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Image Source: Microsoft Clipart Exquisite she appeared In the yellow top that glared Under the honeyed sun rays I wish that as it is the time stays My eardrums danced in joy On the mellifluous voice so coy* For a moment my mind went blank I wondered if it was some kind of a prank Approaching her with courage Emotion so wild that broke the barrage* Merely couple of feet away  I started to pray Talking on the phone she smiled God knows how many times I tried Turning backwards she walked away before we could meet Crushing the pieces of my heart which lay under her feet. Click here to read Let me be your lover tonight...  *Coy here is reference to a pretence of shyness or modesty which is intended to be alluring (especially with reference to a woman) *Barrage here is used as similar to an artificial barrier across a river to prevent flooding.

Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher - a revew

Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher Title :- Jacob Hills Author :- Ismita Tandon Dhankher Number of Pages :- 263 Publisher :- Harper Collins Genre :- Fiction/Suspense My Verdict:- Looking at the cover of the book, I was sure that it is going to be a suspense novel. I flipped on back side of the book and was happy from my guessing that yes it is a suspense fiction. I instantly bought it. The author takes us to lives of army personnel and the way their lifestyles are. Stuck in middle of the murder mystery is Eva, who is an Anglo-Indian wife of Maj. George Chandy. The murdered woman's body has the marks of cigarette burns similar to the marks which are also visible on a six year old little girl. The story will take you to a breathtaking journey of lives of Capt. Rana who ignores his pregnant wife Heena. Lt. Col. Gary Randhawa and his wife Pam who are involved in running a swinger couples' club. Maj. George Chandy and his wife Eva. The thing whi

Love yourself...

Image credit: Microsoft Clip art *For better resolution, click on the image. Click here to read Keep Growing...

A Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms by Rukmani Anandani - a review

A Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms by Rukmani Anandani Title :- A Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms Author :- Rukmani Anandani Number of Pages :- 240 Publisher :- Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd. Genre :- Fiction My Verdict:- When I picked this book, the thing in my mind was to read a book which has an interesting story and is a quick read; one that can be read during the evening snack hours. I browsed through Flipkart and came across this book. Without thinking about it for the second time, I ordered it. Now coming to the storyline, it is about a rich businessman, Ugrasen who is found dead at the Sainik farms residence. The way the author has started the story is compelling and is successful in creating an air of suspense. The cute thing about the story I liked was the role played by Anjali, Ugrasen's fourteen year old niece who sets out to unravel the mystery. Also, the role played by the private investigator Ganpati Iyer is very much interestin

Let me be your lover tonight...

Image credit: Microsoft Clipart The darkness luring the sky Sun kissing it goodbye Welcoming the night I can't have you out of sight The silky auburn hair Oh, That skin so fair Keeps my heart pounding Secret desires compounding Beautiful night, stars gazing My lips on your neck, grazing Smooth and fleecy* texture Love that naughty gesture You take my breath away In the middle I sway Tonight, let me be your lover I want this wait to be over... Click here to read A delightful walk... *The word fleecy is used to describe a feathery or velvety texture of the skin here.

Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon - a review

Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon Title :- Tell Me your Dreams Author :- Sidney Sheldon Number of Pages :-  341 Publisher :- Harper Collins Genre :- Fiction (based on actual cases) My Verdict:- When I was about to finish The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon, I realized that I couldn't get enough of the author. The more I read his works, more I fall in love with his writings. Probably the most translated author and a master storyteller are well suited compliments for Sidney Sheldon. The book involves three women who are suspected of committing brutal murders. The spine chilling thrill while reading the story with each and every page taking the story to another level will keep you engrossed in the story. The best thing I like about Sidney Sheldon is his timing. He knows just perfectly when to grow the suspense and when to reveal the truth.  Well, this book didn't disappoint me and I am sure that it will not disappoint you as well. Every ch

The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon - a review

The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon Title :- BEST LAID PLANS Author :- Sidney Sheldon Number of Pages :- 344 Publisher :- Harper Collins Genre :- Suspense/Thriller My Verdict:-  I came across this book while browsing Sidney Sheldon's books. The one great thing about the author I like the most is that he plans and implement the plot very cleverly. He knows how to pull the readers attention and he is very much successful in building up the suspense throughout the storyline. This book is about jealousy, anger, ego revenge and all sorts of similar emotions you can think of. The plot is extremely well executed and Sidney Sheldon knows well when to open up the mystery. The conspiracy theory he brings in in this book is pretty much attention grabbing which will lead you to crave for more. It is about two characters primarily, Leslie Stewart who is a beautiful PR executive who learns through her experience that power is all she needed for the revenge. Oliver Russe

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi - a review

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi Title :- The Rozabal Line Author :- Ashwin Sanghi Number of Pages :-362 Publisher :- Westland Ltd. Genre :- Thriller My Verdict:-  The Rozabal Line is the first book by the author. It was published by the author himself under a pseudonym, Shawn Haigins in 2007 before being published by Westland in 2008 under his own name. Coming to the book, as I have read the other two books of the same author viz. Chanakya's Chant and The Krishna Key , I decided to pick this one as well. One thing which I like about the author is the way he is able to grip the reader's attention by writing in such a way that it seems like a movie is being played vividly in front of the eyes while reading. The enormous  amount of research the author puts in his books is something which can be an eye opener as well. Secondly, through his books, author definitely depicts his love for the history and he is very much able to build up an i

The Long Walk Home by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar - a review

The Long Walk Home by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar Title :- The Long Walk Home Author :- Manreet Sodhi Someshwar Number of Pages :- 272 Publisher :- Harper Collins Genre :- Fiction My Verdict :- After reading the latest Mehrunisa Series by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, I decided to buy her earlier work. The reason I picked The Long Walk Home is not only because of author's imagination and a perfect literary skill but also to present the story so vividly. This art is very rare to find. I am a huge fan of Suspense/Mysteries/Thrillers/horror genre which led me to buy the latest two books of the Mehrunisa series viz. The Taj Conspiracy and The Hunt For The Kohinoor .  The Long Walk Home is a story of Baksh who is seventy one year old. An old man who is a heart patient who reminisces about his life. The roles played by his children especially the character of  Anant and Noor I liked very much. An air of suspense is also created by author in the book which makes the book a p

I hate being questioned every now and then!

We all come across these situations every now and then. As we grow older, we are constantly asked questions which haunt us till eternity. Some questions we like, some we don't. Well on a personal note, I would be lisiting top 10 questions, which I hate being asked. Top 10 questions I hate being asked 1) How much is your salary? Pados wali aunty ko apne bete ki parwah ho na ho, they want me to tell her my salary! I guess this happens with most pf us. Well earlier I used to crib about it and got angry, but after I realized that I unnecessarily raise my blood pressure, I stopped. It will ultimately give me heart attack. I decided to save myself. Now whenever anyone asks my salary, I simply counter them with this: 2 Crores ka package hai, you want a loan? Try it. Seriously, people will stop asking you these questions again ever in life. 2)  When are you going to get married? This one is the traditional one. I mean what the person asking exactly means. I am not abl