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How I saved my sense of smell!

In our lives, there comes a point when we have to deal with someone we wish we wouldn't have met ever. I am no exception to this rule. In fact, I have come across many of such people. I will tell you my story of how I dealt with one of such situations. I was doing some work on my workstation in my office. Usually we keep air fresheners in case of an emergency of some pungent smell that might be a reason to burn our nostril hair. It happened accidentally that we need an air freshener in office as once it happened to be a smell of a dead mouse which literally gave me a feeling close to a person dying of choking when I sat on my chair. I have a colleague who has an obsession (I call it so) of wearing a garment he purchased till it is reduced to threads. This thing was okay for me till our seating arrangement was changed in the office. I was deliberately forced to sit with him as he was a member of our business development team. I used to shout, scream and do whatever I could

I salute to thee!

Image source: here Lost in the thoughts Many fail to remember The sacrifice, the hardships Faced by the brave Many stepped back Many stopped their way They used as stepping stones To pave their way The year dates back to 1931 Under a tyranny was the country Unscrupulous people, immoral rule Dire consequences citizens suffered Three revolutionaries fought fearlessly Bhagat, Sukhdev, Rajguru were they named By their proud parents for their sacrifice On this summer day of the March,1931 On this day i.e. 23rd March, 1931 Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar were hanged for a murder in Indian struggle for Independence. This poem is dedicated to the three great revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the country. Bhagat Singh, I salute to thee! Shivaram Rajguru, I salute to thee! Sukhdev Thapar, I salute to thee! Click here to read In all, thou shall find salvation!    

Silent whispers....

Image credit: here Fair skin, grey eyes Lights dim, deep sighs Silent whispers, velvet touch Lips parting, not too much Bodies collide, souls unite Strong tide, love is infinite Warm breathing, burning desire Looks teasing, burning in fire Wrapped tightly, wet hair Shining brightly, skin so fair Oceanic eyes, deep I dived White lies, I have revived Fair skin, grey eyes Lights dim, deep sighs Silent whispers, velvet touch Lips parting, not too much Click here to read For you, my love

Those 24 hours...

This part is in continuation. I would advice you to read the previous part One fine night! before reading this part. The next morning Vinay woke up to his one of the most horrible mornings. The front page of the dailies featured the news of Natasha being kidnapped in the eerie of the night. She had gone for a movie last night with her friends. Who could have done this? Being a sincere police officer, he had a huge fleet of enemies but nobody dared touch his love, his fiancĂ©e till date. He was digesting the news that he got a call on his mobile phone. With trembling hands, he managed to pick the call. He heard a raucous voice from the other end. ‘If you want her back, hand over all the papers you have against Uday Sharma. You have twenty four hours before the court’s hearing tomorrow. Give me the papers, you will get her back in return or she will not see the tomorrow morning’s sun. Her fate lies in your hands!’ The next sound he heard was that of a click. He now underst

One fine night!

Image credit: here In the month of December, the chilly winters took over the city of Delhi with pride. The sky was clear with the full moon smiling from above but the icy winds forced even the warm of the warmest bloodied persons to stay indoors in the comfort of their homes. The roads were clean with no sign of life. In the eerie silence of the night, Natasha was running from something or someone, perhaps. The twenty-three year old, final year college student was being followed by some people. All she could sense was some shadows. She entered a large edifice which appeared to be a parking area. She wrapped around her face the kerchief for two reasons, one to prevent herself from cold and second to prevent herself from being identified in this chase of cat and mouse. The crimson colored kerchief acted as a perfect veil. She knew she was being followed but the reason remained delitescent. Hiding behind one of the pillars which supported the large edifice, she cou