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You are what you think!

We often are left unsatisfied about everything in our life. Whatever we do, if it goes right, it is fine but what if it does not go according to our expectations, we become irritated. We start scowling, berating, and cursing our fate for doing this wrong. Oh god! Why me? This is not enough. Well, you may wonder at this for sure. The outcome is what we think about the situation. This is what we feel, how we react, how we tackle the situation at hand is all what matters. I also was in a fix that why everything is happening to me only. All was not going right, something was wrong. I blamed everybody around me, even the air also. Yeah, air also!   Can you believe it? No I guess. I read many books about motivation, inspiration. One which I came along was 'The Secret.' This one was quite interesting read. The most important thing about that was the law of attraction. Most of us have seen 'Om Shanty Om' and of course it’s most repeated dialogue (in film obviously)

Getting published was a surprise!

It's been a long time (about a week, I suppose) and I have not posted on my blog. Well I was wondering about what to write and about 100 topics are running in my mind right now :). Well I had written letters before but, to a newspaper, Nah!. I thought of giving it a shot and just typed and sent it to them and next day came as a surprise to me. Yeah, they were published.... It's a petty thing for many but for me it was something I achieved. I mean about thousands of letters are being sent to them, out of which only 2 or 3 are getting published. Now that is something that seems tough :) Well I am not going to bore you more and will paste my letters below which were published in Hindustan Times. Though they occupy a small corner in a newspaper but still its a big achievement for me :)

The perfect gift to souvenir!

It was around seven in the morning. The day was as usual the same. I woke up, did my morning chores, sat on the couch to read the newspaper. I was dwelling on the magazine section wherein there were advertisements about different locations around the globe. Secretly, I started planning the vacation in my head. I remembered last time when I was in XIth standard and we planned a vacation for Malaysia and Singapore via Sri Lanka, my first international vacation. I was enthralled that time. A message beep on my phone distracted my attention. It was Ayesha, my fiancee.  She was inquiring about my day's plan as it was Saturday, the day we usually spent together. We made up a plan to meet at Saket. I got ready, dressed in glad rags. We were supposed to meet up at around 11 AM. I told her to meet up early so that we could spend all day together. She was excited that day which I sensed as something special was there. 'You know what's the date next Saturday?

As hard as it gets!

A feeling so strange Building up in my heart It has left me to derange With a taste so tart I still remember the day When we started dating Now you want me to stay Only to face the berating I tried my best till date I know I made a vow Now I tell you straight You will get what you sow The edifice which we built Seems to be shattering It is filled with nothing but guilt It’s only the result of battering I don’t know what went wrong Whose mistake was the reason? Still, I try to stand with you strong Even if you dig my faith with treason I have learnt not to lose hope I am ready to give it another try I know there is a narrow scope But, I surmise this fact till I die I will hold myself in poise I don’t care what everybody perceives I am not a person of disguise For you, I will roll up my sleeves I give up the acts of foment as it’s not right Let’s paint a picture with those especial vignettes I will stand by your side with my full might We can f

Nature's call, soak no more!

Billions of years ago I was born Something unique I possessed A deep blue shade made me adorn Among the nine I was only blessed I carry lots of iron in my heart I know I need to be strong It's very difficult to tear me apart But, I don't know for how long? I have the layers of protection Enveloping me throughout Kissing you all with affection Something you can't do without It's very hard to sustain life Step in my shoes, take my place A matter which is not so rife  I fight with evils in the outer space Now the resources are depleting With a pace which is so fast I am afraid if it goes on repeating I realize I will be left aghast Look at the photograph of me I am sorry I can't make faces  No, no, please don't try to flee It's the result of those poisonous gases I endeavor hard to keep in poise My encumbrance you can't comprehend Nobody is there to settle my inward noise I am the onl

Surf Excel matic Post Part 2

It was a tiring day for Chandu. Still some clothes were left which he had to wash and deliver the next day.  He was approached by Kallu. 'I am giving you another chance Chandu!' Kallu said beseechingly. 'Why are you offering me to work with you again and again? I have told you my decision and that's final!' He scowled. 'What will you do after sometime when you will not have work? I guess... begging?' Kallu laughed in mirth. 'I prefer you should mind your own business rather than poking your nose into mine!' Chandu said wringing the last piece of cloth. 'Enough is enough, you are going to suffer!' Kallu scoffed. He strode away from there. Soon the darkness started enveloping the village. I will soak them overnight and wash them in the morning. Chandu said to himself as he saw the pile of clothes to be washed. He soaked them and went to his home nearby. He saw Roopmati engrossed in 'Puja'. She was standing in

Surf Excel Matic Post Part 1

Eons ago in a small village named Iktara lived a couple named Chandu and Roopmati. Chandu earned a living by washing clothes of the village people. He had been doing this for last ten years. But Kallu Dhobi was a competition. He had the competitive advantage of washing clothes the Maharaja Angara, the arrogant ruler of the village. Nobody dared to touch the clothes of Angara except Kallu for washing purposes. Even the army of Angara let Kallu only to wash the clothes on the orders of Angara. He was the only one who could make the clothes shine and Angara was delighted as he could show his pride to the village people as well as to the neighboring rival village Chautara. He outshone in the acts of valor against them many times in the past. Kallu was immensely happy as rewards he got from Angara were far outstretched from what he could ever dream of. One fine day, Roopmati was having a conversation with Chandu regarding Kallu's remarks which she overheard when she wa