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How to deal with conflicts while writing a romance novel

Conflicts are the main thing in any novel regardless of its genre. It makes the building blocks of the story. It is something from which readers are expected to continue reading the novel, making it a page turner or it can otherwise lead to loss of interest for a reader. The  latter part of it is dependent on how the conflict is planned, how it is executed. A well planned conflict, which must also be a believable one or a series of them, makes the story promising to read. It will grab the interest of the readers making the novel a real page turner. 'A conflict must be present in a romance novel. A conflict which will keep the actor away from actress all the time till the end.' In this article, we would be taking up romance genre. Now in the romance genre as per me, the story at some point of time becomes more or less predictable. We all know the ending of the romantic novel. It all goes well in the end. The conflict has to come out from various sources with at least

3 Rules to always follow in life

Life can be hard at times. What makes some people get through the hard times whereas on the other hand other people hold themselves back? Today I am going to share 3 rules to always follow no matter whatever phase of life you are at present. If you will follow these three rules, you will surely get through the hard times. 1. Trust yourself You try to do something, there are lots of people who will try their best to stop you from doing it. They will shatter your hope, play with your dreams which, throw many obstacles in front of you. The only thing which will get you out from all these is trusting yourself. Trusting what you are doing is a very strong motivation which will pull you away from all the obstacles you are facing. Trusting yourself alone is enough for any man to achieve whatever he wants to achieve in life. 2. Be Yourself Easier said than done. This is read and heard many times by you but still somewhere in the back of your mind you have that small regret of

How forcing others to trust you is slowing you down!

Forcing someone else to trust you is like rock climbing with a  weight that is 1000 times more than you can pick. - Saurabh Chawla Most of you would agree with the above said statement as you may have encountered with the same at one point of your life. The above is especially true in the workplace scenario when its very difficult to get yourself through the management or I should precisely say, the boss. In a nutshell, I am not going to provide the ways of doing that but I would be glad to share the fact that whether you should invest your time and energy (which are very useful resources if used at a right place) or not. Some of the below mentioned scenarios may make things clear. 1. Your manager is not willing to listen. We all have been in this situation or maybe some of you would face it in near future. Not once, twice but most of the times. The problem is not him, but the problem is the fact that his superiority has given if superficial ego which is the end res

Getting something is not impossible! Just ask a simple question WHY?

We have always thought of getting something which seems distant to us. We keep practicing many things in life to meet that one goal. Sometimes we do meet it, sometimes we don't. Many a times it happens that we meet that goal but we think the opposite the moment we get that goal. It happens that we don't want that goal to be fulfilled after we have succeeded. That is the moment when we realize that we have chased the wrong goal our entire life. There are several reasons that forces us  to chase wrong goals in life. The primary being the force from our parents and society. For example, a child who has just cleared his 12th exam is recommended to pursue Engineering or medical etc. courses because they are the trending courses. The student who sees many other people pursuing these courses makes a dream of becoming an engineering graduate or a doctor. But what will happen if he/she doesn't like to study engineering or medical? Nobody asks that. Here, I am not going again

How Mornings Can Be Your Friends

You might have had many sick mornings when you didn't want to get up from bed. Or the worst case you might have faced is of spoiled mood in the morning. Have you ever wondered why the rest of the day was also spent like hell? Mornings are meant to set the tone for the entire day. If they are perfect that day you will feel happy and if the start of the day is irritating, you might end up with a bad day. Below mentioned are some of the tips which can help you to make your mornings friendly ones. This will in turn make your day a good one. 1. Stay away from social media The first thing we do today (even I do) is to check that what has been posted on social networking sites and it accounts for a substantial amount of our morning time. If we occupy our mind in the morning, it is not a good idea. The best can be to stay offline and spend that precious time on yourself. Invest this time on the tasks which you feel will motivate you. It is the best way to start your day. R

Dealing with stress, 5 important practises to follow!

Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life. Marilu Henner Stress, the frequently said word today is something that we all have to deal with daily. The point is that it is a slow killer. If you allow it to take control of you, it will start eating you away. People become psychologically weak when it comes to dealing with stress. Particularly when it comes one after the other banging your head. Stress can be handled effectively by following or I should say preaching certain habits. Now I am not giving any magic trick to deal with stress right away. I am suggesting some very known habits which you are already aware about. Something which I have experienced myself and believe me they help a lot. 1) Do some exercise, daily: I want you say this thing to yourself, ' I am going to have a workou