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I have been Used By, Compromised Many Times too. I am Setting Myself Free. Are you Setting Yourself Free?

Life has many phases. You have to go through all of them. The day you are born till the day you die, you would have spent your life in both measurable and immeasurable experiences. Most of the times, the thing that often comes in mind, is how much you tolerated or compromised yourself for the other person. It doesn't matter what was the position of that person and yours too at that point of time. There always comes a point when one says that yes, I am not able to compromise anymore. It can be due to your observing the things from another person's perspective or because of your own, open-eyed perspective to which you were one blind way long back. Whatever the case may be, a time comes when you feel that you have been weighed down all the time till now and your compromises are just looked down as you being a weak, loser kind of a person. The result, a big blow to your self-esteem , self-confidence , in short, to your self-worth ! It happens in everybody's life.