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Are you using the best RO water purifier in India?

Water is an essential ingredient of our daily needs. With the pollution levels increasing, and the groundwater is contaminated, the need for drinking water which is clean is increasing day by day. There are people in our country who are wasting water like it will be always available. It's a resource that is largely neglected in our country. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are struggling to get a drop of pure drinking water. This raises a question that whether the RO purifiers be ever in the list of necessities in citizens' life or not? Water is needed for proper functioning of the body. It helps in keeping the body hydrated, regulates the temperature of the body, all time refreshing drink which everyone can enjoy without any danger or side effects and it's a source of some of the important minerals too. There are several traditional methods being used in Indian households to purify the water. The thought of choosing RO water purifier is la

Living the moment

Walking barefoot Love this softness Of the sand beneath Mixed with ashes and soot The Mystery Of this life and death Told and untold several times Buried somewhere in the history Million thorns Pierced deep in the feet Causing the pain so sweet Away from those shrieking horns Soothing wind Kissing the face and neck And hugging with affection Daylight has also dimmed This weather so romantic I'm enchanted by your presence Let's cut off from the noisy, phony world And live this moment in the Atlantic! Click here to read Intrigued   Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


Kissing the pain away Felt all like a feather Left right we sway Tonight, let's stay together Never getting enough of it Love seeing it get strong Don't keep standing there, sit Waited for this since long Love that tuft on your forehead And yeah that dimple on the right Let the words go overhead Don't want to miss this sight It simply drives me crazy When you call out my name Surroundings become so hazy Your seductive voice is to blame? Touch so benign, listening the cacophony Hand in hand, I want to get fatigued Let's get out of the noise, near is my colony Want to know you deep cos I am intrigued! Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Lost Soul

Shooting for the stars Controlling the emotions Hiding away those scars Of demotions and promotions Who are you? Do I know you? The question always is haunting I am the lion of jungle not the zoo Had enough of your taunting Not a kid anymore, not even the rebel Neither I am in a mood to take vengeance But I am surely out of your spell Heading towards the independence It's tough to feel alright I know When you are broken from inside But that's the time when you grow All you need to do is to hide Controlling it all by myself Taking the car on the highway Just stay with me, don't lose yourself Trust me, you will not stray!  Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash