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The secret revealed!

This part is continued from previous post. You can read the post by clicking Lighting the darkness! Prashant Waghale was sipping coffee while scrolling the photographs when he received a call from Anup. He had asked Anup to check for the whereabouts of Kanika before she died. He was distracted by a lizard on the wall towards his right. It was trying to grasp a grasshopper. He silently watched the lizard approaching to its prey and feasting hungrily before he returned to his senses. Concentrate Prashant, concentrate! In front of him was a blue folder which housed meticulously placed autopsy report of Kanika.  He quickly scanned the report near the end neglecting the medical jargon. He read the following: AUTOPSY PROTOCOL NAME OF THE DESCENDENT: KANIKA RAI  CASE NO: P-F96J FINAL DIAGNOSIS: I.  HYOID BONE FRACTURE II. TOXICOLOGY (SEE  SEPARATE REPORT) III. BRAIN HEMORRAHGE (SEE SEPARATE REPORT)  CONCLUSION:  (CAUSE OF DEATH)        DESCENDENT DIED BECAUSE OF

Lighting the darkness!

On a not so busy Saturday night, something inexplicable happened. The city populace was struggling its way to have some respite from the burning October heat but Prashant Waghale, was getting more heated up. The DIG was under deep burden of the files piling up in his cupboard as well as on his desk. The moment he was at the verge of solving a case, a new file swept its way from somewhere to keep his mind occupied or sometimes preoccupied. Do hell with this job! Do hell with these cases! Do HELL with these criminals! Prashant was cursing his fate under his breath that he was presented with a fresh new file. He raised his eyes to have a look at the handsome muscular figure standing erect near his table. "Now what we have to deal with?" He asked irritatingly. Anup Sawant was promoted to SSP recently after judging his ability to solve cases without a mark of worry on his face. He had been a friend and colleague to Prashant after they worked on a same case involving political a

Oh no, tonight no alarms!

I saw you tonight In a lovely attire Moving out of sight Sparking a fire Your sweet aroma Playing with my senses From California to Oklahoma Crossing all the fences Your eyes seeking me Cutting through the crowd Waiting for us to flee I can hear your silence loud You hold the key Your touch is magical Only you I want to see Let the love be gradual Your frame so fragile Resting in my arms Making me docile Oh no, tonight no alarms! After a long time I listened to this song! For a moment, love was in the air. :) Click here to read Sizzling desires! Image source: here  

Have you experienced the Zenfone effect yet?

9th July 2014 marked as a day which I will not be able to forget throughout my life. The day started with so much promise and it was fulfilling to the core deep within me. As the clock struck 11, I prepared to leave home for the incredible Asus Indiblogger meet. Asus launched there new offering in the market that day. The Zenfone. I will come back to it later, before that I would like to share my experience with you all about the overall event. A selfie taken from Zenfone. With Shweta, Kanav and David Wu. As we entered Pragati Maidan, the sign of the Zenfone, shining brightly under the sun welcomed all of us. After initial wait of about twenty minutes, we were welcomed inside the lighted, circular entrance that opened up in a huge hall. The beautifully lit hall was just enough to set the mood. The Asus team gave a wonderful presentation making sure not to miss even the tiniest of the detail. Not to forget, the hostess for the show who really took the breath away of the crowd

Life, a perennial fight....

Lost is the soul Direction forgotten Unfulfilled is the goal Dreams rotten Running here and there Guessing hard Ending in a cold stare Deeply scarred Tired of walking Loathing ground Shadows are stalking Eerie  are the sounds Insane thoughts Lingering around Connecting the dots Only to be bound Unwanted sorrows Bruised are the skies Unexpected tomorrows Evil in disguise Escaping dark Searching light Need a spark Life, a perennial fight.... Click here to read Faith.........