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The naked face by Sidney Sheldon- a review

The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon Title: The Naked Face Author: Sidney Sheldon Publisher: Harper Collins Number of pages: 278 My verdict: As a die hard fan of suspense/thriller genre, this book by the master storyteller himself kept me hooked till the end. Sidney Sheldon has a god gift of weaving the story in a perfect way. The twists and turns he introduces make it a spine chilling experience for the readers. One cannot put the book down till he/she has  begun reading it. In this book, Judd Stevens as a psychoanalyst has been portrayed in a perfect manner. The twists and turns after every chapter make this a definite read. Sidney Sheldon involves many characters in his story and makes sure that each one of them is taken care of well. Will he be able to win the fight? He has many obstacles to cover. The cops suspect him of the crime he didn’t commit. Will he be able to survive? Read the book to find out. My Rating: This book was first published

The burning candle…

Oblivious to you It may seem This heat in blue Makes you gleam The darkness fades Slowly into the dawn Rendering me helpless Like a chess board’s pawn I burn, I also cry To show the way Till I become dry From night to day Struggling the mayhem I battle the storm You fail to fathom In cold, I keep you warm You light two of them When one wick can’t handle Ultimately you will condemn It’s tough for me, the burning candle… PS: The color blue as mentioned refers here to the innermost part of the flame.

Holoshop - the new way of shopping

It was the year 2030. The metro cities have turned into a metallic forest. The major cities housing multi-storied edifices that included everything one would need for a living. The flyovers, freeways neatly form a web around the skyscrapers. Everything planned and designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of people. Technology has advanced to a level which seemed impossible to accomplish few years back. The research and development played the major role in developing cities of everybody dreams. Ayaan, a twenty year old jovial guy was enjoying by playing his favorite video game on his play station. The time management app on his latest iPhone made his life a lot simple. He could play games, study, hit the gym and do everything he want in the same day. Shefali, his girlfriend was cat-eyed, milk white skinned beauty.  The alarm beeped and the Play station was shut down automatically. Ayaan was now getting ready to meet his love.  Clad in a Tommy Hilfiger’s grey sweat shirt and Levi’

Love or pride?

This is the last part of the story. You can read the first part by clicking The perfect plan . You can read the second part by clicking Double trouble . You can read the third part by clicking Beautiful nightmare . Mehul laughed in mirth. His plan succeeded after all. Someone stood beside him a woman named Nikita. She was the same woman who had had a one night affair with many men but last night was special one. “You played your cards well, darling.” She chuckled. “A tired man can only be treated with a massage and if that is done by a beautiful woman like you, that is the best combination. Sometimes it can be deadly too, though.” He held her by hugging his arm around her curvaceous figure, drawing her closer. She relieved herself from his mighty grip instantly. “So what’s the plan now, honey?” She asked crossing her arms. “As you know, Samar was having a secret affair outside his marriage. Tapti came to now about it. She hired me to kill him for a fat amount of fifty lacs.” H

Beautiful nightmare

This post is in continuation after the previous post. You can read the previous post by clicking Double trouble . You can read the first part of the story by clicking The perfect plan . Akram sat in a cubicle like room waiting for the autopsy reports of both the bodies. Who could be behind the murders? Damn! This conspiracy is driving me nuts. He had already sent one of his men to get the phone records of both husband and wife verified. The last call received on Tapti’s mobile was made by one of the members of gang led by Mehul. The gang was famous for the contract killings. The reports, placed meticulously in a transparent folder were presented to him by the attendant. Akram greeted him goodbye and left the place hurriedly. He needed to find some clue which would help him crack the case. His all hope was in finding Samar, but that too didn’t happened. The moment he stepped out, the media men besieged the SSP with infinite questions. Akram moved aside the crowd sullenly, s

Double trouble

This part is in continuation to the post The perfect plan . This is a job done by an insider. Akram thought as he stood upright after examining closely Tapti’s corpse. Her dripping wet, cold naked body was covered impeccably in a soft cotton bed sheet. The lips, nails have turned blue probably because of the poisoning. There was no other mark, not even a bruise so he ruled out the possibility of any brawl. Akram stood 6 feet tall. He was lean but his fully built muscular physique was clearly visible from his skin fitted uniform. He was the SSP, recently transferred from Mumbai. Having handled several cases of extortion, murders etc., he had made the criminals taste the dust under his charge. The maid stood dumbstruck at the corner near the kitchen. The shock made her dead white. “What is your name?” Akram asked from the grief stricken maid. “M-m-aya” She replied as she trembled. Akram knew that it was  seeing a corpse for the first time in life was troubling her, but it ha

The perfect plan

In the month of July, an unexpected event occurred in Tapti Mittal’s not so erratic life. It was like a black-hole overshadowing her, ready to swallow her deep into itself. A lot of unexplainable things had happened earlier, but this was something which couldn’t be ignored at any cost. She was sitting in the lawn, on a fragile off-white chair. An exactly same colored table with a small elliptically shaped mirror placed on top lay in front of her.  She looked at her own reflection hesitantly. Something was amiss, the charm, the shine, the tenderness of her skin didn’t even stood close to where it was before the unusual event happened. The soft grass which gave her a sense of relief was now pinching like a thorn beneath her naked feet. The maid dressed in white cotton dress with an pinkish-orange hue apron embracing her front brought a concoction of orange-pomegranate juice and placed it carefully on the table. She scurried inside the house to make preparations for the afternoon