Aug 23, 2020

Nobody else, but only you!

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Looking into your eyes

Escaping the world outside

Following you tonight

And Longing for a life

Baby I was lonely

Quarreling with everyone

Searching for peace everywhere

Finally got it in your arms

Bloodless and blind

I had turned

Of people turning me down

Now I've buried them all

Standing on the empty street

Staring the Blue moon

Waiting for you to arrive

Nobody else, but only you!

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May 27, 2020

Feeling of Nirvana!

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Your long lashes
Inviting me hard
Old memory flashes
Temptation I can't guard

Dark fantasies can't be ignored
When I caress your silk
Slowly the wine is poured
On your skin so velvety milk

Our lips explore each other
From top to bottom, every inch
We feel a seductive smother
Did you also feel the pinch?

Rolling over on the bed
I apologize, I trespassed,
Your territory moving ahead
That too without being asked

Holding hands together, fingers clamped tightly
Your eyes tell me to walk your territory really?
Your incessant gaze, so tempting, mine accept brightly
Deep within ourselves, we feel nirvana, freely!

Jan 1, 2020


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Living a life of peace
Saving myself from the turmoil
Free from the disease
Better to keep the oil

Alive I feel
By each passing day
With myself, I made the deal
To keep the worries at bay

Dealing with the procrastination
From the unnecessary things
Dreaming indefinitely, imagination
With the life only, I love the flings

Mistakes buried in the past
Never to be dug again
Moving slow and fast 
That's how I train

Gobbled up what is left behind
I have traveled past those stations
The testament is thus signed  
I am happy with these revelations

Wish you all a  very Happy New Year 2020

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Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash
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