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After you say adieu!

I have lived till now alone With no one to disturb Only Mother's love was shown Which kept me in a curb? I never dreamt of a woman Who will be next to her? For her I will be the one man Who will keep her in cover? Time has arrived now To fulfill someone's desire I have to make a vow In the event so dire The fear is suffused With me getting unnerved I am bound to get mused My feelings have swerved Will I be able to give her adore? Will I be able to keep up the change? I have to make it a chore I can't keep you estrange The emotion I surmise That thou will adore thee You cannot be a disguise Anyways I cannot flee I will be your best friend I will be your beau I will be for you to defend After you say to your home adieu This post is entry to the contest "Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage" hosted by Indiblogger and sponsored by Sony Entertainment Television. To check out from the girl's perspective click

You can't live in fear!

Twenty four years of life I spent in my parent's home Tomorrow I will be a wife In a world to me which is unknown Finally the day has arrived For a decision so momentous My parents have strived I have to be pretentious A thought so implacable That is making me so vigilant I can't do what is impossible I am left so stagnant I don't know what to expect I don't want to think either I fear I might lose my respect I am left to smother The marriage is arranged one I know nothing about the guy He could have deceived everyone With the actions not so sly I have to play the gamble It's the rule of the game Life is such a long ramble Only peace is what I aim It's only the seeds to sow And the fruits you have to bear Soon the love will have to show You can't live your life in fear  This post is entry to Contest "Love Marriage Ya Arrange Marriage" hosted by Indiblogger a

In colors I see hope!

I stood near the window Gazing at the night so black No stars, no light, no shadow I felt I was under attack Sipping up my coffee so brown I could see on it the cream so white Its bitterness made me frown But the cream made the drink a delight Those feelings and emotions so true I remember having a dream last night That dream made me feel so blue Suddenly, there was a light so bright There was a red car on the middle of the road Bewildered, I slowly opened my grey eyes  With the deep yellow light that glowed It seemed as if it was devil in disguise A manly figure disembarked who was suave My feelings which I hold now in poise He gently brushed his hands on my dress so mauve My heart jumped with the shades of turquoise The black sky had turned orange I felt my spine allowed a chill to elope  Taking away the thoughts of derange As now in colors I see hope!  So wake up, I am not sleeping alone again tonight. There'

Don't lose hope!

At the end of the day All I did was that I cried Because I was left in dismay My dreams got shattered With each passing moment My soul was always battered With all the actions of foment Emotions that I hold in poise Now I give up the lament To settle the inward noise Nothing for you they meant The new day begins with a new try It may sound to you so lame I apologize for all the time I cry It's only me to blame I am glad that now I realized I am now climbing up the rope No need for you to feel so surprised As I have learned, don’t lose HOPE!

My broken heart sings!

With each passing moment My heart gives out a cry Some kind of a lament To the look which is so sly What is my fault? That I make mistakes You always add some salt To my bruises that aches You can't even realize The torture I feel I am bound to surmise My heart which you steal The pain I go through every night When you keep me waiting For one glimpse of your sight Only to face you’re berating? I try hard to evince I am soaked in pain But I fail to convince My efforts go in vain Enough of it now I give up the suffering I know I made a vow But my heart resists this buffering I am not a plastic doll Don't treat me as abhor My heart gives out a squall Please SOAK me no more!! This post is my second official entry to the contest  'SoakNoMore' hosted by Indiblogger and Sponsored by Surf Excel Matic. You can check out the link here . You can also check out the Indiblogger page by clicking here . You can check out the

The power of Surf Excel Matic! Soak No More

I was busy listening to my favorite song on my iPod. The mellifluous tone just was creating a sense of harmony in my all senses. My tattered body cells seemed too coalesced. It felt so nice after getting soaked in the rain. The best part of it was I had been playing football with my neighborhood friends. Consequently there were brown mud patches spread all over my red tee. After removing the grit from my tee I had come back to my room. My room is small, but I keep it well organized. I make it a point that my things don't lie here and there scattered. But that day, I still marvel what went wrong. My books were lying here and there. I forgot to place them in the rack after studying in the night. I felt someone yelling my name from outside. But after few seconds it was gone. After a few minutes, Mom barged into the room. 'What you have done?' she asked at the top of her voice. I could see the anger in her red eyes. 'What?' I was driven with frisson from

Finally, love is god!

'Welcome to Melbourne' a voice echoed as the plane landed at the Melbourne airport. There was a hustle and bustle as the passengers started removing their luggage from the cabin compartment. Pankhuri was delighted. She performed all the formalities of arrival, claimed her luggage, hired a taxi and left for the hotel. She had to stay in a hotel for first few days till all the formalities for her admission at the university were completed and the hostel allocated to her. She reached the hotel at around 10 in the morning. A blonde man with blue eyes, wearing a Grey suit who sat at the reception welcomed her. 'Welcome to the Melbourne Marriot, Ma'am. Here is your room card.' He said giving a swipe card to her. 'Thank you, Could you please arrange someone to fetch my luggage to the room?' she asked importantly. 'Sure!' he said. 'Thanks!' she smiled and left for the room. The room was scented with a sweet aroma. The l

Bringing up your child after marriage is a daunting task!!

It had been six years after the Malhotras had become proud parents of a lovely, cute and adorable daughter. They named her Pankhuri, nicknamed Pinky. She loved the latter name more. They call her Pankhuri; she would give a bland response. But had she been called Pinky, she would even jump out from the laziest moment dancing to its tune. When Pinky was six year old, she didn't have friends in school as well as in neighborhood except for Sonu. He was seven when his family shifted their house from Mumbai to Delhi because of his father's transfer. As every child plays with other kids in the surroundings, Pinky was a bit different. She didn't step out of her home sweet home except for going to school, and then back home. Her parents feared of any mis-happening as she was their only child, over-protection was obvious. Obsession for her was natural. Sonu was lively kid. His father who had traveled almost half of India as a result of his regular transfers was not sure when

Problems faced by the bride in arranged marriage!

One week had passed, so does Megha's patience. She didn't know how she would go about it but all she knew that she had to talk to him about it. The doorbell ranged. It was the end of wait, the curiosity that had been building up for entire one week. Megha only knew how she had faced Janki, all other family members. She rushed to open the door. Raj stood there smiling. Their eyes met, the moment had stood still. Two weeks of separation has led both to realize that they had missed each other so much. Tears rolled down Megha's eyes as she hugged him tightly. 'Megha, what happened?' he asked brushing his hands in her hair. 'I missed you...' she squelched. 'I missed you too....' he embraced her tightly in her arms. Megha felt a sigh of relief seeing Raj. She realized that how much she had been feeling abandoned, alone without him. She stood there hugging him, wishing that moment to be stopped then and there only. 'Megha, let's go insi