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Out of exile!

Image Source: here  Pulling away from the deepest thoughts Trying to remain in my own exile The limitation just can't be broken into Solution that is left only is to stay docile Fate is something which needs a challenge Surrendering is the signature of the weak Crossing the boundaries, building the fortress Even the grass turns green in a land so bleak Belief is something which can shatter the mountains Traveling long in darkness is something hard to do But her harvest is the one which will embrace Safe you will be, giving the darkness one final adieu Filling the hours which had turned so empty Watching out the ocean sending her waves In the hourglass figure of a woman Freeing all of them, who were once slaves!  Click here to read The burning candle...  


Image credit: here Great ideas come in mind by two ways: either you are in a good mood or someone throws a hammer on your ego.                                                                                                ~Saurabh Chawla~                 

Unusual suspect!

This part is in continuation or to be more precise, the last part. You can read the first part by clicking Naked truth! You can read the second part of the story by clicking Seeing the unseen! You can read the third part by clicking  The note! You can read the fourth part by clicking  Time to clear the air! You can read the fifth part by clicking  Mystery woman! I would recommend you all to read the story from the beginning. Raman stepped into his office the next morning. The previous nights went busy as his thoughts played hide and seek. The deepening mystery was getting worse every single day. He had called Shaina the very same moment he discovered the suspicious scarf. He intended to have a meeting with Shivani, Kiran's mother. The question that irked him again and again was that the scarf was that of a girl but Shivani was aged. He suspected only her for all this mess. But he wanted to have a word with Shaina first, he wanted to take her with him as sometimes talk

Mystery woman!

This part is in continuation. You can read the first part by clicking Naked truth! . You can read the second part of the story by clicking Seeing the unseen! You can read the third part by clicking  The note! . You can read the fourth part by clicking  Time to clear the air! . I would recommend you all to read the story from the beginning. The day went quite well. Raman was able to clear the dirt that took over the case, clearing the view even more. There were two people in the eye of Raman who he thought would have given this conspiracy its fate. He had had several meetings with Shaina and Leena but he ruled out both of them because there was not enough proof which could lead them being considered as guilty.  The clock was ticking by and he wanted to make a quick but apt decision. Sipping up on his coffee, seated in the comfort of his chair at home, he buried himself deep in the list of the usual suspects that he had prepared from the investigation. He rolled out

Time to clear the air!

This part is in continuation. You can read the first part by clicking Naked truth . You can read the second part by clicking Seeing the unseen! You can read the third part by clicking  The note! Raman woke up with baggy eyes as the sunlight glared upon them. The night hadn't been so easy for him. The mystery was going deeper and deeper every single minute. He was under a deep pressure to solve the case within minimum time, the reason being people involved in the case. Regardless of all the facts that revolved vividly in front of him, he was sure that something was not right in Sameer's life. He made a mental note to visit his home again to discuss Sameer's life with Leena. He could have done that before only but he was skeptical about her mental condition upon losing her son. So he decided to stay mum, waiting for right time to discuss the matter with her in isolation. Shaina, dressed in black spaghetti, was eagerly waiting for Raman at his office. The wrinkles u

The note!

This part is in continuation. You can read the previous part Seeing the unseen! You can read the first part Naked truth . Shaina, who was skeptical about the woman, went to meet SSP Raman. He had called her at his office after she informed about the incident. He was not that much worried about her, but the fact that the peon who had poisoned Sameer, the only ray of light in this never ending tunnel was no more. Turning towards Shaina, he pointed her to hand over the photograph of that woman. Shaina, who looked close to sick, with puffy eyes and slightly wore out face, handed over the photograph to the SSP. Getting an assurance from him that he will try his best to find out about her, she left. Ratan waited outside the office, crouched behind the wall projection, a perfect place for hideout. She was not able to clearly see what Shaina handed over to the SSP. After Shaina left, there was no point for her in waiting for any more time there. Raman was deeply engrossed in hi

Seeing the unseen!

This part is in continuation to the previous part. I would recommend you all to read the first part viz. Naked truth! before reading this part for better understanding of sequence of events. The body had been sent for autopsy. Such thing would ever happen with Sameer was not in anybody's weirdest thoughts. The lips had turned blue which was a clear indication of him being poisoned to death. The only question to which everyone pondered was who and why someone in the name of god would murder him? Shaina was broken. Losing would be husband was one of the toughest phases of her life. The close by kins and other relatives had already started showering taunts about her being left a widow before marriage itself, making her life not less than a trouble. Rajan stood in the conference room waiting for the cops to start their investigation. He heard the footsteps that came from outside of the room. They felt like that of a woman in high heels. Without wasting another second, Raj

Naked truth!

Sameer looked at the mirror, narrowing his eyes a little at the reflection of a small strand of nasal hair, dressed in a formal black Armani suit that fitted perfectly, accentuating his muscular structure beneath. He was a man who kept hygiene his top priority, cleanliness was something he craved for. Without hesitation, he picked up the clipper placed impeccably on a dark chocolate colored teak table projected in front of the mirror. Trimming off the extra strands, he ascertained himself of the desired perfect look. He strode away in a hurry out of the room. He was already late for office. Shaina, in her early twenties, a woman of promise, who had pear shaped eyes and wore a smile on her face even in the tougher times, was soon going to be his wife. Something she considered to be one of her best moments to marry one of the richest boys among her peers. It had already become a talk among the sorority. Dressed in a beige colored top and sporting a churidar, she raked

Believe it's in your reach!

Image Source: here  Sitting at the beach, gazing at the waves I wanted to beseech, why so much one craves? The feeling of being content, it never comes The more one avoids the intent, more tough it becomes So frail, so lame are the thoughts of the people No trail, they echo silently, steel labeled as feeble From the rising and the falling tides, one can relate The path to which one has to abide, it can't be straight The sand between the toes felt so benign Completely soaked up clothes as I talked with whine Seeking a resolution, tired of this vengeance For it to lead to diminution, I had to stop the penance   From the meek compliance, one will always suffer Switch to some defiance, add it for the buffer The saline water sucks in the sand, but can't empty a beach Through the tough, one can stand; just believe it's in your reach! Click here to read To achieve anything- is not impossible!  


Image source: here The smoothness, the calmness That I feel in the touch of yours I have never felt this thing before From the very deep inside it cures The cast of a magic spell by you Caused me to wonder what happened The serendipity of meeting someone With some other would have left me saddened  All the drops of the flame Always light a candle in my mind Recalling the old sweet memories  Staring at the loss, with no reason to find Shutting all the doors in my head Bolting them from inside Confessing to the one and only feeling With you and only you, I am completely relaxed! Click here to read Perfect Picturesque  


Image credit: here Sometimes, one has to go through the UNKNOWN to win over what seems IMPOSSIBLE to others. The one, who does it, comes out to be a WINNER. -Saurabh Chawla