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Are we losing our senses?

It's been quite disappointing to see people turning down themselves to the most important feelings, empathy, and sympathy. People nowadays are turning somewhat selfish, becoming money-centric and the entire thought process has changed. All they are caring nowadays is about their own needs, their own desires and are willing to do whatever it takes, even if means hurting someone forgetting what they want. The result, relationships are becoming sour. This mindset has led them to be self-centric. The thing is playing with their minds and the problem is, nobody knows what the actual problem is! I recall several incidents when people are becoming numb to what is happening around. I step into the Delhi Metro only to find a bunch of living dead people. I step into one of the person's foot. Ideal reaction in such a scenario is that the person steps aside. But in this case, the same person stays still as if nothing happened. They are so engrossed in the movie or TV series

Book Review - Bhagwad Gita by Vijay Singal (Translation)

Title: Saying it the simple way - Bhagwad Gita Author: Vijay Singal Publisher: Vision India Publications, Gurugram Number Of Pages : 392 Genre: Religious Text Author's Website: Review: I received the book in the PDF format from the author himself. I would like to share that I had read Bhagwad Gita, I have it in different formats, the extended version, the small pocket version and also, the audio version too. I took a quick look at the PDF initially but was really hooked on to it as I scrolled down the pages. The author initiates the book with the note "Dedicated to all those who work more and expect less." I kept on moving down the pages. The way the author has portrayed the religious text in the simple to read format will keep you engaged. The translation is both in Hindi and English languages so it is helpful or the readers of both the languages. It's a sacred book and it will help the people, especiall

A Night Full of Thrill

Getting lost tonight Feeling the horror Taking you inside out I ain't going without a fight Possessed by the darkness Terror holding the screams I smell a ghost in the vicinity Taking the advantage of starkness The time approaches midnight The beast is about the strike Lurking from the dark I try hard to be out of the sight Breathing heavy, spine in a chill Running from the hands Of the evil looking into my eyes Oh, it's a night full of thrill! Photo by Hoàng Duy Lê on Unsplash