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From the fears down deep, you try to take a plunge You may fail many times, but at times you may succeed The uncanny feeling of being watched by strangers All I want to say to all is that I don't have any grudge  Failure is the first step one takes to succeed The cyclones one has to chase all his life Sometimes one may get away, at times clouded The vision so blurry, one has to dig through for the way The only salvation is this from the inward strife Failure is the first step one takes to succeed In spite of tiredness, one might have to loathe the ground  The ringing so loud never seems to settle down Hope is the key; never lose the faith in yourself That's all to carry you forward with the sound Remember, failure is the first step one takes to succeed!

The healing!

Looking back at the memories that cloud my thoughts The journey has been on so weary roads of life I wonder how people survive their inner strife I have learned how to slowly connect the dots They say patience is a virtue, hard to attain, I feel Covering a million miles in a single life seems less Holding on makes you a mere pawn in the game of chess I agree that you might face with many issues harder to deal Her look that is breath taking is all I want to be left with The shades so attractive that even can't be formed on a palette I agree to the so obvious envy of thy on my palate Something a long time ago I considered as a myth Like a glass, I have been through a process of annealing The injuries deep down in me, a result of wrath The extreme coldness of water I can't feel when I bath As the warmth of her touch is enough for the healing!


Image Courtesy: here Wandering in this world is sometimes tiring At times I feel to continue, at times I think of retiring The looks so sly, that pierces the heart down deep At times I go slowly, at time I get ready for a leap Immortal is the soul, very difficult to keep These drops of perspiration, seem never to evaporate The never ending lust, can somebody please aspirate? Why it is when someone does anything is called a creep? Dreaming a nightmare, I wish I haven't gone to sleep Immortal is the soul, very difficult to keep Walking down the path destined, no other option left By choice, not chance any worries if I feel bereft The aching night can't bestow the gift that I will keep I assort with the dark, allowing it to steep 'Cause I know, immortal is the soul, very difficult to keep Click here to read From the infinity...


For an artist, appreciation for his creation is enough to quench his hunger as well as his thirst. Acknowledging the love of his life is all what he lusts for.                                                                                                -Saurabh Chawla

Writing to me is.....

This post has been selected for the WOW post of this week. Thank you  Blogadda . :) Writing to me is something which helps me to discover what I think. It's always not possible to write what's on your mind. It takes time to improve the learning. Slowly and gradually it improves. Well, someone writes from reflections of his/her life. The other one writes after he/she is completely inebriated. The latter one is something when the person writes with his/her own wildest imagination. Some need it some not though. Writing for me has always been a necessity I would say. A great stress reliever. As I see myself down the time of these 11 months since I started this blog, I can see a significant improvement (according to me) in my vocabulary, grammar and all other aspects of English language. One thing that I had learned is to respect the language and it will respect you back. For this one I would like to narrate a short experience of mine when I was in my school. You a

For you my love...

Unknown to me the reason Why it's that we met? Intentional it was I feel I realize love has no season The first time I saw you Lost in the pages of a book Fighting with all the storms inside Your soft hair in the wind they blew The present day is a reflection The time which I need to hold on It all just happened, it was so expedite I guess it's a result of your affection The time came when we went on our first date In a fix I was, everything seemed alien Adrenaline rising inside, only you controlled  The moment I surmised you as my soul mate To you I surrender my fate, I am paralyzed The cupid has pierced the right target Without you I am a body without a soul With you around it is no less than a paradise Deep desire to be with you forever Dreams you conquer, I am left wondering Is this called love? I agree I am infected To love you is my only endeavor  Today is the day of love. We all are preoccupied with our ow


From the time as old as mankind till the present day Thou have tried always to keep foment at bay Surmising the deeds that made you to wonder What went wrong in the path that made a blunder? Looking up in the skies, eyes reaching the eternity  Tired of all, you attract the evils of modernity From the weary body you try to shed away the calluses The limit is reached, when you can't take the abuses The creator wouldn't be happy as you think The pleas you make to him lose their sync If thou remember him in the times you need The indication is you are fulfilling your greed The materialism, the luxury can impress for sure To the deepest core ever imagined, more you lure The learning goes on, never defined the brim But don't forget, in all situations to recite the hymn!


The life so beautiful, why to destroy it with wrath The hypnosis of materialism, leads to wrong path Thou may be confined to pain, impossible to flee Straining you deeply, but still face it with a glee Respect is something you can't get for free From ground zero you begin, striding to the top Clearing all the milestones, kept for you to stop The tests are conducted for your own benchmark You may win or lose, you can't build Noah's ark Respect is something you can't get for free Thou shall find the hidden treasures, not outside A common place unknown to all, close to you it reside People's unscrupulous talks keep messing up my mind They want something in return, to which you are bind Respect is something you can't get for free  Earning it requires a patience that of a colossal Entwined it is, you need to be your own apostle   It slowly keeps growing on, just take the decree With roots dug deep below, like that

The craving!

The path to the finish, did it ever exist? All the faces of life are unable to resist. Walking on the roads, including the highways It leads to nowhere, I even tried the sideways The craving goes on and on, hiding somewhere The hours ticking away, opening up layer by layer  The tides have fallen deep; I want you to anchor the night Capturing the blissful moments, coveted long for your sight  The dreams can't be so shady, whispering in my ears You were playing with the sand, forgetting all your fears  The phase went so fast, I want you to shipwreck your fears Standing by your side any time, I will wipe away your tears  The craving goes on and on, hiding somewhere I keep on holding them, as the wishes are never suffice!   The collusion between you and me, will it ever be settled? Asked me to myself in the mirror, as I saw him feeling nettled The reminiscence didn't last long because of the brevity, to you I adhere The craving goes o

The encounter!

