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Are you ready for this trip?

    Starting from scratch nth time Following a different way Getting not even a dime As the regular pay   Removing the sick mind Replacing with the healthy one Not to be left behind This fight is to be won   All that hard work Always gone unseen Life gives a smirk Time to change the scene Taking on the challenge Sailing the sinking ship Not trying to be savage Are you ready for this trip?     Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash  

With you, my love, every week is a Valentines week!

    Taking my breath away As I see your silky hair sway Can't wait to come to you to propose I come closer to you with a red rose! Dancing under the starlit sky Our lips meet, with a sigh Feeling cold, I put my hand in the pocket Surprise you with your favorite chocolate! The Downpour of the rain teases us There is a minus, there is a plus Making it sure that we are ready Says with a blink, the cute teddy!   As the thundering becomes intense Clouds began to form so dense  Being with you is a sweet drug Can't wait to give you a tight hug!  Wishing this night doesn't go away Is the only thing that I pray Time is running out, reaching to the peak With you, my love, every week is a Valentines week!   Also read - Nobody else, but only you!