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Perfect picturesque

Her slender frame Which I cannot blame The fineness, the texture So tender is her gesture Black silk swept in the wind With her charm, ambiance dimmed The long strands, felt so sleek Can turn anyone from loafer to a geek Her beady eyes made me fly I don’t care even if the look was sly Lost somewhere I was in her eyes It was not easy, I had to prise The prominent lips of her Softer than the softest fur Every word she spoke was lyrical Its no theory, but truly empirical Glistening under the sun, her waxed skin Tanned were her arms, a mole on her chin The precious assets made her indomitable I hope the ties will remain amicable She scurries across me every day I want to touch her but she is a Fay Longing to hold her tight With her only, it will be a perfect picturesque! Dedicated to a girl whom I never miss to see as she strides across me every morning. This post is written for the Indiblogger Contest  'The Character' . Do check

Love is allure

Love is remarkable, love is adore Between the lovers, emotions galore Up towards the eternity, it lures Tempted deeply by the lovers, the love is allure   Slowly it rises, never turning back Beyond the mortal's imagination, magnifies the knack Two unknown souls unite, fame taken aback It may be slow, but rapidly it can hack The tiny droplets, as pure as pearls You can't imagine, how much are the earls A nice feeling even though one is in a swirl This is love, one will surely love the curls Looking beyond the horizon, tough to redeem To elude was bliss, love is s upreme The desires so hot, no, let them steam To love forever, is every lover’s dream

Keep growing...

Keep growing always. Image credit: here Life is full of experiments, keep experimenting, keep growing.                                                        -Saurabh Chawla

Drifting apart

Image source: here. Drifting apart Screaming out loud Shadows in the sun Piercing the clouds The beauty surreal The touch serene Lusting fire within Doesn't seem to cease The smoking ashes Warming up the skin Don't let it escape Burning the desires The sun is hidden Beneath the charred clouds The time is forcing Shadows to come closer The pelting of the rain Letting dry velvet to wet The two souls unite This time no one could stop! PS: The sentence used in the second line of last verse contains two opposites dry and wet as highlighted. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend , an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Let's all do the right thing!

The month was July. The summers had already taken over the skies. The scorching heat was the only thing which troubled the populace to the extent that many of them had already started covering their entire bodies when they had to step out in the sun. Vineet, eighteen year old teenager, who lived in one of the busy areas of the capital, Karol Bagh had something else in mind. He was happy and sad at the same time, sad because he just finished his school, missed his friends like hell and happy because he was about to join the college of his dreams. He wanted to pursue engineering in computers for which he studied day and night. Many things vacillated in his mind about the new chapter that was going to begin soon in his life. Mixed thoughts, emotions clouded his mind as soon as he stepped in through the gates of the edifice of his dreams. It felt like a paradise on earth. The final day had arrived. Dressed in a sober white shirt and jet black pants, he was ready to face the wo

Sizzling Desires

Image source: here Thinking about you Wondering all the time When I would get to know How you steal the moments? Completely lost in a world Being with you is all I surmise Fingers running in silky strands The long yearning I just satisfied No, nothing else I want Except you and me Under the moonlit night My wish to the shooting star Whispering in your ear Playing with the rhythm The touch of the alabaster So smooth, no, please don't fear...  A walk so blissful The journey serene Let the love whisper And desires to steam...