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5 Easy ways to deal with distractions at workplace (How I do it!)

There's no good way to waste your time. Wasting time is just wasting time.                                                                                    - Helen Mirren In a world full of distractions, how do you know that you are utilizing your time well? You need to get along with everybody as any one ca be your loyal follower or customer in coming times right? Be it Social Media or talking on the phone, a certain portion of our time is wasted every day. The problem arises when you allow the distractions to take over your precious time. I have seen many people suffer in real due to the distractions taking over their mind. How to deal with the problem? There may be several ways of keeping distractions away at the needed hour. I would be sharing how I manage both the work and distractions below. 1) Schedule Your Priorities The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.                                          

How developing communication skills helped me a lot

N o matter where we are, no matter with whom we are conversing with, effective communication skills need to be developed in order to achieve success. If you are running your own business or doing a job, communication can save a lot of hurdles you might be facing.  I too had to face a lot of problems in my startup. I lacked effective communication skills which were causing me harm than good. I believed that I was right but the other person thought I was wrong all the time. Later on I realized that the other person thought was right. I will share the reason why in a while. Developing communication skills is not impossible but yes it can be difficult at times. It takes a lot of experience, practice and observation powers to have effective communication skiils. Now coming to the question why the other person was right. All human beings may seem different  but they have a common trait. They re not concerned with what other prson wants. They are only concerned with what t

You will know

From the heaven above Or the hell below Call comes as it is behove One day you will know No matter how smart Or how foolish Added to a shopping cart Your sins are ghoulish You will love the heat, the fire Or the melody of the flowing water Is that what you desire? It's different from your alma mater Set your mind upon it It's not difficult, nor easy Can't escape it with wisdom, nor wit You will feel better after being queasy! From the heaven above Or the hell below Call comes as it is behove One day you will know