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Walking on the empty roads Untouched by the air around Staring at the bruised skies Wondering why I bled On the way up above Shedding the wings behind Slowly building up the new ones Waited long for this molting Loathing the ground below Leaving sins and virtues behind Excited about this revelation I found the dawn of the dying day Like a stray bullet I was  Tired, depraved and stranded On the way to salvation Followed the path of a heathen Hanging by the nail in my head Had enough of sleepless nights Show me the way to heaven Intrigued as why I got a life!

Achieve success by following these principles

Success has different meaning for different people. For some, it could be passing in an examination. For a baby, it could be the first time he/she starts walking on his own feet etc. Depending from person to person, the definition of success changes. If you ask successful people out there about their mantra for success, you will find a different story every time. For each of them, success came to them by following certain principles. Some of the principles, you will find out when you will connect the dots would be somewhat the same. Today, in this post I am going to discuss these principles which can pave your way to success. 1) Pursue what you are expert at: When you are an expert at something, you automatically become passionate about it. Now the question which I come across is many times by my friends is that they don't know that one thing in which they are expert at. They don't know their hidden talent. They either fail to realize it at all or when they realize it, it

Are You Living On Expectations Of Others?

There comes a time in everybody's life when people realize that they is not living. The feeling is followed by constant showering of one question to god, 'Is this the life?'  Where do you think the problem lies? The society in which you are living or is it inside you or the people you stick around with during the course of your life? many of the readers will have one thing revolving in their head, 'Destiny' and some will have the notion that the present is direct consequence of karma of the past life!' Both points are valid in their true essence but sometimes they can not be held true. It's very easy to say, 'I was not able to study for the exam because destiny doesn't want me to pass it this time.' Not impressed? Here's another one, 'That person is rich because he has done very good karma in his past life.' This happens with almost all of us right? The truth is that we are living the life but living the expectations

Horn OK, No Please!

If you have been tired of being in noise for quite a long time, you are not alone. There are lots of people out there suffering from the chaos this noise has created in their lives.  The usual sources are there which are deemed to make noise but some sources are introduced by forced means. One such source which we would be discussing today is unnecessary honking on the roads. Why do people honk? Let's get back to this question later on. Before thinking on this question, give a deep thought to the questions below. It's better if you could ask these questions to yourself: Why do I honk? Do I honk unnecessarily or I do it genuinely? Am I doing it as a habit? What was my feeling when I pressed the horn? Simply write down answers to the questions above. What do you observe? Coming back to the reason why people honk, let's discuss possible reasons which I have felt people who honk on the roads, why they do it: It has become a habit

How your habits can influence your goal's success.

Let's face it. We all have goals set for ourselves but seldom we can achieve all of them. Have you ever figured out the reason for the slack? We often get entangled in different point of views, digesting a lot of information, even sometimes more than we can digest even. We set a goal but after two or three weeks we give up on them. What factors influence our actions which led to giving up on our goal? Below I would be discussing few factors which I feel and some which I have found out after reading from the internet from various experts giving their point of views: 1) We don't get out of our comfort zone. This is the number one factor which I feel that is a reason behind us slacking in achieving the goals. Here I would like to quote a very good explanation which I read in Jack Canfield's book   '25 principles of success'.   It said that if we take an example of a baby elephant who is taught to stay tethered to a pole will stay there only. In his younger