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Love to be loved you!

It has been so very long You have been out of sight For you, I sing this song Yes, I waited for this night When you were far away from me I missed holding you in my arms I surmised that you are with me You protect me like a Fay with charms I don't know the truth, I can't contemplate All I know is that the world is suffice  For me, I regard you as consummate I skip a beat by feeling you, even for a trice I can't understand the reason of this emotion You take me out of commotion, out of the blue So powerful is the magic of your love potion All I want to tell is, I love to be loved you!


The journey of life Sometimes small, at times large Unfortunately, is spent on a strife Rather than calmly, we let it barge The surprises we receive We don't know on whose behest At times we feel delighted, at times we peeve Why we are away from the truth, that we are blessed Nobody knows what lies ahead At times to happiness, at times to bereave We have no option except to tread Let this story to gently weave We strive for happiness We strive for pride Scouring into the darkness Who has found anything inside? If we think it right One is quite suffice To give us the sense of delight In structuring this great edifice Remember that the soul never dies The body leads to the cessation Soul will still search for another one The journey will begin again, after Reincarnation. 

The first kiss!

I woke up one morning After the darkness faded away She bumped into me without a warning Her silky black hair, on my bare chest they lay A day can change your life Can turn it upside down or reverse The change will not be so rife It will not be possible to averse The tender touch one can't forget The feelings one can't turn back The softness of the skin so wet Healing the blisters with a way so knack Soon, the reach will be near the culmination The moment of passion, the moment of bliss The lips that turned to hue that of carnation   The words are too short to describe, the first kiss!

Merry Christmas!

Lately, there have been several issues hovering over my mind. Like the most recent one being the world ending on 21 December, the issue which kept me waiting silently till the day ended making me realizes that it was all a hoax. A misconception that was forced creepily in everybody's mind for over more than a year I guess. Here we are, welcoming the 25th December 2012, and on that occasion I would like to raise a toast to all the people out there who are lucky like me to celebrate a beautiful day with your family and to those who would enjoy this day with their special some ones too. Of course, how can I forget the great personalities who are not with us but somewhere silently viewing all of us, smiling, enjoying and obviously celebrating Christmas also? Well today is a day when my memories of childhood take control over me. The way I hanged socks on the wall projection of my balcony still catches my undue attention leaving me unanswerable to the question, "Was I that st


We often come across this phrase. Even I remember from my school days, I have been taught this over and over again with a hope of preaching it for the lifetime. But as I grow older day by day I am realizing that it is getting stronger and stronger.  This can be seen from our daily activities also. Like for example sometimes it happens that you fail in one subject after a lot of studying but win a contest worth Lakh rupees because of that study you made by spending sleepless nights rendering frame by frame each page you scan through your books.  We are usually stuck up in doing chores which we would like to abstain from forever but end up doing them on the daily basis until at the end it becomes a daily habit of ours. At the end we don't have any option left but to perform that s our duty. Practice makes a man perfect! Ah! Close to perfect as nothing is perfect in this world. Loaded with lot of pressure, stressed out we feel that now the world is going to end. Everything will be

Grab it or wait for 89 years!

I wish Good Morning to all my readers. Today is a day so special for everyone. Yes today is 12/12/12 the last repeating day of the year 2012. I don't get surprised when I get Goosebumps when I think about what is going to happen today. People have waited for this moment for so long. Celebrations are around the corner. Somebody is getting married, somebody is celebrating their birthday, someone is cherishing their marriage anniversary etc. In a short concise statement, I would say that this is the period to rejoice and my friends I don't see anything like World coming to an end whether today or its reverse date i.e. 21/12/2012. Punjabi music industry sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh's Satan is releasing on this date. You should not get shocked to see in the news channels various astrologers and numerologists giving their own version of significance for this date for the 12 signs of zodiac. :) Luckily I am getting time here to post on my blog. I have been quite busy for p


A lullaby sung by my heart A try for making a coalesce Joining the pieces held apart Just want to clear this mess It emerged as an offering Needing to be settled No, no more suffering It had led to being nettled I laugh it out all over again The time of crying is over I shall bear no more pain These emotions I won't let hover I guess it's quite suffice to adopt The fact was slowly drifting away Too much of it is now already cropped I am holding the pieces that sway The time has arrived inescapably I guess it will now be a relief I am feeling the wind complacently It will get better for sure, this is my belief! 

Finally a relief!

Firstly I would like to apologize for being absent for quite a while from my blog. I hope you all missed me. Well, there have been several issues plaguing me lately. Sometime, I was busy reading or sometime engrossed in work, tight schedules and working deadlines set by me though. Anyways, the primary issue which was holding me back from posting on my blog was a kidney stone removal. Although I was reading and working all this time but being pulled back from writing as I was not able to sit to write on chair much as it pained me like hell. The surgery performed was indeed a relief from my kidney swelling but the pain, the infection that lead to my visit to the hospital quite frequent took me by surprise. I had all tests done and found out that I was suffering from E.coli bacterial infection which blasted my brains out. It pained a lot. Later, after 1 week I was told that a stent has been placed in my ureter so that it might not collapse closing the path from ureter to bladder.