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Need a gift? Check out

Choosing a gift can be sometimes a daunting task. The more daunting task is, getting the gift you have selected. In the times of busy schedules, I  can't find time to select a gift outlet and go there to purchase that gift. I began searching online for gifts. The result, I was introduced to a wonderful gift portal . Indian Gifts Portal has a collection of gifts for all occasions and for all relations like if you want to send a gift to a friend, they have a vast collection ranging from budget gifts to premium gifts. The best thing about them is, faster delivery times. I ordered a watch. You can take a look at the picture below: A friend's birthday was approaching and I was in a hurry to buy a gift. I browsed through the site and selected  and ordered a gift as well on 23rd June, 2015, night. The gift was delivered successfully on 26th morning. A fast service indeed. Moreover, if you have friends or relatives outside India, you can send Festival Gifts to them as

Yoga connects you with you!

I used to think about Yoga as a regimen followed by sick people. I was not sick, not at the age of 21! I was told many times to practice it, it's helpful. I used to say, "Yeah, yeah, will do that when I would need it." What you all think about it? I as right? Wrong!  I was completely wrong that time. If I would have done Yoga and meditation that time, I would have been more better than I am now. Yes, I am practicing Yoga and meditation now. I would not say that I am doing like a regular follower but yes I do it on an average of four to five days a week. The result,  I am more healthy, energetic and a little bit peaceful (way better than I used to be). I would recommend doing both (meditation especially on the daily basis as it helps in clearing up your mind of all the clutter. I do it at night time before sleep. It helps me in having a good night sleep (essential for me to plan my next day and next day's workout). I prefer doing yoga during the early mornin

Love is merciless!

One fine night I sat at the bar You crossed my sight I stared you from afar Help me with my thoughts I am not aware about them Let's unfold these knots Before they create a mayhem I howled at the moonlight In night like a wolf does I may seem like a fool tonight But inside I am around a buzz Approached you, beaming graciously Watching you watch me intently I held myself there tenaciously You did the same co-incidentally Being wrong is not such a crime As I speak up some words Trying hard so that I could rhyme Assume me to be one of those nerds This tongue has betrayed me again Like it has done sometimes before But I will surpass this pain As you are the one who I adore Lost in your thoughtful eyes From here, I'll lead you on With no need of any prise Before our time is gone Inexplicable feelings Moments so priceless Heard before, realized now That love is really merciless! Image source


Note: This post is continuation of the post Silence of the night.  It's advised to read that part before continuing reading this one. Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. All the characters in this story are the product of author's imagination and bear no resemblance with any person or thing living or dead. Any such resemblance is purely coincidental. It is usually said that where there is fear, there is somon who can smell that fear. The same thing was with Prashant Singh. The inspector was often called the mafia of the police department. A dedicated officer, he had joined the police force with two promises to himself. One , never let fear come in his way of doing his work. Two , never let fear out of the lives of the criminals he dealt with!With these two promises, he did a great job. While sitting at his desk, he was scouring to clear unused files and papers, he got hold of a photograph of a woman. The woman in the picture appeared chubby with