This post has been selected for the Blogadda's WOW post of the week. It was Monday. The sun shone brightly on the campus podium. Everyone could sense the hustle and bustle around the canteen. It was located on one of the corners of the podium. The other corner paved the way towards the two wings of our college. The north and the south wings, at the center of the podium stood a long staircase. It indicated to the two classrooms for section A on the left and section B on the right respectively. Rest all other sections students had to sit in the north wing where their seniors also studied. I was lucky I was in section A. The word ragging was enough to haunt me that time. It was the very first time that I was studying at a college which was out of my home city. After the classes, normal introduction to other classmates was a natural phenomenon. On the very first day of my college, I made two friends Vikas and Rahul.


The journey has been so long On the weary roads of life Gaining the things, to you they belong Not all, as some are lost in a strife  Countless miles you have covered With an infinite miles more to go You are drenched by drops showered Falling one by one with a pace so slow You have tried hard to contemplate You have tried hard to surmise More hardly it accumulates Lastly what you have is suffice You keep on climbing till roof Not knowing what you will get Whether it is near by or aloof With closed eyes, you place the bet The dark clouds filled with water At peak all is achieved, nothing is left Soaking you to the soul like a blotter Telling you that like the drops, you are not bereft! 

This is Life!

Few years after the birth Not bothered by anything You live happily in the mirth The time is as short as a fling Slowly and steadily growing You keep on the learning Can be compared to rowing A path to fulfill your yearning The troublesome adult you become Slightly free slightly adhered Talking when you need to stay mum The principles which at times you not revered Then comes the time of a little maturity When several people surround you  The peak is attained, all you need is security Only the good for oneself you want to accrue Passing on the age of adulthood Seeing your kids growing up Prodding them things what they should When you look yourself in closeup Finally comes the time to retire The time comes for all, it's so rife Make sure you do deeds that inspire 'Cause my friend, all I say is this is life!

Path to Success!

One can dominate the path to success only when that 'One' can dominate his/her inner fears. Life moves too slow to hold it down. Go ahead take the risk, you never know what's in store for you!                                                                                                   -Saurabh Chawla

Sweet memories

The sun shone bright after quite a long time on a chilly winter day. Looking at a flower shop in front of her, Tina moved forward. She wanted to buy some flowers for Rahul. After all it was valentine's day. Their friends had already planned a surprise party for the couple that night. Secretly, Rahul was included in the plan. The shop seemed old. The wooden white door made a creaky noise every time any one entered or left the shop. Tina slowly opened the door making sure not to push too hard. A pretty looking young woman at the other side of the reception welcomed her with a smile. Being a special day for couples, it was obvious to see a shop like that to be crowded. The young lady stood up from her seat. She wanted to show some of her best collections to Tina who seemed lost in her own small world. Maybe she was confused which flowers to pick. After a demonstration for about fifteen minutes, she took a small bouquet consisting of  mixture flowers. It comprised primarily of

Plea of a woman!

Looking up the sky so high Impossible to measure its height She took a deep sigh When she saw nothing in sight The cotton clouds were flying Not possible for her to catch From inside she was slowly dying Her soul held her by a latch She had learnt the perseverance She will have to go on Showing a deep rooted reverence Whether to her it was known or unknown The time is the best healer She has failed to recognise You can't act like a dealer The truth which she now surmise Pointing at the dark grey cloud overhead She lets out a roaring scream A plea to the universal shepherd Cursing him for failure of her dreams She skipped the sleep many nights Her eyes shut tight in darkness Her mind traversing painful sights Wondering why all she met were heartless? The darkness slowly faded away The answer was given to her in a blink Holding the pieces together she heard him say Look deep within my child, and thou shall no

The vulnerable soul!

The biggest challenge for a man is to understand his own self. Till then he is as vulnerable as the drop of water which suffers from a phobia of being lost in the ocean.                                                                                                 -Saurabh Chawla

Outweigh your past!

A man can outweigh his friend or an enemy with or without much satisfaction. The ultimate satisfaction which comes from within is when he outweighs his own past by his present.                                                                                                            - Saurabh Chawla

The meeting!

Never seen never felt Sudden rush of emotion A deep sense of devotion Very calmly it was dealt The strong reverence For the only one there Muted was the outside blare Such was the perseverance Looking at the time in my watch Peeking from the edge at the door The voice of her is hard to ignore Causing insobriety better than a scotch The aura of her continued up heating The warmness of the touch so soothing In a fix I was, was it real or musing? A pleasing one was the meeting!


Running across the streets Aimless, looking here and there Searching for the one I saw Holding the unusual heart beats My intentions were not bad I didn't meant to stalk her Looking up at the aching night The moment turned from happy to sad The inner desires, difficult to comply One moment I needed to stay calm Other one brought a roaring wave Just wanted to give it another try As usual she moved away from me The contemplation was obvious Surroundings turned out to be too quiet No choice left, rather than to accept it with glee I have never learned to give up Neither shall I try It doesn't depend on the situation Again, the time is to buck up The final moment has arrived  Aimless journey felt aimless no more The calmness in her gaze was a comfort I confess truly it was not contrived!