Priority is the key The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.                                                                                            - Stephen Covey Usually we have a lot to do in 24 hours time frame. If one goes on doing things randomly, a mess would be created. The best thing I learned from managing things is to set a priority. A task list is something which is needed. What I do is to create a task list for the next day, a night before. The next day when I wake up, I make sure