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Feeling Excited

I was standing outside the Italian cafe, waiting eagerly. A few drops of sweat were prominent on the forehead. Probably the humid weather was to be blamed. It could have been curious as well. It had been almost five long years since I had met Ananya. I saw her standing at a distance on the other side of the road. She crossed the road to reach the cafe. A small tuft of hair accentuated the pretty look. Her flawless frame could turn many heads to see her.   She greeted me with a smile and apologized for the little delay. Out of the anxiety, I didn't bother about her being late. All I cared at that time was how I would be taking it forward. We took the corner table. I wanted to avoid the crowd at all costs. We were escorted by a very courteous waiter. He made us sit comfortably and left. A lot of silent looks were exchanged between me and Emma. A lot had changed in our lives since we had last met. She looked different physically. Age had turned her skin slightly dull

Loving this Loneliness

Waiting for you, so tired Playing the games, so hard Figuring out the rules still I want to win this badly Taking out nothing, but Taking in everything It doesn't work like that, love Expectations hurt sometimes Remember the times When we cared of a few dimes Now the millions don't please you Yes I give you everything, darling I asked it several times that If you love me then let me know   I wanted you to be all ears, but You were no ears Moving closer or away, so confused Need to roam your mind But that I would like to do later As now, I am loving the loneliness! Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash