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Image Source:  here From time to time, you crib With no patience in your nature Sometimes it tickles me in the rib To see you let my work denature You don't even have courage to contemplate Nor you can imagine to that extent With a life full of lies, you try to compensate I want you to ask yourself, is that content? Harmonizing to the tune of the vision It is something very difficult to achieve Unknowingly, you are accused of treason It's up to you to believe or not to believe Have you ever heard a word called credit? I request you to do some research in this regard Or at least grant us the permission to edit Else, I am sorry to say that you will be barred! This poem is dedicated to all the copycats on the internet. Let's stand together against this heinous crime and these criminals. Plagiarism has to be ended. My humble request to all fellow bloggers, please report it as soon you find it out, because delay in this mat

Life is colorful!

Holi, a festival of colors is celebrated all over India, particularly in the northern region more. It is a festival where two enemies can become friends forever. People in my surroundings and everywhere are covered all over with all sorts of colors. There are many varieties available in the market. Some sell herbal colors, some don't. Also not to forget, the famous dish of this festival known as Ghujiya.  It's very delicious, I must say. Overall it is a very nice experience to play Holi with everyone as it gives us all a chance to have a sort of get together which otherwise seems almost impossible. Thanks to our tech savvy population. It's been around 4 years that I have stopped playing Holi. The reason being it gets more and more dirty. People have started using grease and other harmful toxic chemicals. I agree oil comes to the rescue but still it's not that safe nowadays. Balloon fighting is a trend in Holi but what if people start shooting eggs and othe

What is Love?

Image credit: here Love is like placing your hand on the flame of a burning candle. Neither the candle blows off nor can you remove the hand from the flame.                                                                                             ~Saurabh Chawla~

Cute little girl!

Image Source:  here A long time ago, maybe a decade Or even earlier, I guess Going to the school, the day was made Trying really hard, but failed to impress That cute little girl with a long braid The smoothness which she never let fade I was sitting at a seat directly behind her Feeling so divine, with her hair my fingers played I didn't care about anyone else, whatever they infer I just liked that cute little girl with a long braid The hair so soft, in rhythm they swayed Even the silk can become brittle for a while But the shine of her hair, as it is, it stayed Something was in her, else she would not beguile I realized now that I loved that cute little girl with a long braid! This post is written for a contest sponsored by Dove and hosted by Indiblogger 'Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids' . You can check out the link  Dove Split End Rescue System. Don't forget to check out the link. Click here to read surreptit

Let there be love!

Image Courtesy:  here With each passing moment, I recall The offensiveness of the past memories Feeling the chill, I slide my hand in the glove I sit beside the window and see the flying dove Wind whispered in my ear, let there be love So soft, so free, the tenderness I can foresee The contemplation was hidden somewhere inside Decision was taken; I let it out hard to shove With all things below it, I put only this above Wind whispered in my ear, let there be love  I turned to the earth below, it stared back at me Deep resentment in her eyes I could see Her loathing for the unanswered pleas stood above In the middle of the ground sat the mourning dove I heard the wind whispered in my ear, let there be love! Click here to read An angel!  


Looking deep into yourself You will find some solace It can be the power of an elf Luxury better than a palace It guides you throughout From birth till death It helps you when others flout It never leaves you bereft In the hour of need It teaches you defiance Between the lines you must read It's nothing but your conscience! Click here to read Contrived!  

What it takes!

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Why me?

Image Courtesy: here Trying hard to decipher, it’s very hard to rule At times it feels like a lifer, at times as a fool The feeling so strange left me totally tricked Trying to adapt the change, me only why you picked? Enough is enough now, I hate being always kicked Sitting behind the smoke clouds, watching the derange Carefully you plan your hideout, even the best can't arrange Like voodoo doll I feel, in which a needle is pricked It's very hard to deal, just tried again, but I tripped Enough is enough now, I hate being always kicked The winters I love but the air is filled by smoke from smokestacks I wear an orange coat in the evening to shield from the attacks The life I am able to support, I can't see my children being ripped Washing away the pain as I can't abort, to me only this thing clicked I just want you to preach, enough is enough now, I hate being always kicked! PS: Our planet earth's atmosphere is being


Image credit: here The main fear of mankind is not face god after death for their sins, but to face himself in the mirror eye to eye. Those who are able to do it become fearless. -Saurabh Chawla

The woman!

Image Courtesy: here For centuries I have lived under pressure The ruling of the stern counterpart by tether He played with the fragile body of ours Killing the innocence as he put us behind bars The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars The pain has been suffered till the eternity Often after being used and abused by the fraternity The time always heals the wounds with its powers All that remain deep within the heart are only the scars The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars From a daughter to a mother, she plays different roles Tired of everything, still continues to fulfill her goals  Waited since quite a long time back, for the right hours The modernity is what that was required that empowers The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars Endurance is what takes the multitasking fairer counterpart ahead The path is rough, even the strongest think twice to tread Today they can touch the skies, climb the tallest towers Ye

Kiss of the nature!

  Standing at the peak, I was gazing far away The reach to eternity, holding my body from sway I heard only once that its heaven out there Now I was standing, to it I was left adhere The spine chilling wind slapped on my face The ice as soft as cotton, I let it to embrace The beauty is the only one that allures Promising it is, with each step you will adore Up above the sky was as blue as cobalt So pure that even oceans were free from salt Feeling myself which was lighter than ever Looking in the eyes of it was my next endeavor Loved being there will always miss the charm Carving out my desires, it will cause no harm So soothing was the touch, a beautiful gesture I will never forget that kiss of the nature!

An angel!

This post has been selected for the Blogadda WOW. You can check it out here. From heaven far above, came an angel All was transformed from sad to happy Not knowing what will please the one Some tried with a toy , others with fable The moment of smile filled the hearts with joy The moment of cries left all wondering why? Whatever it was, it kept everyone there busy For so long all waited to adore the act so coy Getting a gift of a doll with hair that moved in a swirl Unexpected for all it was, it smile slowly faded away Something for all was not inevitable turned out the same Scared she was, after all she was only a little girl ! This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend , an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.