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The Love so Sweet, Yeah I Know...

  Looking myself in the mirror Staring the hurricane in the eye As I come closer to my reflection Hiding beneath the lie   The colors in the sky turn grey Thunderstorm welcoming the day I walk on the cracked roads Below which thousands of souls lay   The unknown is the path, the unknown is the way Still, I have stepped out towards the destination The pain washed away by the tiny droplets of rain Moving on from station to station   You can't cage a bird as free as me Destined to see the places without a sigh Past influences future or future is the past Yeah, I will fly high...   I must be traveling now The love is so sweet, yeah I know Pulled me like the guitar strings So much for you, I have to show...   Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash  
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I'm Here to Stay...

     With all the heart And my soul I embarked on a journey Without any goal  Lighting up the candles As I sit in the dark The 3 am friends came knocking Yes they appeared so stark Listened to my heart's calling Staying away from the crowds Loved the enchanting scenery Behind the white clouds   The sun kissed the mountains The ink splashed on the paper Painting thoughts with words And emotions turn to vapor   The time went by so quickly It just seemed like yesterday I was drawn to you, the pied piper Not going anywhere, I'm here to stay...   *This year, I complete 9 years of my blogging journey. It is not a roller coaster ride for me. As a person who takes things slowly, like to live a slow, peaceful life, I pen whatever I feel like writing. With this poem, I express my thoughts and emotions plus the experiences.   Photo by Elijah O'Donnell from Pexels  

Are you ready for this trip?

    Starting from scratch nth time Following a different way Getting not even a dime As the regular pay   Removing the sick mind Replacing with the healthy one Not to be left behind This fight is to be won   All that hard work Always gone unseen Life gives a smirk Time to change the scene Taking on the challenge Sailing the sinking ship Not trying to be savage Are you ready for this trip?     Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash  

With you, my love, every week is a Valentines week!

    Taking my breath away As I see your silky hair sway Can't wait to come to you to propose I come closer to you with a red rose! Dancing under the starlit sky Our lips meet, with a sigh Feeling cold, I put my hand in the pocket Surprise you with your favorite chocolate! The Downpour of the rain teases us There is a minus, there is a plus Making it sure that we are ready Says with a blink, the cute teddy!   As the thundering becomes intense Clouds began to form so dense  Being with you is a sweet drug Can't wait to give you a tight hug!  Wishing this night doesn't go away Is the only thing that I pray Time is running out, reaching to the peak With you, my love, every week is a Valentines week!   Also read - Nobody else, but only you!

Giving It All Up

    Counting and recounting the number of times I failed , it has created a mountain tearing the ceiling of the house I live in. Curse, as they say, It's not bad luck as I don't believe in the bullsh*t of good or bad luck. The reason being the definition of what's good or bad varies from person to person. They say being lost is common and one can get back. What about a person who has gone for too long and too far? It will take a lifetime to get back. Living the same old life on a daily basis, the problems faced never seem to end. The so-called God sitting above the puny human beings is enjoying the matinee show. Never-Ending Pain Aching nights, tracked by the satellites, but I am not received. Looking for ways to collect the broken pieces of my useless life, but it doesn't seem to fix anytime soon coz the pieces are too many. The fire that originally erupted seems to complete its course and burn out. The cold flame seemingly burning the last time, trying hard to

Don't Wake Me Up Ever Again

    "Wake up! It's sunrise." Someone screamed at me in the dawn. In deep slumber, I had no intention to wake up and face the demons of the haunted house again. Life literally plays hide and seek with me and somehow I have also started enjoying it. Tried a lot to speak out but as I elucidated in my previous post, counting my failures is not my cup of tea anymore because they are too many. Carrying miserable myself everywhere, knocking every door I can to seek refuge, but sometimes life, like the tongue can be betraying. From dawn to dusk, I do it all over again incessantly every single day. Watching all laugh at the fool called me is no surprise as I have started doing the same, I laugh at myself whenever I do something that doesn't seem to be of this world. Please me not The pleasing material I have become, like a puppet with strings held by multiple personalities out there. I try to find myself but all I see is darkness. Hiding, deep down I pray for this miser

I am a Failure

    “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” This quote by Og Mandion seems like a ray of hope for many out there who are struggling right now or have seen struggle throughout their lives. Today, I am going to discuss something which I have been pondering over for the last few months. It may seem that I am venting out my frustrations to most of you but I am speaking this from my experiences rather than frustrations. So it's a request to all of you not to judge me by this post or if you do want to frame opinions you are free to do because I have no control over it whatsoever. Fear All Around I have never been fearful but lately with the chain of events that has happened in my life recently, fear is the new language I am peaking now. It's not that I am an introvert and can't shout out loud for what I want or need, but it's that I am f**k**g tired of doing that. The voices either fall on deaf ears or are lost somewhere in the